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School Corruption & Propaganda Calendar

Are you sick of your children being subjected to incessant, inaccurate and dangerous messages enlisting their support for—or worse, their involvement in -- homosexuality or gender deviance?


Many schools allow or even celebrate these discriminatory, unhealthy messages on certain days and weeks during the academic calendar. Your children in public (and some private) schools will usually have no choice except to endure rainbow posters, library displays, cafeteria tables, special speakers/assemblies, classroom lessons and school announcements promoting the following events. See list below.


What can you do?


1. Remove your children and teach them at home or in Christian schools. 


2. Become thoroughly acquainted with the messages surrounding school-sponsored deception, and equip your children with the facts instead. Go HERE, HERE and HERE for some ideas.


3. Demand equal time for pro-family, morally sensible messages 


4. Write a letter to the school to be included in your child’s file, prohibiting the school from subjecting your child to pro-homosexual or pro-“transgender” teaching and speakers; prohibiting the school from expecting your child to use deceptive pronouns/names not based on biological fact for peers, faculty or staff; prohibiting the school from encouraging your child to adopt any non-heterosexual identity at school without your knowledge; and prohibiting the school from expecting your child to sign any commitment to become an “ally” of these deviant behaviors.


Corruption/Propaganda Calendar for 2019-2020 School Year


We provide links to extremist groups sponsoring these days/weeks just so you know who’s behind the manipulation and what to expect.


Banned Books Week— Sept. 22- 28, 2019—During this week many school libraries put up displays featuring books that have been “challenged” in communities, often with good reason. Current novels of high quality are becoming quite rare. School and public libraries are now stocking shelves with obscene, misleading, pro-homosexual youth novels that wallow in vulgarity. “Award-winning” books are often depressing tales of mental illness, sexual depravity, gender rebellion, drugs, alcohol, incest and abuse. Librarians reflexively defend this trash. See our article HERE.


Ally Week, sponsored by GLSEN— Same week (Sept. 23-27, 2020) During “Ally Week,” your child will be pressured to become an “ally” of students or teachers who identify as “LGBTQ.” It’s a peer-pressured, mob mentality seeking knee-jerk acceptance, at the same time isolating and marginalizing those who decline and labeling them as “haters” and “bigots.” It’s blatant discrimination celebrating immorality. See our article HERE.


And “Bisexual Awareness Day” is the first day of the above week— Sept. 23


LGBTQ History Month—Month of October. This is a despicable effort to portray “out” homosexuals/ gender rebels in a positive light as “heroes.” These lessons also take reckless liberties with the truth about selected figures from history who claimed no such identities, like George Washington Carver, Florence Nightingale, or famed composer Tchaikovsky, for instance.


“Coming Out” Day – October 11-- This is the day for those with “LGBTQ” preferences to publicly declare their attractions. And school children are being urged to do this at school, on this day. May God help us!!!


Here’s an example of how kids are being corrupted by this day in school, portraying this proclamation as admirable and natural. No, it’s disordered and abnormal, kids will suffer in this lifestyle, and let’s keep saying so!


Here’s a GLSEN post on this. GLSEN is a very destructive group and has done tremendous harm to children in America.


 International Pronouns Day, October 16. Seriously? The insanity seems unending.


Spirit Day, October 17, 2020, sponsored by GLAAD. Kids and teachers are to wear purple. Like the “Day of Silence,” this day also highlights the bullying of students who choose to identify as homosexual or gender deviant. Always remember that in the parlance of these radicals, “bullying” includes your and my constitutional right to verbally object, even in a very polite way, to these behaviors. Under “LGBTQ” tyranny, there will be NO disagreement. 


Transgender Awareness Week, Nov. 12-19, 2019—Another week to portray gender rebellious people as the victims of society at large.


Transgender Day of Remembrance— Nov. 20. This day focuses on victims of “anti-transgender violence.” While murder is always wrong, so are spurious and unsubstantiated accusations. Murder for any reason is a “hate crime”—there are no “nice” murders. This day was started to honor a victim, Rita Hester, who was stabbed by an unknown assailant. Rita, a biological male, was reportedly a prostitute and the murder remains unsolved. So no one knows the motivation behind the murder.


 This is a personal tragedy but not a valid reason to scream about widespread “hate” for “trans” people because the facts are simply not known.  Gender confused people who are attacked are often prostitutes, which carries an extremely high risk of violence. So, if the goal is to reduce harm, why not discourage prostitution among gender confused people (usually males posing as females)? There are other jobs out there, folks.


No, the goal of this manipulative event is to attack “heteronormativity” and traditional male/female biology. Pro-“LGBTQ” groups are generally okay with prostitution (they call it “sex work”). It’s another huge red flag about the depravity of this movement, and another reason to keep these people AWAY from schools and children.

No Name-Calling Week, January 20-27, 2020 – Usually held in middle schools, hypocrisy is a big issue here, because the ”LGBTQ” community regularly unleashes slurs about Christians. See our article HERE.


Transgender Day of Visibility— March 31, 2020 – Another misleading day. Is gender confusion ever the answer? No—children are being encouraged to seek permanent physical mutilation through this wicked movement. See our article HERE. Also see the excellent work of the Kelsey Coalition, HERE.


Day of Silence— April 24, 2020—This is the “high holy day” of “LGBTQ” activism targeting impressionable kids. It’s such a diabolically clever message, combining victim posturing – “we are always silenced!!”—with guilt and shaming for any student who doesn’t affirm perversion and go along with the incessant whining. Kids need to stand up and walk out—and STAY HOME (DOS Walkout) on this highly manipulative, full-of-deception day. For some of our commentaries in past years, go HERE, HERE, HERE , HERE and HERE.


International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia – May 17, 2020. Another day of deception and corruption.


Harvey Milk Day –May 22, 2020  Politician Harvey Milk, proud and open predator of teen boys, is honored in all California schools on this day every year. Harvey was murdered not over his open homosexuality, but over an unrelated political dispute, yet students are supposed to see him as a victim of “homophobia.” Doesn’t this lie just symbolize California to a tee? Our article is HERE.


 “LGBTQ” Pride Month – June, 2020. The deep offense and destructiveness of “pride” even invades schools. See our article HERE.


Parents, you can do this! Educate yourselves and then your children and be change agents for what is good and right in these schools. Don’t let the “LGBTQ” bullies win.


It’s time to overcome evil with good.