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Parents: Keep your kids home on the "Day of Silence" April 27

The Day of Silence (DOS) fast approaches. It’s a political effort by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) to exploit government schools and captive audiences for the purpose of advancing their sexuality ideology, and this year it’s Friday April 27, 2018.

As you know, the DOS Walkout is the only organized effort to resist the hijacking of public education by “LGBT” activists. For over a decade we’ve been encouraging parents to contact their children’s high schools and now middle schools, asking if the school will be permitting students to refuse to speak in class on the DOS. If the administration answers yes or is evasive, we encourage parents to keep their children home on the DOS.

If administrators are going to permit the politicization of instructional time, parents should keep their children home.

In many school districts, student absences cost districts money. Since most administrators are not persuaded by reasonable requests to keep political action from disrupting instructional time, perhaps they can be persuaded by loss of funds.

“LGBT activism” permeates curricula throughout the school year. Here are just some of the trends in public elementary, middle, and high schools regarding the controversial topics of homosexuality and gender confusion, and which make the DOS Walkout necessary:

· Many schools allow gender-confused students to share restrooms and locker rooms with students of the opposite sex, including even elementary schools.

· Many schools allow gender-confused students to participate on opposite-sex athletic teams.

· Teachers are being forced by the government to lie by being compelled to refer to gender-confused students by pronouns that designate the opposite sex.

· Girl students are running for prom king and boy students for prom queens.

· School staff are identifying as the sex they are not.

· California schools are legally required to teach positively about homosexuality and gender confusion in all social studies classes in grades 6-12, and all resources that espouse dissenting views are censored.

· Schools normalize homosexuality and gender confusion in bullying prevention curricula; sex ed; “social and emotional learning”; social studies, English, and theater classes; and in grade school presentations about “family diversity.”

· Elementary schools make picture books that depict homosexuality and biological-sex rejection positively available to children in their libraries.

· Schools host dances for homosexual students.

· Schools promote the normalization of homosexuality and gender confusion through Spirit Day, Ally Week, National Coming Out Day, “LGBT” History Month, and the queen of all homosexuality-affirming days: the “Day of Silence.”

Just recently, activists in Delaware proposed a school code amendment that will permit students at any age to “self-identify” their “race or gender identity” at school without parental knowledge or permission. Just recently, activists in Illinois proposed a school amendment that would require every class from K-12 to include the “roles and contributions” of homosexuals and opposite-sex impersonators as well as the roles and contributions of “LGBT” activists.

What we know is that “LGBT” activists are relentless.

Every year a new crop of students enters middle and high schools whose parents may naively believe that public schools value diversity, honor all voices, foster critical thinking, and are committed to creating a “safe” place for all views to be expressed. Those parents and many others whose children are returning students often have no idea the extent of the pro-homosexuality propaganda that pervades our schools.

And many have never heard of the “Day of Silence.”

The Day of Silence Walkout alerts parents to the exploitation of taxpayer-funded public schools in the service of transforming the moral and political beliefs of their children.

Further, the Day of Silence Walkout offers an easy, safe way for parents to express to school administrations and faculty their—the parents’—opposition to the promotion of non-factual leftist beliefs about disordered sexuality.

Please contact your schools and depending on what you learn about the “Day of Silence,” consider keeping your children home.

We want to thank you in advance for your participation in this important effort to express opposition to the use of government resources to indoctrinate our children.


Laurie Higgins, Illinois Family Institute

Linda Harvey, Mission America

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