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Parents Stand Strong, Planned Parenthood Holds Obscene Fundraisers

[Warning: graphic content]   When I consider the long-term well-being of our children and what...

The Occult Roots of 'Drag' Identity

Men who dress as women love Halloween, and not just for the costuming opportunities. They are often...

School Corruption & Propaganda Calendar

Are you sick of your children being subjected to incessant, inaccurate and dangerous messages...

The Latest from Linda Harvey

Harry Potter and Anti-Christian Bigotry

Is it possible Harry Potter is fostering anti-Christian bigotry in our youth?   Our kids hear every day in public schools about the perils of "intolerance" and "homophobia." They are cautioned


Surprise 'Coming Out' Middle School Assembly Angers Parents

Most parents don’t like to be the last to know what’s being presented to their children, and Dayton, Ohio-area families were appalled to learn about a school-wide assembly held at a middle school.


5 Reasons People Don't Trust the Media on 'LGBT' Issues

Old habits are hard to break. And the mainstream media has been inaccurately reporting about homosexuality and gender confusion for a long time.    A “progressive” takeover of journalism


Should Ohio Mandate School Health Standards? No!

Call now! Say NO to this sneaky bill that would open the door to inaccurate, immoral sexual indoctrination of Ohio children. Phone numbers are below.   Senate Bill 121 is moving quickly through


'Banned Books Week' Protects Low Quality Trash

[Warning: graphic content]   You take your children to the library. What a wholesome place, brimming with sweet stories and mind-expanding ideas as kids discover the delights within the covers of


Good News! There's No Bully Gene

There’s a great report coming out of genetic research. After painstaking study, scientists have determined there is, in fact, no gene for being a bully. No gene for being a cruel oppressor who


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