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CANCELLED! Pro Abortion OH Lawmaker Presenting Seminar in Catholic Church

Update: Because of calls to the church and the Diocese of Columbus, the event described below has...

Resolution: Stand Up to "LGBT" Bullies in 2020

Who are the real bigots and bullies in America today? We all know the answer. The body count is...

School Corruption & Propaganda Calendar

Are you sick of your children being subjected to incessant, inaccurate and dangerous messages...

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Appeasement Flops Again with "Fairness for All" Act

Here’s something to think about as we go into 2020. Do we want to give an inch to the homosexual bullies trying to take over America? No, and it’s not unfair or unkind to hold the line against


God, Ingratitude and Sexual Sin

It’s that time of year when being grateful rises to the top of our priority list --for most of us, that is.   Sadly, some people are simply ungrateful, and proudly so. When we see the deep


Top 5 Excuses When Radicals Corrupt Children

Progressives are busy smashing the innocence and dreams of our youth, but they aren’t doing it without thought. They have their reasons.   They are ultimately ungodly and foolish reasons


Parents Stand Strong, Planned Parenthood Holds Obscene Fundraisers

[Warning: graphic content]   When I consider the long-term well-being of our children and what they are taught at school, my first thought always goes to pole-dancing. How about you?   Planned


Harry Potter and Anti-Christian Bigotry

Is it possible Harry Potter is fostering anti-Christian bigotry in our youth?   Our kids hear every day in public schools about the perils of "intolerance" and "homophobia." They are cautioned


The Occult Roots of 'Drag' Identity

Men who dress as women love Halloween, and not just for the costuming opportunities. They are often keenly attuned to the dark spirits of the season and willing to do their bizarre, depraved


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