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Ohio School District Normalizes Child Abuse Symptoms in “LGBTQ” Presentation

It’s outrageous enough that school after school now positions “LGBTQ” identities and...

Standing Against Pronoun Interrogation at School

[UPDATE, August 2023: This topic is more critical than ever because of proposed changes to Title...

School Corruption & Propaganda Calendar

Updated for School Year 2023-24 [NOTE: We have updated with the information we have at...

The Latest from Linda Harvey

NEA Hates Children, America and Common Sense

Reports from the recent annual meeting of the National Education Association, the nation’s largest teacher’s union, are shocking. The new projects approved by delegates from schools all over the


Ohio GOP Decides No Funds for School Abstinence Lessons

Republicans in Ohio hold a super-majority in the state legislature, and yet the recently passed two year budget contains little or nothing for abstinence-until-marriage sex education in Ohio


Target, Kohl’s, Girl Scouts Team up with Child Corrupter GLSEN

The betrayal of Target gets more horrifying the closer you look. The growing movement to boycott the retailer is justified by its sale of offensive “pride” items to adults as well as children.


Is "LGBTQ" Driving Rising Teen Mental Health Disorders?

In the most privileged, affluent country in the history of the world, our young people are experiencing a sharp rise in mental health problems and suicide attempts. What could be more ironic?


Abstinence Sex Education in Ohio Schools: Good News/Bad News from State Audit

Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE --Feb. 20, 2023 Contact: Diane Stover – director@protectohiochildren.net                Linda Harvey – office@missionamerica.com (Cleveland,


Ohio Leftists Discover Convenient Nazi Homeschoolers

Just in time to attack big education policy bills at the Ohio Statehouse, the state’s progressive Democrats unveil what appears to be an Ohio neo-Nazi homeschooling family and their podcast called


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