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Libraries Becoming Private Child Corruption Centers?

It’s bad enough that some libraries encourage little children to perch on the laps of...

Homosexual/Gender Confusion 'Rights' in Ohio? NO. Call Now.

From Linda Harvey-- URGENT--   Friends, we must take action immediately in OHIO to prevent an...

Gov. DeWine Promised to NOT SIGN a Homosexual Bill

Mike DeWine promised ME and 30 other pro-family advocates that he would NOT sign a homosexual...

POSTERS & SIGNS to Express Your Views!

Are you sick and tired of the sexual corruption of your kids? Or your classmates? How about...

The Latest from Linda Harvey

Talking Points to OPPOSE Ohio Homosexuality/Gender Confusion Bill

Talking Points Opposing Senate Bill 11, Ohio's “Sexual Orientation”/ “Gender Identity” Bill   1. All citizens in Ohio are already protected against discrimination on the basis of race,


Top 10 Ways to Amend the 'Equality Act'

Well, they did it. Nancy’s Pelosi’s rogue lawmakers passed the anti-Christian, anti-health, anti-morality, anti-child “Equality Act” ( H.R. 5). And so now it heads to the


Meet Joe Biden, "LGBTQ" Extremist

How quickly we forget. Joe Biden is not a “middle of the road” Democrat--- if there is such a thing in the party of proud infanticide laws, anti-Semitic smears, and approved invasion of our


Tell our Boys: Say Yes to Porn, Say Goodbye to the Best Girls

It’s the rumbling sexual earthquake in this country, a moral and public health emergency few want to talk about.   It’s often the buried root beneath the screaming demands for “LGBTQ”


The Spin Begins: "LGBTQ" Advocates Excuse Child Corruption

We are very blessed in Ohio to have some great pro-family legislators in Columbus at the Statehouse, and one of them just introduced a bill to address an emerging threat to children. It’s House


Can Ohio Overcome Its Whining Pro-Abortion Democrats?

It was an historic moment.   On April 10, 2019, I was present in the Ohio House chamber as Ohio’s “Heartbeat Bill” finally achieved victory. It was signed the next day by Governor Mike


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