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Homosexual "Day of Silence" was more like "Day of Coercion"

The pressure on kids came not just from misguided peers on the recent “Day of Silence.”


Day of Silence (DOS) was the pro-homosexual, pro-“transgender” propaganda event organized as a silent student protest against bullying and “discrimination” in many schools on Friday, April 27.


But the “LGBTQ” activists are the real bullies and they are not finished this school year with America’s children. The intense activism promoting these vile behaviors is slated to continue through June.


Reports are surfacing of incidents where students were pressured by administrators and teachers to participate in the Day of Silence. Teachers and principals sent notes home and one elementary school held school-wide “age-appropriate discussions.”


What “age-appropriate” lesson can discuss depraved behaviors with 5 to 11- year- old children? There’s a high likelihood that these “discussions” concealed the sordid reality.


The annual DOS propaganda event has been organized for over 20 years by the radical group GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, which claims this year’s DOS was observed at 5,000 schools. And as you will recall from our publicity about this event, GLSEN claims it’s “student-led” but what we are learning only confirms an alarming recent trend: kids are being coerced to participate by leftist teachers and school administrators.


It’s clearly becoming an occasion for unconstitutional discrimination against Christians and others who object to the normalization of deviant conduct.


Liberty Counsel, the national Christian legal group, reported that a 14- year- old eighth grade boy at Tavares Middle School in Lake County, Florida brought home a printed note from his teacher announcing her own participation in the Day of Silence and encouraging students to join her. The note even provided middle schoolers a number to text to receive future text messages, presumably with more homosexual propaganda and who knows what else.


A mom who writes a popular blog, Katy Faust, reported receiving a note from her daughter’s high school principal encouraging participation in the upcoming “Day of Silence.”


Both this principal and the Florida teacher used GLSEN’s talking point language about how the purpose is to protest alleged discrimination and “erasure” of those involved in these deviant behaviors.


What “erasure”? These troubled “LGBTQ” kids still show up at school, attend classes, get grades, and increasingly help drive out any Christian influence.


Is sodomy to be commonplace and normalized? Hopefully, that will never happen. But in what twisted scenario would these kids would “disappear”? Only in their compromised imaginations, and their creator God would always know their names and would love for them to draw closer to Him.


Anelementaryschool in San Leandro, CA posted a general message on the school website, presumably from the administration, announcing the upcoming “Day of Silence,” which ALL students were to observe with “… a grade level appropriate classroom discussion and the opportunity to participate in a silent lunch period.” The purpose was to honor those who have been “persecuted for their differences.”


What differences? The truth is missing here, possibly on purpose. Homosexually-identifying people are not different humans and are hardly silenced. Consider the “bake the cake” lawsuits throughout America forcing Christians to violate conscience and honor apostate marriage. These desires are not intrinsic, and the progression to sinful, immoral behavior and identities is chosen. No one is compelled to travel this road.


When are children going to be taught the medically-accurate, well-documented danger inherent in all “LGBTQ” behaviors?

The existence of a homosexual club at school, often called a “gay straight alliance” or a “genders and sexualities alliance,” causes division (‘We hate heterosexism, religious bigots’“ etc.) and corruption (“Let’s get involved in gay pride weekend!”).

And the GSA advisor teacher is sometimes an “out” homosexual who may have been a GSA club member during high school-- a second generation activist.

In Eastern North Carolina, one teacher writing on the “Teach for America” website was the former president of his high school “gay straight alliance.” In his reflections on the Day of Silence, he urges fellow teachers to support “LGBTQ” students, making many of the common arguments: these students suffer from higher suicide risk, they battle with depression and are “at-risk” of other self-harm.

And his solution is for broad spectrum acceptance of homosexual behavior as normal and positive. If we all just say “okay,” these risks will magically disappear.

He’s wrong. The higher risks are likely related to the same trauma and unresolved issues that cause the child’s aberrant sexual identity and behavior. The Centers for Disease Control’s 2015 Report confirmed the higher across-the board reckless behavior of adolescents who identify as “gay, lesbian, or bisexual.”

And at Lake Travis High School in Austin, Texas, a note on the school web site said this, quote:

“Get your teachers to sign this form so they know ahead of time what you'd like to do in order to participate in the Day of Silence. Turn in the form on Friday morning at the Front Rotunda where we'll have a table set up.”

similar notice appeared in a school newspaper in Westford, Massachusetts:

“Students wishing to participate in the Day of Silence can get a pass from Ms. Winokur in room 150 that explains their inability to speak on Wednesday.”


So much for not being silent during instructional time. It’s not just teachers pressuring students—but activist students are being allowed to coerce reluctant teachers into honoring this protest.


But GLSEN pressures teachers, too. They post tips for educators to observe DOS, including lessons, “silent” writing assignments, and ways to intervene for students so they get administrative approval, even references for legal assistance.


Now, it’s nearly time for June homosexual “pride” month activities and sadly, many of these high school clubs and even those at the middle school level will march in these parades and socialize with “Dykes on Bikes,” scantily- clad “leather men,” and others whose view of adolescents may include an eager assist in corruption.


And in Illinois, the state senate just passed a bill that would mandate homosexual and “transgender” history be taught to students starting in kindergarten. This deception-infused measure will head to the Illinois House where hopefully, lawmakers refuse to cooperate with “gay” lobbyists. California already passed a similar law.


The task before us is clear. Parents and communities need to manage this “Day of Corruption” and other pro-homosexual messages in school much more strategically.


The manipulation and discrimination need to stop, because our children deserve far better than this.