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Stand Up to 'Anti-Bullying' Homosexual Bullies

A special counsel was named last week to investigate the ongoing pattern of religious discrimination, slander, libel and child corruption by homosexual advocacy groups. Among those to be investigated are the Human Rights Campaign, the Southern Poverty Law Center and GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network.

Okay, just kidding. Wishful thinking, right? I mean, as long as we are naming special counsels right and left, why not for documented harmful actions, not just rumors?

If only these bullies could be brought to justice for the careers ruined, lies told, fraudulent policies established, lives misdirected, and children exploited.

The latest victims of targeted homo-fascism include our friends at Mass Resistance, mischaracterized by the smear-prone Southern Poverty Law Center. SPLC has never met an opponent of government–supported sodomy they could tolerantly allow freedom of speech.

The SPLC’s twist on Mass Resistance’s strong record of fighting pro-homosexual policies is to report that the group “opposes government interference with bullying.”

Mass Resistance, like the entire pro-family movement, never supports bullying (as implied), but, in their words, opposes “teaching gay-friendly and transgender-accepting material, much of which is advertising under the subtle, misleading guise of ‘anti-bullying.’ “

That’s my own objection. The “bullying” issue is a convenient tool to gain entry to school programs, claim exaggerated victim status and demand approval for homosexual and gender-confused behavior.

Yet some uninformed people still heed the SPLC, believing it fairly identifies “hate groups.” In reality, SPLC has become a self-appointed agent to black list virtually all conservatives. The organization once did an admirable job exposing Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi cell groups, but SPLC is now among the loudest homo-hecklers, demanding veto-power over any pro-heterosexual voice in the public square.

My organization, Mission America, was named a “hate group” by SPLC years ago. It’s total nonsense as anyone who knows me can attest, but their “hate map” does generate cash for SPLC’s smear-driven money machine.

Another recent victim is Dr. Mark Green, state senator from Tennessee, who withdrew his nomination as Secretary of the Army because the “LGBT” attack dogs twisted his opinions. Here’s the victorious headline from the Human Rights Campaign: ”BREAKING: Mark Green Withdraws as Army Secretary Nominee After Weeks of Pressure from HRC.”

HRC proudly takes credit for a mean-spirited campaign against a fine pro-life, pro-family physician, a highly-decorated graduate of West Point and an Iraq veteran. Green opposed giving special rights for sexual preferences and he urged resistance to legal same sex “marriages.” Green is truly a courageous hero.

But the politics of personal destruction proved too much. He withdrew his name, another scalp hung on the bloody belt of “tolerance.”

The states of Connecticut and Nevada have now banned pro-heterosexual therapy for teens, said to be “discredited,” but only because of incessant distortions by homosexual pressure groups. In Nevada, a former pro-family activist led the effort to bar access for molested children to morally rational therapy.

Yvette Cantu Schneider, once a staffer at Family Research Council, now self-labels as a bisexual and believes children and teens must be steered toward homosexuality or gender rebellion if they have any inclination in those directions. Such confusion in teens is often the result of molestation, but in Nevada, victimized youth will just have to live with it.  This counseling creates suicidal tendencies, Schneider told the local media.

Baloney. Sexual and gender integrity are being held hostage to suicide predictions, just as likely to be enabled by therapy bans themselves. If your teen daughter threatens suicide unless you allow her heroin habit, do you give in? Or get her the counseling she needs? Any wise parent knows the answer.

Once again, it’s the heckler’s veto: fourteen-year olds are blocked from counseling that affirms natural heterosexuality, because selfish “LGBTQ” identifiers are desperate for validation, apparently only produced by denying freedom to others.

Therapy bans are a huge con job. There’s an easy solution if –and that’s a big if—any questionable pro-heterosexual counseling occurs. In that rare case, just file a complaint with the state medical board and that counselor’s license is pulled. End of story.

But campaigns to ban same sex attraction counseling, based on incidents manufactured or exaggerated, have a cherished goal to publicly shame the obvious choice to recover heterosexuality.

Once again, children are the casualties.

Another example where the bullies won comes from San Luis Obispo, California, where teacher Michael Stack submitted a letter to the school newspaper including passages from Romans 1. The homosexual community outcry was immediate, including a death threat, inaccurately characterizing his quoted passages as advocating “death to homosexuals.” Under the firestorm, the Christian teacher resigned.

The perversion squads take control, it seems, of every environment in the public square these days. If the “LGBTQ” identifiers ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

But they’re never happy, and the demands will never end until there is zero criticism of their lifestyle, their pattern of disrespect, their sordid behavior, their recklessness with kids, their defiance of law, their assault on innocence, their gag orders on Christian faith.

Their need to feel “safe” does not require your constitutional rights to end. And there is no constitutional right to engage in same sex sexual behavior, or to change one’s gender.

Is there a constitutional right to plastic surgery? That’s what attempted gender change is.

Yes, homosexuals need Christ, and we need to witness to them—but not at the expense of hesitating to first, stop those acting destructively. Their callous disregard for others has destroyed public trust. Any inclination to tiptoe around their whining needs to end.

What’s the solution? Stand up and say NO, and keep saying no.

“No,” you can no longer bad-mouth your Christian co-worker out of a job.

No, you can no longer spew unfounded accusations of “hate” and ”bigotry” and claim they are legal “discrimination.”

When you stand up to a bully, most of the time he backs down. It’s one of the best anti-bullying programs around.