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AntiFam Groups: Those Who Actively Foment Hate Against Christians

© MassResistance (2017) HQs of major national groups noted in bold (most are in DC, CA, IL, MA,...

University Faculty and Staff Arrested for Child Abuse and Porn

Faculty and staff at many colleges and universities arrested for child porn, child rape and sex...

12 Ways Homosexual Adults Endanger Children

"Surely you don't believe all homosexuals are child molesters!" That's the indignant response to...

gay pride parade

Questions and Answers for Kids about Homosexuality

Have you wished you could find a simple flyer for your older grade school or middle school children...

The Latest from Linda Harvey

Christian Kids-- and their Faith-- Not SAFE at School

At Vashon Island High School in the state of WA, thanks to a student “queer” group’s advocacy, bathrooms are now open to all genders, and it’s certain this will not end well. And


Will 'No Name-Calling Week' Live Up to its Name?

It’s time in schools again for “No Name-Calling Week.” And that means your children will get a load of harmful propaganda and half-truths. Lesson plans are unveiled each January developed by


The Top 10 Child Corruption Trends of 2017

As we look back on 2017, how did our children fare? Unfortunately, the risk to America’s youth of deliberate corruption is escalating and along with that, the responsibility of parents and public


Judges, Porn and Child Rape

During the holiday season, thousands of victimized children in America will not have a merry Christmas. Little children who have been raped and videotaped lose trust and hope, instead living in a


Double Standard for Homosexual Child Abuse

As Hollywood bestows numerous awards on a new movie about a 24-year-old man pursuing a sexual relationship with a 17- year-old boy, we are not supposed to notice the glaring hypocrisy. Roy Moore,


Fake News Stories Push Mutilation of Kids

A Holiday Inn in Austin, Texas just hosted an “all-ages” event where transvestites and children openly mingled. One headliner was an 11-year-old boy dressed in “drag” (as a girl) who danced


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