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Parents Sue Over 'Trans' Tyranny in Ohio School

Linda Harvey

Parents in the Olentangy school district north of Columbus (OH) have filed a federal lawsuit against the district for violating both the First and 14th Amendment rights of students and families. The families are being represented by the group Parents Defending Education.

What’s the complaint? The issue is the same one we're seeing everywhere -- forced acceptance of “transgender” ideology in lessons and policies throughout the district including mandatory use of pronouns, viewpoint discrimination and even private behind- the- scenes “transgender support plans” for students while at school that withhold vital information from parents.

The Olentangy district is not an isolated case in Ohio. Recent national news stories reveal that  Cincinnati schools have a parents-optional transgender “support“ practice as well.

How does the Cincinnati district justify keeping parents in the dark? By pointing to the Biden Department of Education and its proposed changes to the language of Title IX federal law. Secrecy from parents about gender identity is recommended, at the student’s request, in the Title IX federal re-write.

There's just one huge, huge problem here. Those changes are proposed--not, in fact, law.

It’s not just in Cincinnati, but throughout Ohio. We have whistleblower information about teachers being instructed to follow secret gender policies in Hilliard Schools, Dublin Schools, Parma Schools, Kings Local Schools, Brunswick Schools, and Mariemont Schools. Those are just the ones we know about.

Cincinnati justifies the secrecy policy by alleging that “research” from sketchy groups like GLSEN shows that students who are “LGBTQ” (in other words, have been persuaded they are born this way) are in danger at home. This is nonsense. They are in danger at school, where apparently no one will warn them about the mutilation ahead: the likelihood of infertility, loss of sexual function and pleasure, cardiovascular and cancer risks, obesity, osteoporosis and the list goes on.

Transgender treatments are called mutilation for a reason.

Why do schools continue this charade? Why does the left keep violating the law flagrantly in this and so many other issues (like border security), when people's lives are being ruined as a result?

Girls are being shortchanged in sports and placed in danger as their privacy rights are violated by boys pretending to be females. And nonsensical pronoun mandates have suddenly become an established school standard in many schools.

How quickly the insanity of gender terrorism spreads when it starts.

We are hearing that school counselors in some Ohio school districts are pressured to keep a student's gender identity secret from parents because, they are told, it's now required by Title IX. Just to repeat, these changes were proposed in 2021, and received over 200,000 public comments, mostly negative, by September 2022. The radical revisions are not law and hopefully never will be.

Discrimination was forbidden “on the basis of sex” in the 1972 Title IX law, but Biden wants this phrase to now embrace “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” If that is ever the case, a whole menu of forbidden speech, including pronoun issues, will be considered violations of federal civil rights law, even by your middle schooler.

I continue to repeat—the Democratic Party is insane.

The outrage throughout the country over this tyranny cannot be understated. It’s why parents are more involved than ever and must continue to be. This lunacy must be resisted with non-violent but persistent actions including pushback through widespread publicity and lawful policy changes.

Parents must stand up, as these parents in the Olentangy schools have done, by filing lawsuits, by speaking out at board meetings, by writing letters, and making sure they know that we know that what they're doing is unlawful. Not only are they sending children down a destructive path of body mutilation and mental torment, but they doing so without the consent of the governed. Every administrator of a school district with a policy like this should be removed from their positions immediately, and their school board attorneys should be fired. And school boards members who went along with this should be ousted and replaced.

The Olentangy lawsuit was filed in the federal court for the Southern District of Ohio. The lawsuit gives details about the radical school climate in the Olentangy district, including widespread celebration of concocted events like “International Transgender Day of Visibility.” (See our School Corruption and Propaganda Calendar for a list of other days like this).

I am so glad this lawsuit is being filed. A pushback has been needed for years on the institutionalized radicalism in far too many schools, where Christian and conservative parents have been deliberately silenced while deviance is exalted.

And what is the result? As I recently reported, almost 25% of students in American high schools now claim a non-heterosexual identity. No sub-population of “born that way” sexual outlaws truly exists, but these children have been tragically corrupted by the incessant promotion of homosexuality and gender confusion.

It’s time to say, STOP. This will only end when enough parents gather together and hold these schools accountable for their deception and recklessness.

Activist teachers, if they cannot be fired, need to leave kids alone and let them be who God created them to be—males and females, designed to unite ideally in marriage.