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NEA Teachers Help Fund Pro–Homosexual Groups, Training

Children are Endangered by Radical Agenda

(COLUMBUS, OH, June 27, 2006) The National Education Association (NEA), which gathers this week for its annual meeting in Philadelphia, has just been brought up short by an Ohio court ruling that an individual teacher's union dues may not be used to fund pro-abortion activities, if that teacher objects for religious reasons.

But many teachers may not be aware that NEA and its state affiliates also fund pro-homosexual activities, including groups advocating the full expression of homosexuality and “transgendered” behaviors by children and teachers at school.

The teachers’ union also sponsors training on “GLBT issues.” Its NEA-GLBT Caucus will hold a workshop on June 29 for the NEA board of directors and member teachers about how to support homosexuality in their schools and silence other viewpoints and warnings. There is no training planned with an alternate view.

“This is bias and discrimination, pure and simple,” said Linda Harvey, president of Mission America. “This intolerance also foments anti-Christian prejudices and beliefs among students, by labeling the sexual ethics of Christians as ‘discrimination’ or ‘heterosexism.’”

NEA donates to a number of radical homosexual groups, including the Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. It also supports and has close ties with GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. NEA and its affiliate California Teachers Association donated to GLSEN in 2006.

A recent past president of NEA, Bob Chase, is on the GLSEN board of directors, and the founder of GLSEN, Kevin Jennings, received an NEA award several years ago. His pro-homosexual philosophies are prominent on the NEA web site in an article about so-called “safe schools.”

GLSEN advocates establishing homosexual clubs in all U.S. schools, eventually including elementary schools, and has aided students in starting over 3,000 such clubs in the country. The NEA supports such actions. In the past two years, a growing number of middle schools have allowed such clubs.

“GLSEN and NEA imply that some students are ‘born gay,’” Harvey said. “This is simply not true. But they have censored out all discussion, and therefore there is only one acceptable approach to homosexuality and cross-gender behavior in schools: accept it, applaud it and ensure that no one warns a child or provides needed health risk information.”

Not only is there no other acceptable viewpoint about homosexuality at NEA, to hold another view or to caution a student about homosexuality is labeled “unsafe” for kids and even lumped into the category of “harassment and bullying.”

“It is hypocritical for the NEA to hold its annual meeting in Philadelphia, the birthplace of American freedom,” Harvey said. “The NEA is suppressing the truth as it endangers children,” Harvey said, “yet teachers have no choice but to belong. Where’s the freedom?

“Maybe it’s time for responsible, caring teachers, in view of the recent Ohio decision, to declare their independence from NEA and stop supporting its radical agenda.”