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Nationwide Children’s Hospital Removes Obscene 'Trans' Link from Site

Linda Harvey

We have bad news /good news to report. Nationwide Children’s Hospital had carried a link in the gender program section of its website that led within a few clicks to pornographic material. This link was brought to Nationwide’s attention during opponent testimony on House Bill 454, the Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act.

During that testimony, Dr. David Axelson of Nationwide Children’s was caught by surprise when Representative Gary Click (R- Vickery) asked why such a site was on the hospital’s website as a “resource.”

The good news is that Nationwide Children’s has removed that link. (Go HERE to view screen-saved link, courtesy of CCV. Warning: graphic content)

The site in question is Mozaic Ohio, which was described on the hospital page as a “wellness site and community space for transgender, gender non-conforming and non-binary people of color ages 13 to 29.” But when you go to the Mozaic site, you find numerous problematic “resources.”

CCV, the Center for Christian Virtue, brought this to our attention and found that there is no age verification on this site. Within three to four clicks from the link on the Children’s site, through Mozaic, one was quickly into hard core porn videos.

Well, the good news is that Nationwide Children apparently looked into the question, found it to be sadly true, and has removed that link—for now. After all, they are on defense mode about their highly questionable gender “change” clinic for children. We will see if, after the bill is resolved one way or another, the links go back up. And, what ridiculous judgment was in play to put any of this there in the first place?

Here’s what David Mahan of CCV said: “While we are pleased to know that the Columbus-based ‘wellness program’ Mozaic was removed from Nationwide’s website, we remain deeply concerned about the tendency of some ‘LGBT’ organizations to use obscene materials as educational resources for children. This is yet another example of why parental consent for any teaching or counseling regarding gender identity is essential, and HB 454 would require it by law."

This Mozaic site was featured as a resource in one sex education program taught in many Central Ohio schools several years back by the counseling group Syntero. We at Mission America along with Protect Ohio Children exposed this Syntero obscenity widely, and it seems now as though their sex ed program has been dismantled. So that’s another piece of good news. But we must remain watchful.

I totally agree with David about homosexual/transgender activist groups and obscene material. It’s been on my mind for a number of years.

So we must continue to keep this bill, House Bill 454, in our prayers and on our action list. I would encourage you to call your Statehouse representative and tell him or her you want a yes vote on this bill, which would ban experimental gender treatments for children.

No one is born in the wrong sex body and this needs to end, now.