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Dangerous, Heartbreaking Lessons in Ohio Middle School Sex Ed

Linda Harvey

(Warning: explicit content)

Any wise parent with a child in public school has already figured out that sometimes you are being deceived.

Enter the world of “comprehensive sex education” (CSE) and the embedded lies meant to conceal the overt sexualization of adolescents.

In Ohio, numerous school districts have a relationship with a large counseling group called Syntero. One of Syntero’s services is a sexuality education program their representatives teach called “Healthy Bodies/Healthy Futures.” The contents are deeply disturbing, dangerous, even possibly criminal.

A video outlining the serious problems with Syntero lessons is being distributed by the Protect Ohio Children coalition.

For instance, in the packet given to middle school children, the list of “Online and Reliable Sex Ed Resources” includes websites Bedsider and Scarleteen, both of which promote high-risk, promiscuous sex in explicit posts.

Bedsider recently featured a front-page column, “Frisky Fridays: Sex in the time of Coronavirus” which included a priority list. Number 1 was this: “Skip the sex parties. This is definitely not the time for group sex.” (Many middle schoolers need this guidance, apparently?)

This page also advises avoidance of other people’s bodily fluids during the lockdown, and social distancing while engaged in mutual masturbation. Yet  one can choose the option of using remote-controlled sex toys with a link  provided to learn about Bedsider’s favorites. And then the website instructs your middle-schooler on “unboring sex positions.” Just what you want your 11-year-old to believe is normal and healthy in an intimate relationship.

The parents and professionals in the video share the outrage that most will experience when they learn about Syntero’s assault on childhood innocence. It’s essentially the techniques of sexual predator “grooming.”

Ohio has a law mandating that sexuality education follow a standard of abstinence until marriage. Yet numerous Ohio school districts teach some version of explicit CSE curricula, often with ties to Planned Parenthood and its allies.

Among the smooth lies meant to wave off curious parents and school boards, Syntero claims “Healthy Bodies/Health Futures” teaches “age appropriate, medically accurate information and skills needed to face tough issues, make sound choices and practice healthy behaviors.” A Facebook video was posted by the coordinator of this program, including reassuring messages to parents that the Syntero approach is all great, it’s “abstinence-plus” and that Ohio law is “scary.” She omits some vital facts about the truly frightening content Syntero is teaching.

For instance, Syntero’s “reliable resource” Scarleteen gives young students advice about “DIY Sex Toys,” including how to make a harness, restraints or a “flogger” for sexual sadism. This article talks in detail about spanking and other activities of “BDSM” (bondage-dominance-sadism-masochism).

So would most parents consider this “medically accurate” and “age appropriate”? Does this lead to practicing “healthy behaviors”?

Responsible parents would be screaming about now.

Syntero’s high school presentation teaches students that sex with a condom is “low risk.” This same presentation describes “hand jobs” and “fingering” as also being low risk. There is also apparently a low risk chance of sound advice being the foundation of these presentations.

Another trusted resource provided by Syntero to middle schoolers is Mozaicohio.org which describes itself as “a health and wellness, HIV prevention, and community building initiative for trans & gender non-conforming people of color ages 13-29.” This is overt endorsement of girls who want to be boys or vice versa-- sex  “transition,” well-documented to be an unnecessary, impossible and medically high-risk fad.

And Mozaic itself leads a young teen into another poisonous nest of “resources,” including Sugarbutch, a site with this disclaimer on the home page: “This site contains explicit writings on kink practices, dominant/submissive relationships, and queer kink erotica (among other things). All characters in role play or non-consent scenes are consenting adults. Content warnings are included.”

How quickly your once-innocent child can be corrupted. At school.

Syntero’s resource lists offer no counter-balance to pro-condom, hard core pro-promiscuity advocacy, but only sexually-permissive, pro-abortion groups are listed. The impressionable child will be left with the clear understanding that he/she is expected to become sexually active in many hazardous directions as soon as possible.

But this organization’s degrading actions don’t end there. Syntero holds private drop-in sessions for 12 to 18-year-olds who identify as “LGBTQ” and Syntero is also closely tied to Kaleidoscope, a Columbus organization that offers private, parent-excluded sessions for “LGBTQ” youth.

The Protect Ohio Children video largely focuses on the porn and sado-masochism Syntero promotes to youth and the possible criminal grooming taking place. Dr. Marlene Carson, a member of the U.S. Advisory Council on Human Trafficking and CEO/ Founder of the Switch Anti-Trafficking Network, said this in the video:

“Having reviewed several of the websites that Syntero is recommending through their Healthy Bodies/Healthy Futures program, I am deeply disturbed by the amount of obscene and pornographic content that’s being recommended to our children that are as young as 11 years old that are sitting in our classrooms.

“As a survivor of domestic violence and sex trafficking, I know all too well the abuse and the trauma of those who thought bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism were healthy behaviors. The pornography industry is directly linked to sex trafficking. I find that this material being recommended to our children is nothing short of criminal grooming.”

And Troy Stevens is also quoted in the video. He’s a former Marine, as well as a former Franklin County deputy sheriff and police detective working special undercover investigations, including crimes against children. He said this: “In their middle school student packet and in classroom presentation slides, Syntero is recommending websites that contain and re-direct children to obscene and hard core porn sites. If I or another adult compiled this material and presented it to a minor, we would be arrested for child endangerment and corruption of a minor.”

So what can parents do? There's a petition HERE that every parent should sign and pass on to others. Also, every school board member in these districts needs to be made aware of the law in Ohio and what is instead being taught to children.

And they need to be advised that Syntero, like other CSE curriculum distributors, will try to slither out of close scrutiny by claiming their program has an “abstinence” focus. The truth is, these lessons mention it in passing just before advocating “hook-up” anal, oral and vaginal sex to middle schoolers and teaching them where to go for an abortion.

So they are liars.

School board members need to see this video and then be held accountable for whatever decision they make. Hopefully, it’s the right one.

This is criminal corruption. It needs to stop, today.