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Without Drag Queens, Will Children Be Illiterate?

Linda Harvey

Enjoying a little light reading one recent afternoon-- perusing the Southern Poverty Law Center’s annual “Year in Hate and Extremism” magazine-- I was stopped cold by one article. And I started laughing hysterically, until I wasn’t.

“Fighting Illiteracy, Preserving Democracy: The Power of Drag Story Hour” weaves the preposterous narrative that drag queen story hours have the high and noble purpose of encouraging children to read and solving the illiteracy epidemic. And that, along with pushing “diversity and inclusion,” is their purpose.

So when we oppose men in freakish makeup and negligees reading to toddlers it is, of course, “anti-diversity” and also apparently, anti-literacy.

Yep, SPLC caught us. We conservatives want children to remain largely illiterate. That’s our story and we are sticking to it.

The SPLC’s “analysis” tells us that bomb threats, death threats and such caused the Department of Homeland Security in May 2023 to issue warnings about the potential for violent protests by “anti- LGBTQ” activists at "drag" events.

We can all sleep better knowing that the Biden Administration is spending time on tracking down such boogeymen (or women). SPLC failed to mention that, over time, most such “threats” have turned out to be nonexistent or publicity-seeking hoaxes by the homosexual/trans community, trying to demonize conservative opposition. Apparently DHS is willing to swallow whole any false flag activities if spun by gender anarchists.

So speaking of teaching children to read, the July annual meeting of the National Education Association just wrapped up, and surely NEA is wringing its collective hands over the dismal reading proficiency scores throughout the nation-- or maybe not. Actually, NEA is too busy with internal dissension  (their staff launched a strike during the convention) and far-left progressive politics to focus on what really matters, including the damage their teacher members’ incompetence is doing to children’s lives.

At the 2023 NEA RA (Representative Assembly), a large mural featured a Rosie the Riveter figure holding controversial books (some of them obscene) and proclaiming “Freedom to Read!”  When will the NEA take responsibility for their own malpractice and call for “Ability to Read!” in failing schools nationwide?

An outrageous bill in the New Jersey legislature is entitled “Freedom to Read” and it would open children to porn in numerous venues.

We would love to see a truthful mural depicting the usual situation: minority children in an urban school with a teacher too busy on her phone watching TikTok videos (or conducting union business) to present phonics and start her class on the precious road to literacy.

It’s truly a nationwide crisis, but who ya gonna call? Many educators have dropped the ball, so if left to the SPLC, busloads of drag queens (oops, “drag artists”) would descend on schools and libraries nationwide to rescue poor children from presumably illiterate librarians and teachers. There’s literally no one else-- right?

Not anyone who cares, in many cases, because the outcomes are only getting more dismal.  

Let’s look at Cleveland, grade 4 reading results -- “The percentage of students in Cleveland who performed at or above the NAEP Proficient level was 7 percent in 2022...This percentage was smaller than that in 2019 (13 percent) and was not significantly different from that in 2003 (9 percent).” (Reading Trial, Nation’s Report Card)

These results are similar to the schools in Baltimore and Detroit, apparently.

Demographics tell us that the majority of the children in this district are black. If we are really worried about racial injustice, teaching these children to read should be priority number one. It opens a lifetime of doors. Illiteracy keeps them closed.

In my view, all of the teachers involved should be fired. This is flagrant incompetence and most of these children will never recover that lost opportunity. Do negligent administrators and complicit unions just think it’s easier in an urban school district to get away with this? Is the con so easy to slide by?

But SPLC and NEA have their eyes on the “rights” of transvestites to have an audience of innocent children -- that will solve the literacy problem!-- and not be labeled groomers and predators. These children and their parents must learn to accommodate male fetishes, right?

If we dealt with human reality, we would see the likely motives for what they are and refuse to allow “drag” individuals in front of children. The reality is that there are various motives for males wanting to dress as females ( all of them qualifying as emotional illness), but one very common one is “autogynephilia,” which is defined as  “a male’s propensity to be sexually aroused by the thought or image of himself as female.”

Dressing in drag is a turn-on for these guys. And in front of children? Probably another level of weirdo arousal as well. It is too icky to even explore, except when we must face facts about the lies being foisted on us by the SPLC and others.

Can we just stop using children as tools for sexual agendas, schools for daycare-minus-education, and libraries as porn bookstores?

Let’s support all state bills that will limit or stop drag queens performing/reading to children, and while we are at it, let’s get the unions out of schools as well.

That’s my wish list and I’m sticking to it.