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With Virus Front and Center, Watch for Tricks from Sexual Left

We’re all figuring out the new normal, yet it’s important to be on guard as the usual suspects try to rip off America while we aren’t looking.

For instance, Samaritan’s Purse is subjected to petty protests from the left about possible “LGBTQ” exclusion from their field hospitals built to take care of virus patients—of any preference or persuasion—in New York City’s Central Park.

So what contributions are America’s homosexual activists making out of the goodness of their hearts? Sacrificing time, talent and treasure to lend a hand to any suffering American, even a Christian, who shows up at their vast array of volunteer clinics?

In a word, zip. Instead, the self-interested Human Rights Campaign is morphing into the latest whining entitlement group. A recent e-blast lamented the marginalized “LGBTQ” community’s limited access to health insurance, the message being that it’s everyone else’s responsibility to provide for these self-disadvantaged perennial victims. Never mind their chosen high-risk lifestyles. The President must be pressured to reopen the wasteful ACA health exchange bureaucracies during the virus emergency.

Watch for the virus relief bills to cover “gay” entitlements as these radicals never let a crisis go to waste, and also, seldom think about anyone but themselves.

While the virus shutdown settles in for a few weeks, parents must diligently protect children now at home for seven additional hours each weekday. Guarding them from cyber danger is essential.

The good news is that drag queens are shut out of libraries for now. The bad news is that some are offering online “entertainment” for kids where perversion is pitched as a light-hearted joke and “LGBTQ” deviance mainstreamed as a normal option.

The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) will hold its annual pro-homosexual/pro-gender-confusion propaganda day, the “Day of Silence,” online for middle and high schoolers this year on April 24. This child corruption organization will also conduct virtual “gay straight alliances” (or  “genders and sexualities alliances”) in what they believe is “support” for these terribly confused teens.

Be alert to any connection your middle or high schooler makes on the Internet or in social media to GLSEN or its affiliated activists. They fill young minds and hearts with immoral, ungodly misinformation, are openly hostile to Christian doctrine and seek to propel youth down heartbreaking, sinful roads.

The Human Rights Campaign is in the child endangerment business as well. Its gender confusion indoctrination program for grade schoolers called “Welcoming Schools” is holding a Wednesday online “inclusive” story session, featuring books normalizing gender switching, and families with two moms or two dads. Make sure your kids stay far away from this lollipop deviance.

There is some good news for parents grieving about a teen’s gender identity confusion. Surgeries to amputate healthy body parts (or construct false ones) are on hold for now, because they truly are “non-essential.” The bad news is that off-label prescriptions for puberty blockers and opposite sex hormones can continue.

Advocates for Youth, which proudly pitches teen sexual activity in every direction, will offer obscene “comprehensive sex education (CSE)” online and encourages teachers to push students to participate through webinars as they become sexual activists while at home.

AFY is also making the highly inappropriate “Rights, Respect and Responsibility” curriculum available online for distance learning use.

The added privacy of the home environment allows the worst case scenario of XXX-rated “comprehensive sex ed” to play out. A teen taught online to accept oral and anal sex (instead of in a classroom with 30 other students) has more opportunity to follow up by checking out websites with explicit, misleading material. Unless parents assure these harmful lessons are bypassed, the risk of adolescent corruption increases during the shutdown.

But there may be some good news here. The parent already suspicious about CSE lessons may have time to now check it out thoroughly and opt out their housebound child altogether. There are benefits, if families stay on top of this, to the current mandatory home schooling.

Yet the virus shutdown won’t hinder sexual radicals who have never worried about genuine student safety. For instance, in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, a pro-family activist mom affiliated with Ohio Value Voters discovered that the web site called 216Teens, run by the Cuyahoga County Board of Health and funded by the U.S. Department of HHS (and also promoting obscene “comprehensive sex education”), urged students in a Tweet on March 17 to make sure for the shutdown they have a supply of birth control, emergency contraception and condoms.

And there was no mention of social distancing. This post remains on both Twitter and Instagram. Yes, they did this even though the Cleveland area has the most COVID-19 cases in Ohio.

Online and social media pornography will be a temptation for many students at home. Teen Vogue actually encourages young teens to send pornographic pictures, so-called “sexting,” to each other during the quarantine. This is illegal.

There’s no doubt that pornographers and sex traffickers will take advantage of the restlessness of confined kids and lure many through online contact. The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has published guidance for parents on this.

And also—I hate to say this, but we all know it’s true—make sure the adults in your home don’t spend time on porn sites while isolated at home. It’s poisonous to the mind, heart and spirit, and is not where our heads and hearts should be right now or ever.

Nancy Pelosi tried to slip abortion funding into the virus relief bill, but thankfully, her trick was discovered in time. Many states are fighting with abortion clinics to close during the shutdown. In Ohio, we’ve seen the aggressive stance of abortion mills as they insist abortions are not “elective surgeries” but essential services.

Ohio clinics shopped for a pro-abortion judge and Michael Barrett, a federal judge in Cincinnati who blocked the Ohio Heartbeat Bill last year, came to their rescue and issued a ruling to keep them open. Attorney General Dave Yost and Governor Mike DeWine filed a restraining order suit on this ruling, which Barrett declined, so for now, abortion clinics are essentially open in that state.

Meanwhile, Arkansas, Indiana, Maryland, Iowa, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Oklahoma and West Virginia have attempted to ban abortions as non-essential (although some clinics are not complying). The Fifth Circuit upheld the right of Texas to close its abortion facilities.

Let’s keep our eyes open, friends, to protect the integrity of country and our families while we’re at home.