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Top Twenty Secret Sins of 2020 America

Linda Harvey

Had enough of 2020? Time to move on? There’s one “great reset” we may all welcome, and that’s the need to get this miserable year behind us.

But first, let’s shine a bright light into the tunnels, alleyways, and shadows of 2020.

Sin breeds secrets. “My people perish for lack of knowledge,” Hosea 4:6 tells us, and why? We all choose what authorities we consult, yet some sources are deceitful. Those in positions of power have an increased responsibility not to “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” (Romans 1:18).

In 2020, an avalanche of secret sins in America managed our destinies through private deals and backroom corruption. Let’s open the curtain and examine the most egregious sins of the past year.

20. China spying. Penetrating the highest levels of U.S. government and commerce, China’s negative influence on American intelligence, national security, our public health, and even the 2020 election is a developing story. It’s unlikely Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-California) was the only Chinese target among our elected leaders.

19. Gender insanity. Boys are not girls and never can be, but gender anarchists keep working hard to conceal biology from our sons and daughters, so the number of gender confused youth has exploded. Science, it turns out, is real, yet the mutilation of young bodies continues in “gender clinics” at children’s hospitals throughout the country with risks usually withheld from the young patient or the parents. Why? Preventing suicide is the rationale for validating these delusions. But in what fantasy land is a child in danger by retaining a nascent, healthy body? While the U.S. continues on the dark road of gender violation, in the UK, a recent court case shows that in London, people are waking up.

18. Trump smears. In apparent collusion, the mainstream media gave Trump no accolades, regardless of his stellar accomplishments for our country. He’s clearly a “racist,” we are told. Yet the economy under Trump yielded the lowest unemployment for African-Americans in recent history, a story the major networks refused to tell, nor would they cover Trump’s assistance to historically black colleges. Why did 6% more black males vote for Trump in 2020? How about his majority Cuban-American vote in Florida? In the Middle East, he brokered the most sweeping peace deal in fifty years, but the mainstream media buried this milestone. He was nominated four times for a Nobel peace prize. Yet on NBC, CBS, CNN—crickets.

17. Schools corrupting students. Parents in 2020 were once again kept in the dark about the propaganda pushed on their offspring at school. The trend in sex ed is now porn-infused material that normalizes hook-ups and high risk “LGBTQ” behavior. Social justice/“defund the police” lessons are suddenly everywhere. Many families are fed up and are taking advantage of school closures to begin permanent home schooling.

16. Treason and bribery. How deeply compromised by foreign governments are the Bidens? Will we ever know? Secret deals with China were suspected in 2020 but will they ever be prosecuted along with the unpunished pay-for-play Clinton Foundation activities while Hillary was Secretary of State, or the content of her 30,000 deleted emails? America may be in grave danger from these reckless opportunists.

15. Vaccine success withheld. Prompted by the Trump administration, medical research produced a vaccine at “warp speed” and it was ready to go except that Pfizer held back this tide-turning news for at least one critical week. Apparently, the company chose to delay the announcement, a breakthrough which might have positively impacted Trump’s election prospects. Pfizer revealed its news on Monday, November 9 and contacted Joe Biden first, even though he played no part in this achievement.

14. Late term abortion and infanticide. Biden/Harris favor abortion up until and possibly even after birth. In fact, Harris as California senator joined other Democrat senators in 2020 to vote against a bill to protect children born alive after failed abortions. The media remains silent, though, about anti-life, infanticide-supporting Democrat U.S. Senators.

13.  Coronavirus panic. The risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 is extremely low for most people but we all must wear masks in public and avoid congregating. Restaurants are shut down in many states yet less than 2% of cases can be traced to dining facilities.  Businesses are failing because of amplified public health risks. The suspicion that this disease is being used for political goals cannot be dismissed.

12. China and WHO hide the virus. The true epidemic nature of the coronavirus was known to China in late 2019 and early 2020, yet China delayed informing other countries and then began a narrative blaming it on visiting American servicemen. The corrupt World Health Organization minimized risks well into January and did not declare it a pandemic until March, long after President Trump had already taken action to bar flights from China and Europe.

11. Phony race chaos. Police brutality is an epidemic in our nation, or so claims Black Lives Matter. Therefore cities need to be ravaged and looting is not only permitted but heroic. The secret reality is that millions of (mostly young) Americans have been sold a bald-faced lie. There is little police brutality against unarmed citizens, according to reputable studies, and what does occur is dealt with quickly at the local level. The opposite is actually the real problem—law enforcement has its hands tied at every turn, and now are losing funding in Minneapolis and other insanely-led cities. Who is pulling these chaotic strings? And why were Democrat leaders silent for months, until their polling discovered how riot news was damaging election prospects?

10. Election fraud. An election with record turn-out may have been stolen in plain sight, with numbers that probably re-elected Donald Trump. Yet few courts will hear the cases. What actually happened with the Dominion machines? Will we ever know? What about suitcases of mystery ballots, or falsified military ballots? Or ballots that vanished, or were filed by thousands of dead people, or duplicate ballots, or those filed by unregistered voters? Or received before they were sent (courtesy of alleged postal misdeeds)? Or truckloads of ballots that vanished? It’s heartbreaking that virtually all Democrats are unwilling to even investigate the possibility of fraud. America will not survive if this is our future.

9. Media lies. Amid years of enduring media distortions and smears, American conservatives received one more huge slap in the face as Fox News delivered a final insult to its faithful audience on election night 2020. As a result, millions of Americans no longer watch Fox except for a few isolated shows. Trust in our major media is gone, but it turns out, we don’t need them. Promising new outlets are emerging and the old bastions of information can ride into the sunset as far as most Americans are concerned.

8. Pandemic propaganda. Is it possible that many 2020 deaths attributed to COVID are mislabeled, instead reflecting the ongoing risks to the elderly — heart disease, respiratory failure, pneumonia, etc? A revealing Johns Hopkins study posted in November showed little overall change in the 2020 U.S. death rate. Yet the paper was quickly removed, prompting huge questions about the reliability of pandemic statistics.

7. Arbitrary shutdowns. “Yours is not an essential business,” small stores and restaurants were told, yet big box retailers, casinos, strip clubs, abortion clinics, liquor stores and marijuana cafes were permitted to operate. The long-term picture is catastrophic for cities like New York. The only good news is that more conservatives are created each day these nonsensical policies remain in effect.

6. Race hucksterism. Professional sports, corporate policies and government agencies all bowed in 2020 to an inaccurate narrative of “systemic racism.” America’s heritage, monuments, and heroes deserve cleansing, we were told, and possible reparations loom. Yet most of America is not buying the negativity. Sports’ fans were alienated by this twisted, anti-American theme, and NFL and NBA viewership plummeted.

5. Resurgence of anti-semitism. Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) are openly anti-Semitic but still remain in Congress, comfortably re-elected. They reflect a new progressive badge of “wokeness” – rabid and frank bigotry against Jews and sympathy for the enemies of Israel. Expect this to be routine and defensible Democratic policy if there’s a Biden/Harris administration.

4. Hatred of Christians and religious liberty. Vicious actions and hate speech directed to believers in Jesus are becoming much more acceptable and commonplace. A gunman opened fire on an outdoor Christmas church choir on December 13 in New York City. Restrictions on religious freedom are openly proposed by Democratic Party leaders. Biden/Harris pledge to move quickly to restrict First Amendment religious liberty under a label of “discrimination,” fulfilling a long-desired goal of “LGBTQ” activists. Harris has a long, sordid track record of religious intolerance. While Google bans election fraud videos on YouTube, numerous posts expressing hatred of Christians remain comfortably untouched.

3. Sexual confusion in our kids. Homosexual, bisexual and transgender behavior continues to increase among our youth, and the mainstream media fails to report this alarming, life-changing trend.

2. Chemical abortions rising. The tragedy of abortion only increased in 2020 as the number of private, chemical abortions continued to rise. Abortion advocates took advantage of COVID shutdowns to ramp up advocacy of “Telemed” abortions. The left wants these dangerous medications to be easily available, over-the-counter. Dear God, help us.

1. Restrictions on worship. Probably the most shocking trend in 2020 is the blatant attempt by governors to shut down churches during the pandemic. While initial voluntary action to limit gatherings could be justified while health officials investigated the nature of the virus, there is no rationale for the long-term, arbitrary limits on church gatherings in California and elsewhere. Most people are at very low COVID risk.  Churches and their congregants should be free to make their own decisions. Worshipping God has never been more important!

Friends, it’s clear America faces grave challenges from enemies foreign and domestic, material and spiritual. We need fervent prayer, a re-commitment to truth, and a God-given fresh start.

Let’s pledge in 2021 to open doors, sit again on our front porches and gather with fellow believers. Let’s reclaim our constitutional freedoms, the integrity of our elections, and our moral backbones. Let’s elevate virtue and expose deception wherever we can.

Can I get an Amen?