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Title IX Pushback is a Healthy Sign

Linda Harvey

The Title IX changes the Biden administration has declared now in force are meeting with an enormous pushback throughout the country. Within days after the federal Department of Education announced it was proceeding to enshrine gender and sexual anarchy in our nation’s schools through radical changes to Title IX, a number of major lawsuits were filed, including those from officials in 15 states. Many have announced their states will not comply.

The suit that the state of Ohio joined with Kentucky, Tennessee , Indiana, Virginia and West Virginia asks a federal district court in Kentucky to put an injunction on these Title IX changes because they are unauthorized and make no sense when one considers the original law.

The governors of Nebraska, Arkansas, Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana and South Carolina have ordered their schools to completely ignore these unauthorized Title IX changes.

As most of you know, Title IX is a law passed in 1972 to prevent discrimination against females in federally- funded school programs. The wording is that discrimination is prohibited  “on the basis of sex.” Since most schools receive some level of federal funds, Title IX applies to most K through 12 schools, even many private/religious schools, as well as most colleges and universities.

And if you are found guilty of a violation of Title IX, it’s a federal civil rights violation. Despite the absence of any federal law authorizing this action, the Biden Department of Education has declared that the simple use of the word “sex” is no longer to be understood as male and female biological distinctions, but now magically includes any violations on the basis of “sex stereotypes, sex-related characteristics (including intersex traits), pregnancy or related conditions, sexual orientation, and gender identity.”

This progressive tyranny comes from an administration that pretends that Republicans are the real threat to America, especially to women. To see the real monsters, Democrats need only look in the mirror.

The climate of schools will transform into fascist, pro-“LGBTQ”, immoral institutions we do not recognize. Many schools are already speeding down the corruption road but this new action cements into federal law what is ironically, actual discrimination. How many constitutional liberties do these changes violate? The very nature of this offensive mandate assaults Christian belief as well as the tenets of Judaism, Islam and other faiths.

How many girls’ athletic dreams will be shattered as their opportunities are stolen by selfish, disturbed males?

How many vulnerable children’s lives will be ruined because empowered teachers and counselors sell them on the idea that their pubescent angst will be cured by gender change? Or flirtation with homosexual behavior?

How many teachers will be forced to use nonsensical pronouns or else be hauled before a Title IX watchdog and slapped with a career-ending citation? How many believing students will have their freedom of speech and religion muzzled because God’s standards about sexual morality cannot be expressed at school under the  dystopian rules of the “inclusive” Biden regime?

Some of this is already happening, of course, as schools anticipated the Biden DOE move. Many have already launched horrifically anarchist, anti-family policies, but expect a strong acceleration with federal muscle behind this nonsense.  

Now schools will insist that boys be allowed in girls’ restrooms. What about local or state measures that ended open bathroom practices? Or prohibited gender counseling behind parents’ backs? The insane Biden rules will prevail instead in many schools, at least for now, in a convoluted effort to prevent discrimination against mental delusions.

Except for states where the governors have indicated non-compliance ( praise God for these brave men and women), most of the rest of the nation’s schools will bow the knee to this betrayal of families and children.

This is why elections matter, friends. In Ohio, we need to express our thanks to Ohio attorney general Dave Yost for standing up for what’s right and let’s pray that sensible courts rule appropriately to bring schools back to academics and away from indoctrination.

It’s time to rise up and refuse to put children at risk through foolish adult agendas. And while we’re at it-- let’s kick out the Democrats in November, starting with Joe Biden.