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The Will of God or the Will of Guy?

I met “gay Christian conservative” Guy Benson a few years back, before he became a Fox News commentator and a rising media personality.

Benson revealed his inclinations in a book even as he was an editor for Townhall.com. His prominence confounds me as I wonder why Townhall features a proud homosexual. What’s going on with that?

My brief encounter with Benson occurred long before he recorded the recent controversial PragerU video where he inaccurately refers to homosexuality as “immutable” and gives “thanks to the hard work of gay rights activists who’ve paved the way for people like me.”

But the Gospel is not just informational but transformational. What’s the evidence Benson has been transformed by the work of the Holy Spirit? On the video, he flippantly says he’s “gay” and then, “So what?”

This does not sound like someone obeying the will of God. He seems all about living the will of Guy.

When I met Benson it was not common knowledge that he experiences same sex attractions. But I knew something was up with this fellow by the cold shoulder I received.

Benson was the producer for Sandy Rios’ Salem radio program in Chicago. I was invited to be on her show, and since I was in Chicago, I came to the station. As the producer, Benson escorted me to the studio, set me up with the correct microphone and so on.

And he did so with a demeanor like ice. Even though I attempted pleasant conversation, he was having none of it. Rude and gruff would be an accurate description of his attitude.

I didn’t know him from Adam but remembered his name because he acted so childishly and I thought at the time he was probably a typical undiscerning young man who dismisses those who speak the truth about homosexuality as hateful, bigoted, etc. I encounter this scorn from time to time, troubling but a reflection of the sell-out on this issue by many who claim Christ but walk the path of least resistance.

Faithful believers must keep pushing back, however, and Benson’s defiant and unbiblical attitude exemplifies the problem. The harm being done by the activists for this movement —you know, the ones Benson is “thankful” for---is enormous, especially to children.

For instance, medical mutilation of children is now respectable in America because of the fraudulent “transgender” agenda. An important lecture revealing the tragic backstory is here.

Benson’s thankful, apostate video can be viewed here. Let’s hope Dennis Prager listens to the outcry and removes it.

Homosexual sin’s embrace by self-labeled Christians along with its new evil twin, gender rebellion, arises from scriptural ignorance, cowardice and/or hard-heartedness. Who hasn’t noticed the damage the “LGBT” bullies are doing in America?

Benson thanks these godless, reckless corrupters?

Some self-declared believers run from the clear teaching of our Lord, fearing that a principled stand on the truth will threaten relationships with family or friends. And sadly, this elevates human bonds above the one that should always take preeminence— obedience to the Lord.

But sometimes, the obstacle is the person’s own homosexual attractions. That never occurred to me with Benson. I simply chalked up his hostility as the bad behavior of another compromised young Christian, one among many.

Little did any of us know what a turncoat he would be and as a clever homosexual within Christian circles, how much damage he might ultimately do.

In this PragerU video, Benson downplays his homosexuality and upplays his “conservative values.” But it’s an unpersuasive argument.

One cannot favor America’s free market, low taxes, national security and responsible health care and still defend sexual anarchy. All the conservatism in the world is unsustainable absent sexual morality, and there’s one vital reason—families and children.

There is no future, conservative or otherwise, without responsibly-reared children. The values of homosexuals are incompatible with godly parenting. And that is the fatal flaw, the blind spot of libertarianism and sexually-permissive conservatism.

There are no stable families or dependable future citizens if we celebrate or benignly tolerate sexual immorality and teach the next generation to do so as well.

And homosexuality is always gravely immoral.

Homosexual unions misuse one’s body, defy biology and spit on the example of mom/dad procreation. Nothing good comes out of such a “value,” even if the Bensons of the world try to reimagine human design and carefully manage its functional abuse.

American morality is already at a perilous tipping point through legalized abortion, Medicaid-funded sex change surgery for fifteen-year-olds, an explosion in pornography and middle-class “fifty shades” depravity.

So here come the sodomy-promoting Log Cabin (homosexual) Republicans and Republicans like Benson, spouting unworkable libertarian-leaning views. They envision a fantasy world where there are no people under 18 and so no one has to consider the impact of twisted “LGBT” ideology on vulnerable nine-year olds.

Or poisonous middle school homosexual clubs corrupting sixth graders. These clubs have fast-tracked thousands of kids into the confusion, disease and spiritual alienation of homosexuality and gender confusion.

No one has to ponder very deeply the destructive impact on kids taught in sex ed about “safe” anal sex (not possible). Schools are under pressure to teach such garbage because GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network), HRC (the Human Rights Campaign) and other “LGBT equality” peddlers demand it.

Sure, Benson, let’s normalize all this for kids and thank the “LGBT” community. Wait—no. Let’s consult informed, compassionate, faithful believers instead.

The damage to children can last their whole lives. These are explosive issues and America is already reaping the rotten fruit of sexual sin. Benson only accelerates the problem.

My prayer for Guy Benson is a radical change of heart. That’s the “penalty” I would wish for him, that he truly encounters the real Jesus instead of a self-gratifying imposter spirit.

But until then, I hope he loses his platform and stops deceiving Americans. Please join me in prayer for this sadly-deceived young man.