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The Smoke and Mirrors of Neopaganism


Shortly before World War Two, the Japanese pretended  to befriend the Manchurians on the northeast frontier of  China; they even pretended to respect a newly-installed  Manchurian emperor. But their true intent was only to  weaken China; and as depicted in the historical movie  "THE LAST EMPEROR," they never really had any  respect for the Manchurian ruler who had been allowed  to think he was the equal of Japan's emperor. It is a  common tactic of aggressors to pretend respect--until  they feel ready to crush you.

Thus also in the culture wars, as shown by TNT's very  NON-historical movie (broadcast in 2001), "THE MISTS OF AVALON," from  Marion Zimmer Bradley's feminist-revisionist Arthurian  novel. Early on, one of a bevy of super-duper sorceresses  reassuringly tells a Christian, "The old religion embraces  yours;" thus we are supposed to understand that the  Christian would be a stupid bigot if he considered  Wiccan-type Earth-goddess religion to be hostile to  Christianity. But later, another witch-priestess tells Arthur,  "You have called on God and the Goddess; it is the  Goddess who answers." That makes it plain, if it wasn't  plain already, that the "equality" of religions was just like  the "equality" of Japanese and Manchurian emperors--a  mere tactic to make it easier for one side to smash the  other.

The whole movie hammers away at an unvarying  theme that their pantheistic goddess can do anything for  anyone, whereas Father God cannot do anything at all.  And if you're in doubt about the pantheism, it's made  unmistakable when Angelica Huston rattles off the tired  old cliches about "balance" --good and evil being equally  valid in the pagans' opinion. One feeble reference is made  to Christianity offering forgiveness for sins; but even that  only comes off as wishful thinking by a pitiful character, and it still leaves the Biblical God with no practical power  or authority.

As in many such cases, I have to repeat that the folks at  TNT are legally free to make films with any cosmological  preference they like. But as in many such cases, they  hypocritically pretend to be open-minded and even-handed ...while actually taking one and only one side, beginning  to end. Occult-pantheistic paganism is every bit as hostile  to Christianity as Christianity is to occult-pantheistic  paganism; but since Christianity has the honesty to state  this fact up front, the dishonest pagan side pretends that only Christians perceive an incompatibility, and so are  uniquely "intolerant."

Read the Chronicles of Narnia. When you get to the  closing volume, The Last Battle, follow the progression  the bad guys use to suppress the faith of Christ--"Aslan,"  in these books, being by C.S. Lewis' own telling Christ  Himself. First they make the Lord out to be "equal" to the false god Tash, coining the name "Tashlan;" but they don't take long to return to just plain Tash, because the intent  always was to get rid of Aslan altogether.

Thus with the "AVALON" miniseries, which doubtless  warmed Ted Turner's God-mocking, wife-dumping little  heart. All the pagans' "tolerance" of Christianity is  intended for no other purpose than to make Christianity  superfluous until it is forgotten. Author Ms. Bradley, having  passed away some time ago, is now being made most  vividly aware that there is only one Creator; that He has  chosen to be known as "He," not "She;" and that those  who deny this are calling the Lord Jesus Christ an idiot  or a liar for having called God His Father, and only  Father, never Mother. 

Yes, Ms. Bradley knows better now--a bit too late, unless  she came to a repentance that we never heard about. Let  us pray that we profit better by the clear and obvious  statements of God's Word. Let the pagans have their  confusing mists; give me the Living God, Who is all light with NO "balancing" darkness.