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The Sexual Roots of Civil Rebellion and Its Youth Victims

by Linda Harvey

The USA Today headline was intended to pull heart strings: “Internet has proven to be an LGBTQ ‘lifeline.’” But for those who have been standing against the full surrender of America to depravity, it was gag-worthy.

Because you know who they focused on: kids.

The article features a 14- year- old New York girl who was looking forward to her first ‘Pride’ march this summer. “Pride is a pledge that you are valid and you are loved.” Also highlighted is a 12-year old “girl” (possibly a gender-confused boy) named Eevee. But since many homosexual parades are cancelled for 2020, online “pride” is where these children should turn.

Or not, if somehow a sane adult could intervene.

We need to take a hard look at the  “LGBTQ” agenda targeting youth, now online, which is dangerous enough. But that movement is sometimes the prelude to the next step: becoming revolutionaries.

Is that a goal of the “LGBTQ” movement? Seems to be the latest thing that’s “out of the closet,” as many rainbow radicals sign on to the lawless plans of Black Lives Matter.

Parents, be alert. The online world is packed with deception, obscenity and multiple paths to youth rebellion, including encouragement to dismiss any Christian witness.

Virtual contacts between young adolescents and older teens, radical teachers, college students and even activists a thousand miles away make it easy to avoid parents and penetrate the minds and hearts of impressionable teens.

They hear the monolithic indoctrination—“you were born this way,” “don’t listen to the voices of hate saying this is wrong,” “there’s no risk and it’s equal to straight life.” Any doubts? Download the readily available pansexual porn and the propagandized teen is quickly drawn into the rotten sexual fruits of this movement.

It’s critical these kids experience no doubts. Cathy Renna of the National LGBTQ Task Force said in the USA Today article that online connection is important for youth now because of “kids living  in homes that are not accepting or where families are rejecting.”

In other words, we have no respect for parents’ rights, and we will bypass the parent-child relationship to deceive and corrupt your child online.

If only kids heard a corresponding counter-argument. But that’s rare at teacher-union-controlled schools or in most churches.

Satan has built an underground empire with emerging warriors for “social justice” who scream for “rights.” It’s doomed, but that doesn’t mean he won’t try to take as many captives as possible.

Over a decade ago I researched high school “social justice academies” which were pilot projects in mostly urban schools in cities like Chicago and Boston.  Read: white liberals testing revolutionary concepts on mostly black kids.

Along with racial reconciliation messages, social justice lessons neatly incorporate “LGBTQ” propaganda and it’s almost impossible to object (you are automatically a “racist”). Never forget, Black Lives Matter fully embraces the whole sexual deviance agenda, even calling for the end of the traditional family, which they call the “western nuclear family.”

The divisive tactics are not new, just becoming more irrational. Sexual rebellion is often a precursor of civic rebellion, as history shows us.

And so it comes as no surprise that Black Lives Matter is a fervently pro-“LGBTQ” group. Its mission statement says, “We affirm the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum...”

The intersectionality is proud and obvious. Similar to race issue manipulation, the homosexual agenda features relatively few, tragic anecdotes; magnifies a victimhood narrative; and then proceeds to subvert the law, recruit youth, unleash intimidation tactics, make outrageous demands, and never be satisfied. If necessary, they will initiate street action. And police are the enemy.

Twenty years ago, a key player in the indoctrination of kids in “social justice” was a violent revolutionary.  Obama-pal William Ayers, the ‘60s bomb-thrower who became a Ph.D. in professor of education, was a social justice movement pioneer as well as a sexual radical. He wrote a glowing endorsement for the 1999 book  Queering Elementary Education that featured a foreword by Kevin Jennings, founder of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, GLSEN and safe schools “czar” under Obama.

GLSEN’s revolutionary roots are still producing poisonous fruit. GLSEN has joined 75 other homosexual groups to stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter to condemn “white supremacist violence.”

GLSEN presumably also supports the insane proposal to abolish police. But facts have never been GLSEN’s strong suit.

The “LGBTQ” public relations group GLAAD just published an open letter expressing support for BLM written by the group’s campus outreach spokesperson. The letter seems to justify violence, because the infamous Stonewall “gay” uprising incident included a riot, you see, and “it worked.”  No mention of potential loss of property and life, and in fact, much concern over “anti-protest and anti-riot” sentiment that’s been expressed.

Also, the extreme group Advocates for Youth, which pushes porn-based “comprehensive sex ed” to young children, is advertising its upcoming training for 120 youth activists for “reproductive justice”. They want youth ages 14 to 24. We should not be surprised if anti-police street action is part of this “training.”

And let’s not forget the gender rebels. The National Trans Youth Council Nine-Point Platform disseminated a poster to students through the GSA Network and various homosexual youth groups, calling for the abolition of the police, ICE, borders and the judicial system. A “manifesto” petition from the GSA Network [GSA stands or “gay straight alliance” or “genders and sexualities alliance”] featured these nine points and proudly claimed roots in the Black Panther movement, telling kids this:

“We are in a moment which calls for us to bravely and ferociously fight for our communal liberation.”

No concern for any bystander victims of “ferocious fighting.”

It almost seems that anti-American Marxist revolutionaries have taken over the “LGBTQ” youth organizations. But that couldn’t be true—or could it?

There are millions of black victims who could be mourned-- black unborn humans killed through abortion. Do all lives matter? Or don’t they? Why don’t our students here about this?

And the racism is where, again? From conservatives? Who recommend staying in school, not having early sex, not adopting perverse lifestyles, committing to God-honoring marriage, and getting and holding a job? Not doing drugs and not committing any crimes? You mean, the path that is most associated with life success and happiness?

That kind of racism? The recommendations shared by many black Christian conservatives with those of other backgrounds?

No wonder BLM joins the “LGBTQ” groups in their desperation to undermine the family.  It’s the most powerful institution on earth. And never forget—these leftists’ number one goal is power.

The family -- founded by God, confirmed by Jesus --  is where sexually confused young people of all races and backgrounds are most likely to find peace, acceptance and sound guidance.

We need to keep standing together for sexual and civic responsibility, all of us members of one race—the human one.