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The Occult Roots of Silencing Christians

There’s no question Christians and conservatives are being denied a voice in much of America’s public square these days. But what’s really behind the left’s tyranny on the campuses of Berkeley, Middlebury, Claremont McKenna, University of Wisconsin and others?

Or the unhinged, vulgar rampage of a self-described homosexual principal against peaceful, pro-life teen demonstrators?

Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos, and David Horowitz are not welcome at Berkeley. Their views apparently cannot be allowed expression. Nor can the realities of abortion be revealed to students at a high school in Pennsylvania.

The assistant principal sang, “I love a parade!!!” at the top of his lungs to drown out the voices of two teens trying to witness about the tragedy of abortion.

And what about that teacher in Tampa who can’t abide the sight of crosses in her classroom? She too is a homosexual, “partnered” with another lesbian teacher.

Or how about protesters at town hall meetings in Louisiana and Michigan who shouted, ”Separation of church and state!” to drown out opening prayers?

These street-thug tactics are becoming commonplace. I’ve experienced this unhinged reaction during peaceful protests and press conferences, when rabid homosexuals tried to deny our group a voice. Chanting, bullhorns, and blocking presenters are common maneuvers.

These radicals fear believers, they fear responsible conservatives, and they fear the name of Christ. In fact, the widespread prohibition of Christian and conservative views at universities is starting to resemble the ancient pagan practice of “taboo.” There’s another explanation, though, one that exposes an even deeper level of spiritual darkness.

In pagan rituals, to speak an idea is to give it life. Words and incantations carry (so it is believed) immense power. A ritual must be performed with chants and invocations in an exact sequence, or the spell loses its effectiveness.

So, the opposite is also true in the occultist worldview. The words of one’s opponents— full of “negativity” -- must not be permitted.

One of witchcraft’s matriarchs explained it this way. “We believe that to give evil a name is to give it power,” said Silver Ravenwolf in her book Teen Witch. So not only must opponents be denied a platform, they must not even be named. 

The new progressive rage reflects the rise of evil in America. Resistance against the Lord and His brethren has never been so strong in this nation. It accelerated during eight years of a president whose policies were an intentional offense to biblical standards, and Obama’s followers are not easily relinquishing their “change agenda.”

Therefore, they behave often as people whose hearts and souls have been given over to another lord, even when they may not consciously understand this. The hysteria we are seeing has its roots in demonic, spiritual evil.

Biblical principles, which affirm goodness and righteousness, show that power resides in the truth. So to those who hate Christ, His teachings must be snuffed out or heavily disguised, re-phrased or re-packaged.

Certainly, Christians understand that demons shudder at the name of Christ. And that true conversion includes verbalizing faith: “…if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved (Romans 10:9).”

Definitions and names become critical in Scripture. Jesus has the “name above all names (Philippians 2:9).” Satan knows this, for he has also read the Bible.

Throughout Scripture, the “name of the Lord” is to be revered. Peter said that “…everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved (Acts 2:21).”

We are to pray “in the name of Jesus.” The command is phrased this way perhaps to plant a truth-filled idea in one’s spirit and in the world: that Jesus has an identity, He is the way, the truth and the life, and belief in Him is the essence of salvation. The true Jesus revealed in the holy texts is the Savior of humanity and as such, just speaking His name is immensely powerful.

Adherents to false faiths and atheists hate the name of Christ, they cringe at truth, and do whatever possible to slither around the reality of His omnipotence.

So they will irrationally go to exceptional lengths to limit, punish, defame, silence or even harm Christ’s followers. Even those who aren’t Christians but  challenge the dark lies of progressive ideology, are worthy targets of Satan’s minions.

When truth is malleable and expendable, fascism becomes an easily assimilated, everyday practice of “tolerant” liberals. It’s perfectly acceptable in pagan/wiccan circles to simply make stuff up out of thin air. How often do we see this as a current progressive tactic? There are not enough pages to publish all the examples.

It’s also the history of liberal theology within Christianity, including the push starting several decades ago for so-called “inclusive language” which essentially revised ancient, divinely-inspired Scripture. In 1993, many Christians were stunned to learn about a landmark conference in Minneapolis called “Re-Imagining God.” And if weird, “invent-your-own” spirituality was not out of the closet before that, this was the public unveiling of deep, deep apostasy led by feminists inside certain Christian churches and organizations.

We need to remember the profound words of the first chapter of John: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God... And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…”

Christ is the Word made flesh, “full of grace and truth.” No matter what attacks are launched at the truth, it will never change.

And neither will He.