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Sorry, Lady Gaga: This Land's Not Made for Anarchy

It’s been a busy week for the anarchist agenda. And most of the news is bad.

President Trump and Lady Gaga seem to share the view that those involved in homosexual or gender-defiant behavior deserve special rights.

Gaga’s Super Bowl performance featured her hit song, “Born This Way,” boosting the erroneous notion of “LGBT” identities. And her rendition of the open borders’ anthem, “This Land is Your Land” keeps the fable going.

Can we each create our own laws, our own reality and simply declare independence of governing authorities? See Romans 13 for just one of many biblical repudiations of lawlessness.

Meanwhile, the Trump White House disappointed Christians and conservatives by announcing it will retain the Obama directive forcing companies to cater to homosexual and transgender demands as a requirement to receive federal contracts.

It’s blatant discrimination against millions of Americans who believe these behaviors present an imminent risk to families, children and religious freedom.

Employees face a no-win situation as leftists are handed the homosexual “non-discrimination” club to harass, sue, fire, demote or discredit fellow workers.

Trump is okay with this? Apparently, his daughter and son-in-law influenced this decision. Even though Trump supports strengthening religious freedom policies, this doesn’t address the core issue: homosexuality and transgenderism are objectively disordered behaviors for everyone.

No one is born to engage in these behaviors—Gaga should check the latest research. So, as time will show, we Christians and conservatives are on the right side of this debate.

Concerned Americans need to contact the White House and make our feelings known.

It’s too bad Trump and his administration have common ground with goofy celebrities like Gaga and also Katie Couric.

This week, she hosted a National Geographic documentary giving credibility to the grave mistake of gender rebellion. Transgender activists are poisoning the public policy arena with medical and emotional mythology, and Couric is jumping right in with them.

Yet it’s never okay for adults to enable children to dress and pose as the opposite sex. The prognosis for these confused kids is grim because it’s phony, unhealthy, sinful behavior.

Kouric is deeply deceived. How many people will be misled by her clueless endorsement?

Which brings us to the Boy Scouts, who just announced their troops will accept girls posing as boys.

What will the Boy Scouts embrace next -- sado-masochism? People forget that children are highly impressionable and must be shielded from bona fide lunacy.

Birth certificates—in other words, the historical records of sex and anatomy—are “no longer sufficient,” according to BSA officials. It’s okay to lie to children and hand them off to other adults who will cooperate with this lie, apparently.

But the smirking elite media believes many of us just don’t understand. That’s not true. It’s not misperception that leads many Americans to reject gender rebellion.

A patronizing article in the Washington Post implied that all we need is more exposure to gender deniers. Just read about one young man’s desire to live as a female and we’ll be persuaded his masquerade is not abnormal. Millions of us will slap ourselves on the foreheads. “Wow! Now I get it! These are just ordinary, even high-achieving people! There’s nothing wrong with a guy who wants to be a girl!”

Ummm, no. There is nothing that could ever persuade me, and most of America, that this is positive, beneficial behavior or anything other than grave mental illness that must be vigorously opposed in public policy, and certainly for any policies involving children.

It is not hate that motivates such conclusions, but the opposite. We actually care about children, along with biological responsibility and sustainability. Those who advocate this extreme mutilation are callous experimenters who seem indifferent to the ultimate outcomes for youth.

The American College of Pediatricians published an important position paper called, “Gender Ideology  Harms Children.” Their latest newsletter discusses research showing that cross-sex hormone therapy used routinely for gender-confused children has extremely high health risks.

Yet Couric, the BSA and others keep regressing toward primitive, science –denying practices, oblivious to those harmed along the way. Just like those who adopt a homosexual identity, “trans” posers don’t live in a vacuum, and their mistaken allies are helping them bulldoze over any objections, ignoring the impact on others, even vulnerable grade school children.

They and their allies will sue your butts off if you don’t get out of their way, and if children who are peer bystanders are casualties of this experimental disaster, their attitude is, so be it.

The Supreme Court is set to hear one such case where a troubled girl wants to be a boy and has created legal and educational chaos as a result.

The Gloucester County, VA school board refused to let female “Gavin” Grimm use the boys’ bathroom. After numerous lower court rulings, SCOTUS will now hear the case. Will Neil Gorsuch be confirmed in time to participate?

Many of us wonder how Gorsuch will come down on the homosexual/transgender issue. There are positive indicators in some of his decisions and one big plus is that rabid homosexual activists like the Human Rights Campaign oppose him.

Yet pro-life and constitutionalist leanings are not automatically accompanied by a rational position supporting sexual and gender integrity. Let’s hope Gorsuch hasn’t fallen for the fable that these deviant desires are inborn for “different” humans who need civil rights’ protection to respectfully engage in sordid conduct.

These desires are actually developed, not inborn, and reflect severe emotional and spiritual confusion, which the Lord can redeem and change.

But many same-sex-attracted people want to continue indulging these feelings and have them publicly validated. God’s help is too often rebuffed.

Shouldn’t children have the choice? Shouldn’t they have fully informed consent? Yes. In America, this land was made for you and me, but not for the celebration of sin and anarchy.

If we’re curious about God’s view on this, let’s remember Sodom and Gomorrah.