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Sex , Lies and Ohio Unions

Pay up to support the left. Choice is not an option

This fall, Ohioans have the chance to vote on Issue 2, about whether to retain Senate Bill 5. This new law, passed earlier this year, greatly troubles Ohio’s union leadership and they are now desperate to overturn it.

This has been high on my radar screen because of the way Ohio unions have enslaved their own members. Our state and local employees have been largely forced to join the union or pay union dues as a condition of employment in government. They have had NO CHOICE. SB 5 if retained changes all that. And that’s why the unions are hopping mad.

The Democratic party is also furious. Why? Because a substantial part of union dues go to political contributions, mostly to the Democrats, which helps fund their radical left-wing agenda— again, dues money paid by members who have had NO CHOICE. Pay up, to support pro-abortion candidates. Pay up, to support pro-homosexual issues. Pay up, to support the government takeover of large sectors of American life with big spending and poor results.


See YouTube videos : "NEA vs. Christian Conservatives"



Let’s take one example —the teachers’ unions. The nation’s largest union is the National Education Association, and you’ve probably heard me describe how radical and harmful their agenda is directed to our children. They support open homosexuality for teachers and students, and any objections are called "hate and homophobia." They support abortion as an option for girls. They oppose merit –based systems in teaching.

Here in Ohio, the affiliate of the NEA is the Ohio Education Association and they are busy organizing to, along with AFCSME, SEIU and the other public employee unions, try to repeal SB 5 through Issue 2. Well, the OEA’s agenda is similar to the NEA.

For instance, they opposed the ballot issue several years ago affirming man/woman marriage, because they favor homosexual so-called marriage. This is a teachers' union, funded essentially with taxpayer money. Why do they spend time and money on promoting sexual immorality?

They have a mighty machine,and it will take a lot to keep them from overturning this excellent piece of legislation. We are already starting to hear the fear-mongering deception—-that local firefighters and police will be cut, making our communities less safe. That’s not going to happen.

What will happen is more cost-sharing by some of these workers on health benefits and pensions, in a manner similar to the private sector. Isn’t this fair? The days of rich, all-paid benefit packages have come up against the brick wall of financial reality, but that does not translate to the dire situations the desperate unions want you to believe.

Now, I don’t want to say all unions are awful—I happen to think most have outlived their usefulness, since it’s not 1910 anymore and few places are sweatshops. But if a group of employees feel they need one, if it’s not a condition of employment, it’s fine.

But as a Christian, wouldn’t it be a better approach to be responsible for your own work performance and negotiate your own salary? Just something to think about.

Meanwhile, let's retrieve the option to spend our own money for our own causes, thank you very much.