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Schools Back Off Legal Exposure and Expel Groomers

Linda Harvey

Do most parents understand that the word “inclusive” in schools means that kids will be taught how to have “safe” anal sex?

Pardon me if I’ve shocked you, but that’s the bottom line, so to speak, of the drumbeat for so-called “LGBTQ inclusive” sex ed. Essentially, that topic is what brings the rainbow community on board and eliminates the leftist paranoia about too much binary talk (male/female distinctions, marriage, etc.).

If the beauty of creating new life through heterosexual intimacy (ideally, marriage) is minimized with an “equitable” role for anal (also oral) intercourse, then the progressives have put those abstinence-until-marriage advocates in their place.

So SIECUS is raising money in May to push “LGBTQ inclusive Sex Ed for All,” as if some students have routinely been excluded. No, only some high risk, irresponsible behaviors have traditionally been discouraged by teachers who love children and want to protect them, rather than corrupt and exploit them.

No one has to identify as homosexual or practice the associated behaviors. No one is born that way, or born in the wrong sex body.

SIECUS is a far-left child-sex advocacy group that grew out of the predatory Kinsey legacy, so you know it’s a group comfortable with mentally molesting children. Sexual activity is all good, and the earlier children are introduced to sex in all directions, the better. Hopping from partner to partner is no problem with “protection” (condoms, contraception). If there are any students still interested in heterosexual relations, pregnancy is a problem readily “solved” through abortions. SIECUS loves abortion.

And sexually transmitted infections are mostly treatable, and everyone gets them. Yes, we know it’s an epidemic the media is not covering. Let’s not dwell on the infertility/cancer risk of some STIs. Condoms, condoms, condoms, children!

So a similar group to SIECUS, Advocates for Youth, has a free online sex ed curriculum called “Rights, Respect and Responsibility” (3 Rs) which pushes sex in every direction. It’s for K through 12 ( that’s right, grade school) and even elementary lessons are very detailed about anatomy and sexual pleasure. And of course, this curriculum normalizes the practice of anal sex because it’s being “inclusive.”

This curriculum was evaluated by the Protect Child Health Coalition and scored 13 out of 15 on the most common harmful elements found in many “comprehensive sex ed” programs.

In fact, 3 Rs’ grade school lesson on sexual orientation has children discuss what it means to be gay or lesbian and an explanation of what the rainbow pride flag means.

3Rs is heavy on condom use, but very light on faithfulness, risk avoidance,  heartbreak and actual responsibility. Gender deviance is also featured as if children needed more reasons for anxiety.

But that’s not the only curriculum being pushed this spring by these predator groups to raise funds. Our Whole Lives (OWL) is a sex ed lesson plan used for decades by the United Church of Christ and the Unitarian Universalists and now, SIECUS is partnering with them. That’s right-- children who attend these churches can be tragically misinformed about God and salvation through Christ as well as being sexually corrupted as early as possible.

These folks might want to pause on this push for including “LGBTQ” messages everywhere. Have they considered legal liability issues? One of the angles virtually always woven into comprehensive sex ed lessons on homosexuality or gender change is the victimhood message -- that “LGBTQ” born -that- way people are incessantly bullied by others for something they cannot help ( not true) and the solution is for every school to have in its back pocket, right after the anal sex lesson, the number of a suicide hotline.

Rights, Respect and Responsibility has an entire middle school lesson plan with Power Points on “sexual orientation/LGBTQ” called “Creating a  Safe Space for All,” presenting flawed research from GLSEN’s school climate survey and validating the victim identity many readily adopt. And there’s a 7th grade curriculum meant to totally sell students on gender distortion.

And so the manipulation of adolescent sympathy begins. After all, what adolescent doesn’t feel like they don’t belong? That others are sometimes rude? That one’s feelings get hurt? This is not isolated to sexually confused students but let’s get real-- huge vested interests must maintain that special attention, policies, funding be directed to the suffering “LGBTQ” teens who are told they are born that way (still not true).

The Trevor Project is the go-to solution many uninformed school districts will include as a resource somewhere in their material to children, whether in sex ed class or elsewhere. In fact, Trevor appears on the list of “trusted resources” of a 7th grade gender lesson in the Rights, Respect and Responsibility curriculum.

But Trevor is actually a gateway to online predators, eager to link up with vulnerable adolescents, who may well be in crisis mode. Who wouldn’t be with the garbage being thrown at them at school? So as they reach out to Trevor, they are quickly steered to Trevor Space, a group of online communities where they can allegedly find friends and feel better-- all affirming homosexual/trans behaviors, of course.

As California education analyst Brenda Lebsack discovered, among those Trevor communities teens can join are Witchcraft Club, Furries Club, Gay Men’s Club (with the tagline: “Let’s talk about boys!” ). There was also a Regressors Space (identifying as a younger age), a Guilt and Secrets Club, a Polyamory Club, Nonbinary Pals, Roommates Squad, Chosen Family Club, and so on.

When Lebsack educated the Santa Ana (CA) Unified School board about Trevor and where kids end up, they saw the problem and stopped using Trevor as a resource. The potential liability is enormous and responsible adults will see it immediately.

Responsible adults would never have started Trevor Space to begin with, but their shameless interactions with children are exemplified by referring troubled children to chat with Sam Brinton.

Biden appointee Sam Brinton was former head of governmental relations for Trevor. He was until recently Biden’s nuclear waste disposal hire at the Department of Energy. Sam is proudly and openly a practitioner of bondage and “kink” and is very open about his affinity for “pup handling” (leading around other men in leashes). And he has been arrested in recent years for several instances of stealing women’s luggage.

So this is Trevor, a “youth suicide -prevention” resource. Do any of us buy that? I don’t.  

Trevor should be ejected from every school resource page, and so should any use of Advocates for Youth or SIECUS  material.

They are irresponsible groups and a liability risk for any school. And our first responsibility as parents and teachers is to protect our children.