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CANCELLED! Pro Abortion OH Lawmaker Presenting Seminar in Catholic Church

Update: Because of calls to the church and the Diocese of Columbus, the event described below has been CANCELLED at St. Peter Church. Praise God! It will be held, however, at a public library on Feb. 1.

She’s a physician and an Ohio state lawmaker. But don’t let the advanced training fool you. Some doctors support deeply disturbed, harmful, even life-ending behavior.

Beth Liston, MD is an Ohio Democratic statehouse representative from the Columbus suburb of Dublin. She is scheduled to host a workshop on mental health at St. Peter Catholic Church in her community at the end of January. Liston is said to be an active member of that church, but there seems to be no congregational accountability for her vigorous opposition to pro-life heartbeat legislation, nor for her support of “LGBT” special rights.

The program on Saturday, January 25 is called “Mental Health First Aid Workshop for those Caring and Working with Youth,” and is being presented by a group called Mindful Minds, with Liston’s leadership and with funding from other groups. This organization has made other presentations in Ohio and at first glance, one might think it’s a positive prevention effort to defuse mental health crisis situations involving children.

The red flags arise, however, over any advice Beth Liston might give on high-risk, depression-inducing youth situations involving sexuality, pregnancy, or gender confusion. There’s a high likelihood, given her policy track record at the Ohio Statehouse, that Liston, who is ironically a pediatrician, would advocate an abortion for a teen depressed about pregnancy; would encourage the positive affirmation of same sex attraction and an open “gay” identity for a minor; and would encourage an opposite sex identity for a teen confused about gender.

Such reckless counsel might propel a child into dangerous behavior producing more depression and suicide ideation. If gender “transition” treatment occurs, permanent physical mutilation is often the outcome. And of course, an abortion ends a human life.

Why is a Catholic church sponsoring a seminar likely to include misleading, harmful advice for youth? Why is Liston being given a respected platform under a Christian umbrella?

Liston worked actively against the Ohio Heartbeat Bill in 2019 and spoke in opposition on the house floor. I heard her testimony and here’s what I reported:

          “And then there was Rep. Beth Liston (D- Dublin),who despite being a physician, contended that the bill is not scientific and that what   she called a ‘clump of cells’ is not yet viable human life and so is, apparently, not worth too much. She also made snarky anti-Christian comments about the bill.”

Despite the efforts of Liston and other Democrats who have no problem executing children with beating hearts, the bill thankfully passed in April 2019 and was signed into law by Governor Mike DeWine.

Liston is also a co-sponsor of Ohio H.B. 369, a bill to add “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” to Ohio civil rights law. This bill will encourage the recognition of “LGBT” identities in both adults and youth, silencing voices of warning while implying (incorrectly) the existence of a “gay” gene or any evidence people are born with an opposite sex brain.

This goofy mythology is driving the homosexual/ gender rebellion movement, but when physicians embrace such nonsense, they are in a position to do serious harm. Liston, with both a medical practice and a position as an Ohio lawmaker, can do a lot of damage.

Question: why are people with such open advocacy of unbiblical behavior—behavior that is causing critical harm to many people—allowed to not only be an active church member, but sponsor a workshop? This is defacto support for her radical, inhumane policies.

If you would like to take action, contact Bishop Robert Brennan of the Columbus Diocese at 614-228-2457. Contacts to the diocese have resulted in a response that the bishop is “looking into it.” It may be helpful also to email the diocese at chomailbox@columbuscatholic.org . Also, call St. Peter Church at (614) 889-2221.