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Please, No More 'LGBT' Laws!

Homosexual men and lesbians now earn more than their mainstream counterparts. A recent study from Vanderbilt unveiled this inconvenient truth.

Did you know this? Probably not, because the media whines incessantly about workplace “discrimination” harmful to people with allegedly inborn “gay” genes.

Or those people “born in the wrong sex body,” who must be allowed to force their way into any bathroom -- or they might commit suicide.

And if that happens, you and I are responsible.

The fables continue and only the clueless or corrupted fall for them—even so-called “conservatives.” For instance, in Ohio, the GOP-controlled legislature is now considering a measure to enact sweeping sexual anarchy rights in the Buckeye state.

And of course, activists are using the club of a possible major Amazon facility in Columbus as leverage. But Columbus already has a foolish “LGBT” law, if that’s what liberal Amazon requires. The whole state doesn’t need to bow to this immorality just because one left coast company does.

But it’s not just Ohio. Homosexual activists have been busy reapplying pressure to enact these anti-Christian, anti-Constitution measures in numerous states like Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, Missouri and elsewhere.

Such laws are used as a club to demote, fire, and fine people of faith or destroy businesses, all in the name of “tolerance.”

But how long will we tolerate this culturally-poisoning baloney? These extremists have no intention of supporting conscience protections for people of faith or anyone else.

This is tyranny, plain and simple.

So, the lunacy is obvious, right? Well, when the Chamber of Commerce gets in the game to support such nonsense, it becomes a clear and present danger. As in Ohio.

And RINO Republicans are the wild cards. Will they back bills forcing their constituents to honor sodomy in the workplace, in housing, in schools and elsewhere?

Thankfully, 28 states have resisted these immoral bills. But the activists never stand still.

Under most of these bills, men posing as women can rent whatever apartment they want, even if the owner doesn’t want transvestite prostitutes working out of his building. These delusional people will also be able to access opposite sex public restrooms or showers at public pools and parks.

Even if your nine-year-old daughter is present. So it’s time to speak up, now.

Diane Gramley, president of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania, described the situation in her state: "Once again Pennsylvanians are facing the prospect of men in women's restrooms, showers and locker rooms with the re-introduction of bills to add 'sexual orientation and gender identity or expression' to the PA Human Relations Act which impacts employment, housing and public accommodations.”

“Additionally,” she added, “if either of the bills pass, every PA business owner with four or more employees will be forced to hire homosexuals and transgenders. Christian bakers, florists, videographers, photographers and others would be forced to use their God-given talents to participate in 'gay weddings.' Words within the bills promise 'economic growth and prosperity' upon passage. What a lie! Such bills presented as non-discrimination policies are, in actuality, designed to discriminate against and punish all those who do not toe the line drawn by LGBT activists."

The lawmakers in question are apparently unaware of this recent study and haven’t considered the contradictions embedded in the “gay lobby” talking points. Are homosexuals a deprived underclass, or are they the “brightest and best” as some would claim?

The Chamber of Commerce believes these are the highest caliber individuals a company can hire, as they testified last week in Ohio. “In order to compete, Ohio businesses need the best and brightest talent from all walks of life to feel welcome and to call Ohio home,” a Chamber spokesman said. “Ensuring that Ohio’s future business competitiveness is good for all of Ohio and enhances respect for all employers and employees is key.”

But the track record of pro-homosexual bills is never to “enhance respect.” Just the opposite. It’s only to enhance homosexuality, which never benefits companies, families or children in our communities. Freedom? Just ask those who have lost jobs because they expressed the wrong viewpoint.

Lies are the main tool in this game. Are those who choose to identify as “gay” or as gender rebels in dire need of the protection by the mainstream, or are they rising in professional stature unimpeded by family duties, free to work longer hours, and easily able to relocate?

And there’s another backstory here. What other factors might be in play in a state like Ohio?

Voters were shocked last fall when a rising Ohio conservative Republican lawmaker, well-connected at the national level, resigned after his predatory homosexual behavior with young males was revealed.

Wes Goodman is married and was a former staff member for U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan from Ohio. There’s no evidence Jordan knew anything about Goodman’s secret immorality.

So now the Ohio GOP is suddenly allowing committee hearings on the bill introduced last summer by open lesbian Representative Nickie Antonio ( D- Lakewood). It’s perplexing.

Could there be some arm-twisting going on? And what threats are the “gay” bullies using to get this done?

The “LGBT” lobby has managed to get this bill moving, and it’s curious, when no similar bill has been seriously considered in Ohio since 2009, when a homosexual rights bill passed the Ohio House but not the Senate.

We know that the Human Rights Campaign and its state activists will do anything to get these bills passed. Anything. They fear the publicity about the horrible treatment of bakers, florists and photographers has greatly damaged their narrative that homosexuals and gender rebels need legal “protection.”

But how wonderful it would be if they realized the truth, that the only protection we all need is from the Lord God and under His standards, no one ever needs to be involved in these body-dishonoring practices to begin with.

And when we know the truth, it really does make us free.