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PETITION to Ohio Dept of Education-- Keep Free Speech and Authentic History in Schools!

The Ohio State Board of Education recently passed a resolution which is more than disturbing. They are going to evaluate Ohio schools for bias, hate speech, white privilege and white supremacy. 

The conservatives tried to talk reason into the liberals on the board, but they got nowhere. Read about the whole process HERE.

What could go wrong? These actions would never be misused to promote radical, anti-American, anti-family or even Marxist agendas....or would they?

We are VERY concerned because so many leaders in education are fully on board with radical agendas, including the head of the Ohio Department of Education, Paulo DeMaria. He has expressed support for the bogus "1619 Project" which trashes the founders of America and attributes most of their actions to greed and a desire to preserve slavery. This would be laughable, but these people are serious. It's a false and unsupportable history revision, but our "Republican" leadership seems to be going along with a truth-free educational climate in Ohio!

The OBOE resolution alleges that black and indigenous students have "disparities" that need to be resolved, and some of these are because of "disproportionate" rates of suspensions, expulsions, and zero tolerance policies. So all of these are up for evaluation....because it's everyone else's fault? So valid discipline policies are going to be deemed racist?

Have the majority of OBOE board members lost their minds?

And then, this would naturally lead to quotas (even in sports), speech codes, etc.

Compassion is one thing, but why don't we measure people on the "content of their character" as MLK Jr. said rather than seeing eveything through a lens of "white privilege"? What happened to "freedom and justice for all"? We still have that in America.

Please SIGN our petition which you can find HERE and then forward it to others.

Also, you may want to contact the Ohio Department of Education director: