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Lost in the Mail: God's Invitation to 'Revoice'

The Lord’s calendar is pretty full most of the time, but still He’s able to hear millions of prayers, lengthy petitions, meet those who are in despair, and hear joyous songs of praise, every hour of every day.


So He’s probably puzzled why He has not received an invitation to the Revoice Conference on July 26 in St. Louis.


After all, it’s being held at PCA-affiliated Memorial Presbyterian Church. Doesn’t this denomination claim to love the Lord and follow Him faithfully?


Revoice is a conference for struggling thieves, those who know the eighth commandment and believe it, except they just can’t control their thought lives, including the temptation to steal lunch money, sneak perfume off the department store counter, shoplift a watch or two, even embezzle funds from work.


Can’t stop thinking about it, even though they don’t do it. Well, not very often, and not on purpose, anyway.


So they must be born this way. They want to be known as a “minority” so they can talk about their fantasies openly and ride on the coattails of anti-racism fervor. It boosts their self-esteem to meet together in a Christian church and discuss their unique needs. They can’t help who they are. They also can’t help finding the eighth commandment terribly annoying and inconvenient.


Oh, no, wait. Revoice is about “welcoming” homosexual sin and gender rebellion, not about theft.


Or is it?


God has offered his grace and salvation to anyone who understands what sin is, believes in Jesus, repents and allows the Holy Spirit to work His sanctification within the believer toward becoming a new creation in Christ.


But let’s be honest. Wouldn’t every human love to receive God’s grace without having to confess sin, or be open to change?


Revoice claims to be a “welcoming” conference for “celibate” people in the “LGBT community.” Yes, welcome-- except for a couple of notable exceptions.


If you are a pro-family leader like Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth, you are not welcome. Nor is Stephen Black, executive director of First Stone Ministries, an ex-homosexual himself and a powerful witness to the truth of Scripture on this issue.


Both registered for Revoice and both have been told they are not welcome.


Once again, amid the smiles and claims of “inclusion,” we have Exhibit A of the sordid reality of exactly what “LGBT” voices are doing within Christian churches and indeed, in America. They want to Unvoice the truth and make up their own false gospel.


“LGBT” identifiers are banshees of neopagan idolatry, sowing division wherever they are given a platform.


Their siren songs of unbiblical noise drown out harmony, unity and goodness of authentic Christianity, where all truly are welcome to come as sinners and humbly receive the transformation embodied in the blood of Christ and His glorious resurrection.


Revoice invites the truth and repentance to head for the exits while homosexual sin gets a front row seat.


Not being acted upon, you understand. Just talked about, obsessed over, justified, and claimed as identity. Riiiight.


Where in Scripture is sin to ever be one’s identity?


How stupid do they think we are? No other sin gets honor. Sin is filthy, it is shameful, and this sin is called an abomination.


We are talking about guys who desire anal and oral sex with other guys. Or women who desire to be penetrated with objects resembling a male organ, or to have ungodly intimacy with a woman.


True Christians with such desires would hide these feelings in shame, desires far from God’s glorious design of males and females-- desires that deny any potential for the creation of new life.


The homosexual path is devoid of the life-giving potential of God-created heterosexual unions. It’s another reason for regret and shame, not “revoicing.”


Yet like every other terribly shameful human sin, this one is not beyond the power of Jesus to transform.


Revoice thinks it is. The leaders and supporters of this conference have decided God is just not up to this task.


No wonder the Lord’s invitation has gotten lost in the mail. If He sent in a Revoice registration, would He also get the same letter Peter and Stephen got?


“Based on publicly available information, we believe that your presence at the inaugural Revoice conference would work against the stated mission and purpose of Revoice. We are refunding your registration fee in full, and would be happy to answer any questions you have.”


Yes, we will all answer questions from Him one day, Revoice organizers included.