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Life vs. Death: 2 D.C. Marches

It comes as a shock to feminists and their allies. But there really is a worldview other than leftwing propaganda, one that doesn’t believe Planned Parenthood is an honorable organization, nor that preborn children are just burdensome tissue.

And this revelation is unfolding at lightning speed. In America, life is marching against death and destruction.

We just witnessed two radically different women’s demonstrations. For those with eyes to see, it’s clear the gates of hell will not stand against God’s plan for good.

A Christ-centered, truth-honoring worldview esteems morality over sexual permissiveness and convenience, and counts children in the womb as worthy of authentic human rights protection.

Vice president Mike Pence told the March for Life, “Life is winning in America.”

When you compare the objectives, leaders, and messaging of the Women’s March vs. the March for Life, the feminists come off as sad hypocrites -- deceived, desperate and destructive.

On parade at the March for Life were youth, love, beauty, family and respect for God. Happy demonstrators presented a positive message of health and well-being, with signs like, “Your 1st safe space was your mother’s womb.” They conveyed God’s alternative to abortion: lovingly allowing tiny, vulnerable human beings – those He created-- to live.

March for Life president Jeanne Mancini attributes the rise of pro-life sentiments in recent decades to women’s traumatic experiences with abortion, and how it not only destroys a baby but deeply wounds the mom and dad.

But feminists hate the pro-life movement. It seems many hate their own fathers, brothers and ex-husbands, and sometimes their mothers.

Are there feminists with enough self-awareness to face the darkness of their message and turn instead to the hope displayed in the pro-life platform?

I was a feminist during the first decades of adulthood. I know what’s involved in changing allegiances, eventually rejecting one’s worldview and turning 180 degrees. It takes the grace of God reaching into your life, and His mercy as He reveals His truth and love. And I am so humbled and thankful He was willing to consider me, a huge sinner, as His child.

He will do the same for any feminist who truly seeks different answers. But many are deeply hardened, bitter and rebellious, resisting any impulse toward change. Who will hear God’s call and decide, against all odds, to follow Jesus Christ?

Feminists marched on January 21 in Washington and gathered several hundred thousand people. But many were paid staff members of radical, even bizarre East and West Coast organizations.

The Women’s Marchers believe they are the majority and indeed, do convey the prevailing biases of the mainstream media.

They hate authentic marriage, law enforcement, capitalism, Republicans, American patriotism, western civilization and of course, Donald Trump and his family.

These females hate modesty, humility, sacrifice. They claim to be “survivors of sexual assault” and desperate for “dignity.” So what better way to express dignity than to flaunt vulgar nicknames for female genitalia, via hats?

These people seem to be mostly frauds and posers, let’s just be frank.

Dr. Peter Jones, president of TruthXchange, had these thoughts about the March: “…[T]he protest was, in fact, a global ‘progressive’ statement of Western rebellion against God the Creator and the divine structures he ordained for our spiritual and bodily benefit.”

Exactly. These women despise the creation of new human life and its Creator, the Lord Jesus Christ.

There are things they love. They love Marxism and Islam. One organizer, Linda Sarsour, is a pro-Palestine, hijab-wearing advocate of sharia  law. Another was the Muslim advocacy group, Dearborn-based Access Michigan. Even CAIR—the American establishment arm of patriarchal Islam—was a sponsor. This is lunacy. Islamic ideology proudly opposes freedom for women.

But Satan loves intentional self-destruction, especially in the name of “progress.”

These women love sexual excess, lawless borders, people who label themselves “LGBTQIA,” big government funding, racism politics, neopaganism and attacks on Christians.

Among the Women’s March partners were activists for toplessness. Yes, “Free the Nipple” promotes women organizing topless demonstrations, which they believe reflects human rights. And of course, no women’s march is complete without menstrual activists. One co-sponsoring group, Got a Girl Crush, is all about female monthly cycles.

And the major media takes these people seriously.

These women don’t know much, but have a lot to say and expect to have their demands met, now.

In other words, flagrant childishness. Ironically, intentional child corruption was also incorporated into this march.  March partners GLSEN, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network, and Genders and Sexualities, the new name for the GSA Network, advocate homosexual behavior and gender rebellion among children. Their propaganda has ruined the lives of thousands. The same is true for the Human Rights Campaign, another co-sponsor.

Madonna showed her true colors at the Women’s March, saying she wants to blow up the White House, a sentiment proclaimed as she consulted her notes. It almost makes one miss revolutionaries who are truly inspired, not calculating and rehearsed.

Many of the groups represented are funded by or affiliated with atheist leftist billionaire George Soros.  Pro-life groups were not welcome. One women’s group had its invitation rescinded once its pro-life stance was discovered.

The contrast with the March for Life on January 27 could not be more stark.

Yet most Americans reject the harmful values of pro-abortion women. A new poll shows that 74% of Americans oppose 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions and most oppose taxpayer funding of abortion.

One march offered a vision of selfish pleasure, entitlement, and rebellion. The other displayed peace, charity and responsibility.

Isn’t it time to get past the exaltation of unrestrained womanhood that’s degenerating into Christ-hating blood lust? If the pro-abortion feminists had their way, our culture would devolve into worship of a goddess who requires child sacrifice.

Yet there’s nothing here to worship.

As we saw at the March for Life, our Lord presents a rich, fine, and truly divine object of adoration. Let’s pray that many of these lost women will find Him.