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‘LGBTQ’ Activists at ‘Devoted’ Youth Pastor Conference

by Linda Harvey

The priest or evangelical minister who claims an “LGBTQ” identity, but pledges to remain celibate, cannot be trusted to do so.


Can I repeat that? We cannot trust them. Such foolish tolerance should never be the policy in evangelical churches, and as we can now see, clinging to such identities should never have been allowed in the Catholic church.


When an irate dad in an Oregon courtroom leaped over the railing to punch out the pedophile youth pastor who had secretly filmed two of his daughters showering, many people thought he was justified, even though he was charged with assault. A GoFundMe page was set up to collect donations to his defense. So far, this page has collected over $16,000.


Congregations and especially parents are understandably outraged when men (or women) of the cloth violate their children. But when congregations and denominations readily accept frameworks that enable abuse, they have only themselves to blame.


Blessing “LGBTQ” identities for pastors, congregants and now, minor children, is a recipe for disaster.


So why is nominally evangelical Cincinnati Crossroads Church hosting a conference for youth pastors promoting “LGBTQ” behaviors, featuring one presenter affiliated with the Human Rights Campaign?


Yes, it’s that same Human Rights Campaign that hosted former Vice President Joe Biden at its recent annual gala, cheering when he called those who “use religion as a license to discriminate” the “dregs of society.” He’s talking about those who object to homosexuality. ( Listen to his bigoted rant here beginning at around 20:12.)


The Human Rights Campaign proudly hates biblical Christians and has targeted many of us with vicious slander campaigns.


HRC also sponsors a grade-school curriculum, “Welcoming Schools,” to promote gender confusion/ homosexuality to little kids.


And so, homosexual activists— who have sworn to be our enemies-- are now welcomed into evangelical churches to help youth pastors “support” kids who lean toward homosexuality and gender rebellion.


How stupid – and apostate -- can we be?


The “Devoted” conference will be held in Cincinnati October 30. It should move to October 31— Halloween -- since this event is a profane masquerade of authentic Christian faith.


The posture of a “gay-chaste-identity” is a huge scam. Public shamelessness in the name of God signals profound double-mindedness. To even adopt an open “orientation” of sexual sin reveals a level of submission to evil, depraved desires—what is called an “abomination” in Scripture, let’s not forget.


The authentic believer would privately struggle, perpetually turn from these attractions and celebrate victory as an overcomer. A heart bent toward God would recoil against declaring a public “gay” victimhood.


Do they not understand that the Lord made it clear homosexuality and gender-pretending are gravely sinful? Not only that, don’t they understand that parents will show up with pitchforks when youth leaders usher their precious kids into a life-destroying lifestyle?


The “Devoted” conference features many pro-homosexual speakers and “conversation partners.” One, Christy Messick, has a history with the bigoted Human Rights Campaign and she lives with “her wife.”


I smell future lawsuits by irate parents and betrayed, older-but-wiser, students.


And here we go again. When does promotion of homosexuality to youth end? For some reason, homosexuals and gender-benders are strangely attracted to environments where they have influence over—and possibly access to—impressionable kids.


The recent Pennsylvania Grand Jury report of scandal within the Catholic church and the John Jay Report of 2004 involving Catholic clergy and “youth,” should seriously challenge those who still deny a major homosexual presence within the Roman Catholic priesthood.


The majority of reported violations have been male-on-male involving boys or sexual harassment of young seminarians, so the issue is both pedophilia as well as plain old homosexuality.


What did the Catholic church expect, given its allowance into ministry those with acknowledged same sex attractions?


A pastor confesses same sex desire but is still permitted to serve the congregation? Just promise to be celibate. We trust you.


Bad idea.


There should be no public recognition of and sensitivity to identities based on sin. And no faithful Christian church would ever imply to minors that “LGBTQ” identities are understandable, inborn, or acceptable.


Don’t get me wrong. During private counseling settings, ministers should always show great compassion for people with these temptations. But such discussion must be private for a whole host of reasons, one being that these desires are never to receive public dignity. An affirmation of any “right” to nurture and cherish sinful feelings is poison to the soul, and a cancer within ministry.


And people who make this confession, or confess to adulterous “struggles,” do not belong in ministry any more than a former shoplifter should run your retail store.


Why would any youth pastor smile indulgently over a teen’s desire to violate this verse: “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination ( Lev. 18:22)”?


One could easily state the obvious: “You shall not as a minister encourage a child in an abomination.” Or else, prepare for a visit to the sea with a millstone around your neck (based on Christ’s stern warning in Matthew 18:6).


The Cincinnati conference is led by those who embrace an “LGBTQ” identity while still accepting ( they say) Scripture’s teaching on marriage, including ex-Exodus president Alan Chambers, who now denies that people can overcome homosexual desires, which is a denial of the power of Jesus.


TheRevoice“gay Christian” movement and the “Love Boldly” sponsors of the “Devoted” conference need to be intentionally blocked from access to congregations since they promote sin. The people involved should be challenged to repent publicly or leave ministry.


What are these con men (and women) thinking? This is Almighty God you are messing with. Noting that these folks are bumbling idiots would be an insult to bumbling idiots.


You are not heroes. You are frauds. Get over yourselves and repent.


God can redeem, yes. So let’s pray for that, but let’s still act with wisdom and faithfulness.