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Let's Go Back to Better, Not 'Normal'

Linda Harvey

Catastrophe brings reflection. What is most precious to me? What have I taken for granted?

And ideally, the number one issue, am I following God’s will for my life?

I share some nostalgia for “the way things were.” Churches and vacation Bible schools packed with families and children. Holiday parties where people don’t hesitate to hug each other. Birthdays at noisy, fun restaurants with friends and family. Plane trips where the main worry is making your connection.

But is all America’s recent past worth recapturing? If we’re revising life-as-usual, maybe we have a chance to construct a “normal” that’s not just new, but vastly better.

Here’s my list of suggested changes:

1. Let the tender hearts of parents turn to children and stay there. As we gathered our little ones close during the shutdown, we witnessed how these innocent lives depend on caring adults. Going forward, can we keep each child’s unfolding future as a daily top priority? Will we stand up and shield them if needed?

Will we teach them diligently about Jesus, protecting their bodies, minds and spirits from deception?

Child corruption and destruction waits at every turn in America unless fathers and mothers stand in the gap for the next generation.

2. Let’s leave abortion in the dustbin of tragic history. The good news about the COVID-19 scare is that many saw abortion for what it is—a  “non-essential” procedure some states tried to limit or stop. Courts blocked those decisions in some cases but thankfully, not all. Yet the quarantine lowered abortion client volume and a number of clinics around the country closed (New York, for instance).

Yet now Planned Parenthood and other abortionists are ramping up home abortions, even using marginal tele-medicine, since women are not visiting clinics at the desired volume. The abortion industry never quits.

But America could just decide, enough is enough. Can’t we close them all? While we’re hand-wringing over saving lives, let’s spare a few tears for the children America has been legally killing for four decades—and then repent and destroy no more children through “choice.”

3. Let’s end pride in sodomy. The rainbow rebellion corrupting America in our streets, in schools, on social media, in entertainment, and in our compromised churches needs to end.

Providentially, many “LGBT pride” events this year have been cancelled (the giant New York parade among them).  Others are postponed. Praise God that this year, fewer confused men and women – and vulnerable adolescents--will be propelled into depraved temptations during these phony “celebrations.”

Can we just declare the “LGBT” agenda to be irrelevant to the reality of human existence? That these are self-indulgent delusions that always and irrevocably corrupt the society at large?

And the proud march toward gender mutilation must come to a halt, including divisive, destructive school policies that pit confused, indoctrinated children against their  parents, like the following California Department of Education guidance: “With rare exceptions, schools are required to respect the limitations that a student places on the disclosure of their transgender status, including not sharing that information with the student’s parents.”

So here’s what’s happening. Students are pressured incessantly at many schools to accept “LGBT” behavior and the most vulnerable, unstable students flirt with these identities at school. Then school officials maintain a secret pact with students to withhold information from the family about a child’s high-risk inclinations.  Too many teens are then advised by misguided counselors to become chemically and surgically mutilated even without their parents’ consent.

This violates every principle of God’s divine design, protection and provision for children. It’s easily malpractice and should be criminal conduct, but unless we stop the “trans” war against reality, similar policies will invade every state’s education bureaucracy. Won’t parents just stand up and end this child-endangerment?

Let’s free the slaves in our schools—students trapped in the nightmare of insane “LGBTQ” propaganda.

4. Let’s aim for a porn-free society. The damage from online X-rated obscenity is impossible to calculate. It’s destroying relationships, enabling child abuse and sex trafficking, possessing the minds of adolescent boys and men, and causing an uptick in violence against women and children. Why does America tolerate this scourge?

For example, Pornhub distributes billions of images yet remains largely unaccountable, even after being implicated in distributing rape videos of real-life victims.  We must act and put an end to this, now.

5. Let’s stop the sex ed cartel. When your child sits in a sex education class in middle or high school, sometimes the content is beyond jaw-dropping. It’s XXX-rated, with radical instructors teaching your son or daughter how to switch genders, engage safely in anal or oral sex with boys or girls, or get an abortion. They are taught the biology of “pleasure” and how to give affirmative consent to sex, even if they are underage.

This is “comprehensive sex education (CSE).” You do not want your child in these trashy, high-risk classrooms. But when school resumes, many of your kids will be—unless parents scream bloody murder, as they should.

But the problem goes beyond what is taught on site, and puts children and teens at risk right now if they access the obscene recommended online resources CSE programs provide your son or daughter. What these radicals count on is parents and school boards who don’t look too closely.

If you have the stomach for it, review the following sex websites for adolescents recommended by SIECUS, Planned Parenthood, Advocates for Youth and others as part of harmful CSE in our schools:







Planned Parenthood “Consent” video, here.

And, how you, parents, can become a “sex positive family” –


Who are the radicals teaching this garbage to your kids? Let’s take a look. SIECUS recommends this article, “Why These Sexual Health Educators Took Their Activism Online,” and here’s the wisdom from one contributor:

“’I talk about sex toys, I talk about kink,’ she said. ‘And I try to really normalize and approach all of that with curiosity and excitement.’ ....Bloom also hosts a Youtube series for kids, ‘Sex-ed School,’ which has episodes on consent, gender identity, sexual orientation and masturbation.”

People like this should never get an audience with children, period.

So, should we go back to “normal”? Or something far better?

Let’s create a new and better America, one that respects and protects children, promotes stable families and honors God.