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Keep Kids Home! GLSEN Takes Gloves Off on "Day of NO Silence"

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Mission America urges parents to keep students home

(April 5, Columbus, OH) The solar eclipse will not be the only episode of national darkness this week. Recently, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) announced that its annual “Day of Silence” for homosexual, bisexual and cross-gender identifying students, will now be re-positioned as the “Day of (No) Silence” and held on Friday, April 12.

The gloves are coming off and the dark truth is finally exposed for all to see. GLSEN, the child corruption group using public schools as its grooming locale, is looking for a fight. Mission America is urging parents to keep their children at home that day to avoid the inevitable confrontations this movement is seeking.

President Linda Harvey said, “Once again, GLSEN displays its real objective: using vulnerable children as tools and easy-to-manipulate change agents to further their agenda and ‘prove’ that conservatives, and especially Christians, are out to get them. The victim posturing has been a deception for many years. It’s time to end the unconscionable ‘LGBTQ’ tyranny in many of our nation’s schools.”

GLSEN has led the effort to place homosexual/transgender clubs, called “gay-straight alliances” or “genders and sexualities alliances” (GSAs), in thousands of public middle and high schools, with the backing of the NEA and other education groups. GLSEN’s desire is for these clubs to expand into elementary schools as well, and it’s unlikely most school administrations will stop activist onsite teachers from taking such a drastic step.

Countless children have been tragically deceived by the messages disseminated in these clubs, which are that people are born homosexual or in the wrong sex body (untrue); that people with such desires are “silenced” by society (untrue); that people with these identities are disproportionately harmed by violence (untrue); and that Christians especially are guilty of targeting people with these alleged inborn identities (untrue).

“The reality is that GLSEN and other pro-‘LGBTQ’ groups hide the truth from students that no one is born this way and thousands have permanently left these identities and desires behind,” said Mrs. Harvey. “The only way this movement has expanded among youth is by keeping kids in the dark, blocking their access to another point of view-- that each was created in the image of God, uniquely as male or female, and that Jesus directed humans to reserve sexual relations for male/female marriage.

“During these weeks following Easter, it’s as wonderfully true as it ever was, that Jesus came to earth, He lived, He died and He rose again to save us from sin. And among those sins that can be forgiven and totally transformed, are same sex attraction and gender confusion. Why do our schools refuse to allow this perspective into the classroom?” Mrs. Harvey concluded.

Here's what GLSEN posted about the Day of (No) Silence:

“With more than 800 anti-LGBTQ+ bills introduced last year, we must Rise Up and Take Action. GLSEN’s Day of NO Silence is a nationally-recognized student-led demonstration where LGBTQ+ students and allies all around the country—and the world— protest the harmful effects of harassment and discrimination of LGBTQ+ people in schools...For those who may not feel safe or comfortable speaking out, the option of participating in a silent protest remains available. This ensures that everyone can contribute to the movement in a manner that aligns with their comfort level.”

There is no acknowledgment by GLSEN of the harm reduction sought by the bills in  question, including preventing gender mutilation of minors through surgery and unwarranted cross-hormone medication or puberty blockers.

GLSEN’s latest effort has been to promote the widespread dissemination of “LGBTQ” themed books into classrooms, called the “Rainbow Library” project.  None of the books  contains a view other than unquestioned embrace of these harmful behaviors. And many of the books for middle and high school are obscene, so much so that some school boards refuse to allow even parents to read passages out loud at meetings.

“For all these reasons and for GLSEN’s ongoing reckless interference in the lives of America’s youth, we urge parents to keep children home on Friday, April 12,” Linda Harvey concluded.