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'Equality' March is Not about Equality

There’s a national homosexual “march for equality” in Washington, D.C. on June 11.

Equality? Really? This movement is backing down from its current goal of tyranny and supremacy, and actually seeking equality?

That would be a relief for America, where most people are fed up with bullying by those proud of chosen sexual sin who are eager to force fellow Americans to violate religious or moral convictions.

So as June begins, get ready for a month of glowing fake news generated by the “gay” media machine.

Can we get one, just one objective report that does not celebrate this degeneracy?

Starting June 13, another “pride” effort will focus on the national meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, where proud heretical homosexuals will try to persuade Baptists to meet with them to be manipulated into approving what God still considers a grave sin. 

My advice? Baptist leaders should not confer with these rebels. They dishonor the Lord with their sin-affirming demands, and dialogue only gives respect to a profane message. The inappropriately-named “Faith in America” contends that upholding heterosexuality is harmful to kids, which is nonsense. The real risk to youth is validating sodomy and gender confusion, no matter how many corrupt physicians sign on to these disorders.

Yet it seems that some SBC leaders may accommodate this divisive delegation. Shame on them!

The reactionary June 11 national “gay” march may not amount to much as its participants retread the vehicle of victimhood, while the truth is that this movement is still in attack mode. The theme of the march in California is “Resist” with an upraised fist adorned in the ubiquitous homosexual rainbow. See the ominous logo here.

So we are back to fascism after all, and not equality.

A number of communities will hold events coordinating with the national march.

The good news is that President Trump has not issued a June “gay pride” proclamation, as Barack Obama did during his two terms.

Meanwhile, cities continue to abase themselves locally with their summer celebrations of sodomy. The Columbus (OH) city hall is going to be illuminated on Monday night, June 12 with rainbow colors in a ceremony featuring Mayor Andrew Ginther and other city officials to honor “Columbus Pride” week.

Many people in Columbus are anything but proud. We are ashamed. How can a civilized city full of Midwesterners continue hosting such blatant sin?

How can any American city? And when are parents, grandparents and the Christian church going to rise up and say, NO MORE?

And lest anyone presume otherwise, I do mean peacefully, but clearly and firmly.

In this country, there’s very little rollback of the incessant march toward “LGBTQ” dominance. “Pride” will prance through the streets of hundreds of U.S. cities this summer. Yet it’s worth asking whether all is harmonious within the “LGBTQ” coalition.

It seems that many city “pride” festivals reflect some cracks in the edifice of “Big Gay/Trans.” Separate (but equal?) events for the gender-confused and ethnic groups are being organized in some cities.

Charlotte is holding “Trans Pride” which is mostly a panel discussion and also “Latin Pride”, featuring men and women in “drag” days ahead of the main parade and festival on August 26-27.

Why the balkanization? Because diversity does not bring unity among those whose vanity and narcissism drive most decisions.

Ditto in Atlanta, where there will be a separate trans march as well as one for “dykes” on October 14 ahead of the main parade on October 15.

And kids—what good is a parade without kids? More homosexual youth events than ever are planned for corrupting and misleading American children. (Where is the Christian church?)

In New York City for the June 24th week-end, separate youth “pride” events are planned with Target as the bold, unapologetic (and deluded) sponsor.

In Indianapolis, a party is being held on Friday, June 9 called “Generation Radical: Young Queer Dance Party.” How “young” can the attendees be?

In Denver, the youth program at the “LGBT” Center is called “Rainbow Alley.” It’s for youth “11 to 21” and of course, many events are held for kids during the adult parade week-end.

But seriously? The rainbow still belongs to God as a symbol of hope for humanity, not a logo for lust, a lure for vulnerable youth or the banner for unmasked anti-Christian bigotry.

Still, the Equality March whining has already started, with the U.S. mainstream media calling for a “mass mobilization” on June 11.   MSN writes:

“A large-scale ‘Equality March’ is planned for June 11 in Washington, D.C. Its organizers say anti-LGBT rhetoric and continuing discrimination warrant a mass mobilization.”

Give us all a break. There are reports of violence against homosexuals in a few isolated instances around the globe, and such policies should be overturned. But to use these to claim “discrimination” in today’s “gay”- deferential America is laughable. The trend here is far and away in the other direction.

My hope is that the demands for rights to sexual sin diminish and virtue returns to our troubled nation. That would be an occasion for genuine “pride.”