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Innocent Children on Front Lines in Raging Culture War

Children are being thrust into the spotlight these days amid the raging clash of cultures. An element of consent exists for some, but tragically, not for all.

In Twin Falls, Idaho, a five-year-old girl suffered a devastating assault by three Muslim boys who lured her into a laundry room and raped her, orally and anally. And filmed it.

The trial is over and the boys received no jail time. None, only probation, and the judge issued a gag order on the case. It’s being called a travesty and another evidence of the lawlessness of courts that defer to the unjust influence of Islamic sharia law principles and Muslim muscle in America.

But some children are being victimized in another way, “celebrated” and publicized for their overt sexualization. For confused, neglected children, this might be one heartbreaking way to get adult attention.

An eight-year-old boy in Canada is being lauded on homosexual sites because he identifies as a “drag queen.” That’s a male performer who is a female impersonator.

Eight years old. It’s agonizing to watch him being shoved into an X-rated adult world—and filmed for all to watch.

His parents enthusiastically approve. Such extremes in child behavior usually have a baseline in whatever’s going on with the parents.

Parents are often losing it -- losing touch with virtue, discernment and reality, that is, and the responsibility that comes with parenting, a precious stewardship entrusted to us by God over His small, vulnerable human creatures.

We are too often, messing this up badly.

So are governments. Canada just passed a law where parents can lose custody of a child if they do not approve of that child’s gender identity delusions.

Life is not a joke, we need to tell these radical bureaucrats. Families get one chance. If you risk a child’s well-being in body, mind and soul either through corruption, experimentation, abuse or neglect, it’s often impossible to repair the damage.

The NY Times believes there are two sides to the debate on the gruesome Muslim practice of female genital mutilation, where parts of a child’s genitalia are amputated:

“Some worry the case is stoking anti-Muslim sentiment, though cutting is not in the Quran or practiced in many Muslim societies. And some Bohras who oppose cutting nonetheless feel the defendants are being unfairly demonized for a practice endorsed by their religion’s leadership.”

There’s truly nothing to debate here. If anti-Muslim sentiment arises over this, then if the shoe fits, wear it. FGM is always wrong. Those who practice it should be exposed and shamed, and it should always be outlawed and punished in any nation that honors women.

But we actually aren’t honoring women in America as long as we sexualize them early, mutilate their genitals, indoctrinate some into lesbian practices, convince others that they should pose as males, and use others in sexual images to be enjoyed by debauched adults.

And still other females are aborted before they ever breathe their first breath.

The explosion of child pornography and sex trafficking signals a level of depravity most of us can hardly fathom, and yet millions seek out and view images of children being abused. Thank God, some high-profile arrests have been made in recent years, but much more needs to be done.

And praise the Lord for activists like Lori Handrahan, who’s working hard to draw political attention to this child-endangering trend.

God can engineer impossible repairs, of course, for those who are truly repentant and for the damaged and broken-hearted who turn to Him.

But these days, it looks like He is sometimes letting consequences be consequences. Maybe it’s because we grown-ups know better. We have been blessed beyond all historical precedent in western, Judeo-Christian nations and when things go awry, we have few excuses.

Abortion is the ultimate betrayal. If we discard the fruit of the womb, then God often grants our choice with the unwitting outcome of empty lives devoid of fruit.

For causes in America, we can look first at the Christian church. Yes, there is still a lot of hope. But there is also an astonishing amount of brokenness, compromise, and rebellion. And I’m talking about the adults. Children become the collateral damage.

Let’s face it: even church-influenced kids seem more troubled than ever. Too many become enslaved at an early age to base impulses: anger, ungodly entertainment, sex, gluttony, drugs-- the list goes on.

Of course, the good news is that not all households breed predators, deceivers, or addicts. But one trend is acting like kerosene on this fire, and it’s the disposal of truth. And self-declared believers are going along with this.

A recent article on the Christian satire site, Babylon Bee, perfectly illustrates the trajectory of fantasy: “Man Identifying as 6-Year-Old Crushes Game-Winning Homer in Tee-Ball Championship.”

And speaking of athletics, a freshman high school boy in Connecticut who pretends to be a female is being allowed to take that delusion into athletics where he has won two state track competitions, running as a girl.

Where there is no truth, there is no authenticity. Living a lie can get real old, real fast. Shouldn’t children learn first to honor and welcome reality?

Yet we are seeing another trend: young Christian heroes and heroines. One young female soccer player just withdrew from the U.S. soccer team after they announced plans to don rainbow “gay pride” T-shirts. Jaelene Hinkle cited personal reasons, but proudly displays Colossians 3:23 on her Twitter account: "And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men." 

This young woman symbolizes the hope the Lord promises, that no matter how dark the night,”…those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint ( Isaiah 40:31).”

Let’s keep praying for our children—and for ourselves as parents.