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How to Clean Up Your School and Stop the Revolution

The backpacks are loaded, the lunch boxes are filled.

What else will your child need this school year?

Oh, yes, that other thing—a truthful, academically-based education that doesn’t include hyper-sexualization, privacy violation, smashing of American patriotism, and hatred of Christianity.

So what can parents do in the face of today’s highly-compromised public schools? Can they ever become institutions where actual learning occurs minus the corruption and leftist revolutionary training?

Here are my ten suggestions to parents. I know these are big chunks to bite off, but we should dream big dreams. Take a deep breath…and go for it.

1. First change needs to be…yourself. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps. If you’ve put off reading the school’s policies, your child’s curriculum, the recommended reading lists, and the school newsletter, do it asap. And then say a prayer for wisdom and courage. Find like-minded parents who will join you as watchdogs and warriors to do what needs to be done. Then go do it. These are your children and you don’t get a do-over.

Or move them to a Christian school. But if that’s not an option, research and vigilance are your assignments.

2. Get rid of teachers’ unions. Who’s the boss here? You are, taxpayer, and if parents get active, you can make sure the destructive, anti-child, anti-American policies of the NEA and its local affiliates don’t bleed all over your local school.  If you want to check out a summary of the latest jaw-dropping actions of the NEA, go HERE. After last year’s Supreme Court ruling, this once-Goliath group is much more vulnerable, and that’s our opportunity.

Find out which teachers are members and delegates to the state and national union meetings and put pressure on them. Send them emails asking, do they support the pro-abortion, pro-LGBTQ platform of NEA? How about defiance of federal law (open borders)? What about socialism? Reparations? The list of revolutionary ideology espoused by NEA is long. It will destroy our civilization and wreck your child’s mind.

Teachers and staff can disaffiliate from NEA (go HERE to learn how) and then form their own non-extremist, local organization for professional development and other benefits, not as a cash cow for radical Democrats.

3. Monitor your library. Are LGBTQ materials readily available, even promoted? What displays do you see in the media center?  Are divisive racial politics, like disrespect for law enforcement, or praise for communists (Che Guevara, Castro) highlighted in exhibits? Wander around the library on your next visit and have a chat. If you start to see anti-American themes or promotion of high risk, deviant behaviors, take photos, post them to social media, then write letters to the school board. We have to put pressure on sleazy librarians who think they have no accountability.  Where possible, fire radicals and hire new people. And watch for a possible “drag queen” reading.

4. Are there openly homosexual or gender defiant teachers at your school and what are they teaching kids? One male teacher who wants to be known by the pronoun “Mx” handed out flyers on the “Gender Unicorn” the first week of school to his middle school classes. Keep an eye on these folks and hold them accountable for promoting depravity to kids.

We have an opportunity, I believe, because of the uproar over “drag queen” events in libraries. School administrators don’t want a parent deluge at their doors. This year, challenge every pro-homosexual propaganda day/week-- Ally Week, Spirit Day, Coming Out Month, “LGBTQ” History Month, “Transgender” Remembrance Day, No Name-Calling Week, Day of Silence, and any “pride” observances in May and June.

5. Is publisher Scholastic still featured at your school’s book fairs? Get these radicals out of your school. Scholastic proudly promotes “LGBTQ” deviance and “pride” material, standing on the forefront of highly controversial themes for years. They are given unchallenged entrée to our child’s minds and hearts through these book fairs. That needs to end.

6. Go to school board meetings and confirm that boys and girls will use separate facilities and join separate sports’ teams. If your school is doing something else, publicize this everywhere you can. Then propose a new policy. And in case you get this excuse, it is not “federal law” to have coed bathrooms, and it never has been (merely a contrived executive order of Barack Obama, now rescinded).

7. For middle and high schools, check to see if they are teaching “comprehensive sex education,” which is an innocuous-sounding name for X-rated, porn-based child sexualization lessons. Despite the “evidence-based” claims, this style of sex ed scorns abstinence, and encourages adolescent sexual activity, even homosexuality and gender confusion. It is not medically accurate, because it hides the real risks and endorses abortion—the taking of a human life.  Unless we believe it’s “medically accurate” to eliminate human beings, we need to scream loudly to get this Planned Parenthood, leftist garbage out of our schools.

8. Are the teachers and staff forced to attend pro-“LGBTQ” acceptance trainings? Find out by starting conversations with some of the staff. Then watch for the fall-out -- ridiculous pronoun policies, or secrecy about student gender identities, with parents intentionally kept in the dark—until the damage is done, as one heartbroken dad recently wrote in USA Today.

9. What about religion? Too many parents have discovered outrageous lessons pushing core tenets of Islam. Some children are even required to memorize portions of the Koran or attend a mosque on a field trip. Raise the roof if you discover this at your school.

10. Turn to God and don’t be ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Urge your kids to pray around the Pole on September 25 , and to stand up visibly for Christian values at school. Consider starting a “Good News” club, with help from the Child Evangelism Fellowship.

The light of Jesus will dispel this darkness. Let’s get to work.