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Homosexual Health Hazards and Our Kids

Homosexuality is “exploding” among kids in the U.S., according to one expert. And it’s not good news, since this behavior has not suddenly become less risky.

Two new resources have just been published that parents, teachers, health care professionals and pastors should keep handy as our communities deal with growing numbers of the misguided and sexually confused.

The Health Hazards of Homosexuality: What the Medical and Psychological Research Reveals is a 600-page reference book with over a thousand citations, written in a highly readable style for a general audience.

The medical evidence paints a dire picture that should become an urgent public health problem as these behaviors ironically grow in popularity among youth.

The second resource is Paul and Kirk Cameron’s important WND article where they analyze recent stats from the Centers for Disease Control, with these startling findings: homosexual behavior has increased 85% in recent years among America’s teens.

This is a shocking trend. But will public health officials take measures to protect our youth, now that the dire implications are evident for all to see?

It’s doubtful. Don’t expect anything but “LGBTQ” business as usual, with activism undiminished, even on the increase. Parents should be ever-watchful for homosexual indoctrination in their kids’ schools.

It’s spring and that means schools allow, or in some cases promote, the victim-posturing “Day of Silence” as well as “Harvey Milk Day” in California schools and June “pride” month. Both elementary and secondary schools are replete with teacher, staff and student activists who believe the prevailing, high-risk propaganda.

And the election of Donald Trump has ignited a rage entitlement in the left that won’t respect the boundaries of innocence and tender youth.

Radical teachers, homosexuals and “allies,” as well as outside activists this spring are likely to ratchet up their sales pitch to kids, urging them to exercise their “rights” to fearlessly experiment with these deviant identities and behaviors.

The rise in homosexual expression has been predicted by many of us over the past two decades. If you promote sexual behavior to impressionable kids, more teens – especially those with fewer moral bearings—will say, “Why not?”

In same sex circles, homosexual hook-ups can become a daring adventure at camp-outs and sleepovers. Opportunity is everywhere that students of the same sex gather or socialize, and it’s one reason homosexuality has traditionally been taboo at schools, camps, and youth organizations.

But incessant “LGBTQ” agenda has changed all that, with adult advocates insisting on more access to youth.

Health Hazards is published by Mass Resistance and is a powerful, well-written book presenting a detailed analysis of the subject. Every person interested in homosexuality should have this book as a valuable resource – people struggling with same sex attractions as well as relatives, parents, friends, pastors and public officials.

Mainstream medicine simply won’t go here, however, as compelling as the evidence is. So “we the people” need to guide our nation and communities back to sense about the perils of homosexuality and gender confusion, especially to our children.

Among the risks revealed and meticulously outlined in Health Hazards are:

  • The real numbers of those involved in homosexuality /bisexuality/ transgenderism
  • Absence of medical evidence for a biological basis for homosexuality or gender confusion
  • The rise in reckless homosexual hook-ups in the age of Internet sites like Grindr and the new HIV-prevention PrEP medication
  • The hazardous mixed messages of HIV outreach campaigns funded with taxpayer money
  • Promiscuity of both homosexual men and lesbians as well as the short duration of relationships
  • Elevated substance abuse trends among those who identify as homosexual and transgendered
  • The increased rate of suicide attempts among the sexually confused, especially transgenders (41%) and how this does not change in communities with high acceptance, belying the “stigma” and “discrimination” rationale

The authors pose the question, “Why don’t we hear more about ‘GLB’ health hazards?” The American Psychiatric Association in the 1970’s followed by the American Psychological Association decided after radical activist pressure to no longer designate homosexuality a mental disorder. The book summarizes what happened next:

 “Following the lead of the mental health groups, others fell into line: the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the federal Department of Health & Human Services, major medical associations, local public health agencies, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and assorted media. The unscientific opinion that homosexuality should no longer be considered a mental disorder became the accepted wisdom. Sodomitic practices were now to be considered normal and healthy expressions of human sexuality “(pp. 50-51).

This has dire implications for our children, especially as more adopt this identity, which Paul Cameron says is “learned,” not inborn. He notes, “Of the 16 million U.S. high-school students today, an extra million are either homosexual or heading in that direction!”

Thankfully, there are medical experts taking up the cause of telling the whole truth about these behaviors. Dr. Paul Church, Harvard Medical School assistant clinic professor of urology, wrote an endorsement for The Health Hazards of Homosexuality:

As a practicing clinician for 35 years, I have seen and treated the serious consequences associated with promiscuity and high-risk sexual behaviors, including those common to the LGBT community. The ‘medical establishment’ has been all too silent on its duty to inform and alert the public to these dangers, as its ranks have become infiltrated by homosexual activists and its policy makers preoccupied with political correctness more than protecting the public welfare.”

We can thank Drs. Paul McHugh and Lawrence Mayer of Johns Hopkins for their stunning analysis published past fall, reiterating the lack of evidence for a biological origin for homosexual or transgendered attractions. We can also thank the growing American College of Pediatricians for brave warnings about transgenderism in children.

The truth-tellers are getting the word out. Will parents and politicians do our part?

Let’s propose and pass policies that protect our children from inaccurate and harmful propaganda. It used to be called “the corruption of children.” 

It still is.