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Homosexual/Gender Confusion 'Rights' in Ohio? NO. Call Now.

From Linda Harvey-- URGENT--


Friends, we must take action immediately in OHIO to prevent an “Equality Act” here!


The Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee has heard proponent testimony— 200 people!!!!! — on a “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” rights bill, Senate Bill 11. How has this bill gotten so far in a GOP-controlled Ohio General Assembly??


Where are the "pro-family" lawmakers???


Beats me. And it's possible it will go no farther. But we need to make a bunch of calls to make sure. I did not think it would get this far. 


If OPPONENT testimony is scheduled soon, be ready. YOU NEED TO SHOW UP AND TESTIFY. And I do mean, you PASTORS. Sorry for all caps but it is super frustrating to read all the church pastors who testified for a bill to allow men in women’s restrooms, and for people to be fired if they disagree with homosexual behavior, and see very few church leaders on our side willing to stand up and put your name on the line. 


The Committee schedule is HERE, and expect a hearing on Wednesday, May 29 or on Wednesday, June 5. Keep checking this page.


Meanwhile, CALL Ohio Senate President Larry Obhoff, and ask him to please, never bring this assault on families, common sense, health and privacy to the Senate floor for a vote. 


And then, please CALL every GOP member of the Ohio Senate Judiciary Committee and here are the numbers (forget the Democrats— they are hopelessly in the tank for this atrocious measure):


And yes, calls are more effective than emails—


Chairman, John Eklund—(614) 644-7718

Vice Chair, Nathan Manning—(614) 644-7613


William P. Coley, (614) 466-8072

Theresa Gavarone, (614) 466-8060

Matt Huffman, (614) 466-7584

Peggy Lehner, (614) 466-4538

Rob McColley, (614) 466-8150


Senate President Larry Obhoff, (614) 466-7505