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Highlights for Children Goes Queer, Families Betrayed Again

Linda Harvey

Just in time for sinful “pride” month, we learn that another corporation bites the poisonous rainbow dust. Highlights for Children, which many of us fondly remember for its hidden puzzles in innocent kids’ magazines, has advanced well down the road of fearlessly producing tools for grooming.

If you go to the Highlights parents’ page, you would think everything was just as wholesome as apple pie. So it’s a shock to see what’s going on not far behind the scenes. The Highlights Foundation trains new writers and that might seem like a worthwhile endeavor, until we see how skewed the focus has become.

The foundation blog just posted a jaw-dropping article, 10 Scary Books for Queer Teens to Feel Empowered Reading. The author of this post is Rob Costello, author of We Mostly Come Out At Night: 15 Queer Tales of Monsters, Angels & Other Creatures. 

As Costello describes these “empowering” books, one wonders what supernatural powers are being called upon. Here’s his truth-compromising analysis:

“It’s scary out there for queer teens. From book bans to Don’t Say Gay, and the constant drumbeat of attacks on trans rights and health care, millions of LGBTQIA+ kids feel under siege by bigoted politicians, school boards, and church leaders.”

Yeah, we’re “attacking” teens, except that no, we aren’t. Concerned parents object to high-risk, hypersexual and non-biological behavior promoted to our kids.

 And that alleged “book banning” is also not happening, any more than schools ban certain lessons, curricular choices, and subject matter. Schools can’t offer/teach everything, and have a responsibility to choose responsible material to present to children. Porn doesn’t fit that bracket, at least in many schools. Since most “LGBTQ” themed fiction contains over-the-top inappropriate sexual content, there’s the problem.  But lies are the bread and butter of the “gay” community and this Highlights blogger fits well in that camp.

So it looks like pro-queer publishers have found yet another way to weave unnatural sex into stories for adolescents. How many of these “queer” titles use the mystery or horror genre to introduce teens to not just “gay/trans” propaganda, but also to the occult? To familiarity with demonic encounters? Or to bash and misrepresent Christians? Or to continue to instill the divisive theme of racial identity, while crediting “LGBTQ” behaviors as similarly inborn, which they are not?

Children/teens can leave these attractions behind. It’s inaccurate to imply that anyone is born “gay” or “trans.” But emotional quicksand is just the beginning of the snare in books like these.

Let’s just check out one of the titles among the “10 Scary Books.”

Hell Followed with Us jumps out. Here’s what the sympathetic reviewer says:

“Hell Followed With Us answers the question of what you get when you mix apocalyptic horror with religious militancy, white supremacy, and trans rage....Graphic, gripping, and utterly unflinching, this novel does not shy away from confronting the profound trauma inflicted on so many queer and trans people by Christian extremism and its evil counterpart, white supremacy.” 

Isn’t it great to applaud efforts to not only sexually corrupt teens (or affirm gender deviance) but trash all white people and Christianity at the same time-- and claim you are “inclusive”? Only the homosexual community can get away with hateful abracadabra and call it “empowering.” (Maybe teens will want to torch churches after this book, who knows? All for the revolution.But this is Highlights for Children!)

I am really angry at this publisher’s betrayal of family trust, their recklessness toward youth.

If you’d like to send your comments to Highlights, go HERE. This is what I wrote:

Dear Highlights:

What a shock to see this article on your Foundation blog, 10 Scary Books for Queer Teens to Feel Empowered Reading. And to see all your commitment to radical sexual ideology. This is highly offensive to most families and is reckless and risky to present to children. I plan to tell everyone I know that you are no longer trustworthy and that you do not produce safe material for children but just the opposite.

I hope there's a change of leadership and a change of heart in your business very shortly. This is not inclusion but exclusion of truth, morality and families of faith.

Sincerely, Linda Harvey