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Here Come School "Sex Ed Squads" and Elementary Planned Parenthood Lessons

by Linda Harvey

Amazing what one can discover about American public schools through a public records request.

In California, Karen England, head of Capitol Resource Institute, sought the documents of 900 school districts through a FOIA request and found a number of smoking guns where students are subjected to lessons and activities conveying dangerous, obscene and medically inaccurate information.

Among the shocking revelations involved CA elementary schools. With a heads up from a concerned parent, Capitol Resource confirmed her suspicions through retrieved documents.

It’s bad enough that schools throughout the state are allowing “sex ed squads” and have student-privacy-invading contracts with Planned Parenthood (more on that later). If Governor Gavin Newsome is looking to trim the strapped state budget, cancelling school contracts with abortion providers might be a good place to start.

But England was shocked at what she discovered about the PTA. Yes, that same PTA, the one we thought focused on bake sales and playground fundraisers.

At one Sacramento-area grade school, the PTA contracts with Planned Parenthood to present assemblies to fifth graders, which are actually sex education discussions called “Puberty Talks.” These have taken place over the past two years and are planned for next year as well.

Isn’t it a blessing that children are home right now and can escape being subjected to pro-abortion, pro-promiscuity lessons? In fifth grade? Unless all this outrage is conducted online instead.

But youngsters in California will be forced to sit through such lessons next year, if the PTA’s “assemblies” budget line item is fulfilled as planned with a speaker from the abortion giant.

Programs like this are fall-out from the 2016 agenda-laden California Healthy Youth Act, which is anything but healthy, pushing proudly pro-abortion propaganda. There’s no “opt-out” for lessons promoting “LGBT” behavior, which are required. And teaching abstinence-only is prohibited in this law which normalizes high-risk, early sexual activity even for middle schoolers.

During the fifth grade PTA puberty presentation, the Planned Parenthood representative addresses boys and girls together with details about erections and ejaculation. Children are told they should talk to a “trusted adult” about these matters. And of course, they are hearing this from the largest abortion provider in America, seeking to gain trust from 10 and 11-year old future clients.

This curriculum funded by PTA also teaches these children about gender identity by claiming that sex at birth is simply “assigned.”  A Power Point slide shows children a version of the infamous “Genderbread Person” graphic, where genitals differ from “sexual orientation” and “gender expression.” During the anatomy lesson, the process of puberty is described for “bodies with a penis” or “bodies with a vulva,” instead of “boys” or “girls.”

And this, they claim, is “medically accurate.”  The life-destroying ideology of Planned Parenthood leaves room for infinite levels of destructive fantasy.

Parents have not been fully advised about the PTA’s actions. Let’s recall that PTA stands for “Parent-Teacher Association,” although the rights of parents to direct the sexual instruction of their children were disrespected by the PTA when a representative testified recently against a California bill, SB 673,which proposed an “opt-in” provision for elementary sex ed. The bill did not pass out of its committee in January 2020.

This instruction is ongoing at several Sacramento-area grade schools. Meanwhile, what’s happening in California middle and high schools is enough to make a parent’s head explode, and Capitol Resource recently uncovered  that as well.

“Sex Ed Squads” are operating at a number of schools in the Golden State as an activity for students. These are essentially sex ed clubs, and some even operate “sex ed bootcamps.” They teach kids detailed condom use with penis models, lots about "lubrication"and how to use dental dams for anal and oral sex. One dialogue has the instructor explaining to kids that they are about to have a lesson about flavored condoms. The dialogue goes like this: “What are flavored condoms for? Oral sex on a penis!”

Sex Ed Squads are an approved after-school activity, apparently, in Bay area California high schools like Westmoor, Terra Nova, Jefferson, Oceana and also high schools in the Los Angeles area. The goal is to train participants to become “peer educators,” with stated goals to “talk about sex and sexuality every week after school,” “teach about condoms and STIs in freshman health classes,” “participate in fun stuff like sex ed bootcamps,” and “learn more about their bodies and become more responsible when it comes to being safer.”

Safer? Not so much. Being guided away from underage sexual activity would be truly safe.

The Sex Ed Squads also teach students about “pleasure” through vaginal, oral and anal sex, in pornographic detail. Click here to see what the Daly City high schoolers are offered. High school sex ed squads (sometimes simply called “sex squads”) are a project of UCLA.

Concern for “human rights and social justice” is the motivation, we are told, for these “arts” projects involving “at-risk youth.” Teens are propagandized with this contemptuous dismissal of responsible behavior:

“When faced with another boring, abstinence-only sex ed class the students decide to take matters into their own hands by summoning the Sex Squad...”

These “squads” with their “go have sex” message now operate in numerous Los Angeles area high schools.

Capitol Resource’s document request unearthed even more child corruption activities in California schools. Planned Parenthood has contracts (“a memorandum of understanding”) with numerous middle and high schools to teach sessions that line up with the California Healthy Youth Act.  These agreements allow PP to both administer “assessments” to students (i.e., tests and questionnaires) and also to retain the student responses and demographic information about age, gender, and ethnicity (Lipman Middle School; Orick School District; Stellar Charter School).

Although parental opt-in is permitted for elementary grades, passive opt-out for parents can be the procedure for grades 7 through twelve, the agreement states. Yet few parents seem to know any of this is taking place.

No photos or videos are permitted during the sessions taught by a representative of Planned Parenthood of Northern California, according to the agreement.

Has the California Healthy Youth Act resulted in positive “health” for the state’s students? Or is it just a tool for child corruption backed by adult, sex-oriented special interests?

Parents need to kick these deviants out of schools, now.