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Free School Sex Ed Slaves after Cakeshop Decision

(Warning: Graphic content)


Should schoolchildren be required to endure explicit, politically-motivated “inclusive” sex ed lessons that endorse homosexual behavior?


After the SCOTUS decision on Masterpiece Cakeshop,the answer should be a huge and emphatic, NO. Christian parents need to tell their schools to stop compelling minor children to listen to anal and oral sex tutorials in schools, and stop restricting or stigmatizing an abstinence-until-marriage message.


Christian beliefs about sexual morality and in fact, those of any sincerely-held faith, must be respected. It’s time to end the hijacking of classrooms for homosexual and abortion propaganda.


And especially since endorsing these practices is medically-inaccurate and high-risk. “Comprehensive sexuality education (CSE)” curricula have been embraced in more schools since theObergefellsame sex “marriage” ruling (which SCOTUS got wrong). Activists jumped on the chance to dismiss the First Amendment and imply that only one valid viewpoint exists going forward on “LGBTQ” behaviors—enthusiastic acceptance.


It’s clear these folks want to ignore the consequences of dangerous practices as they are normalized to younger and younger children. They have an agenda and they are sticking to it.


But we believers have an agenda too.


It’s time for concerned parents to say a loud and firm NO. And elect new school board members if need be.


Do middle schoolers have a “sexual right” to hear details about all possible (and many perverted) sexual behaviors? Messages about abstinence (sexual risk avoidance, SRA) are said to be “shame-based” and “exclude” those students who are sexually active. This is the rhetoric and reasoning you will hear.


This is how fanatics have been indoctrinated to think, and I’m convinced those radicals who teach children don’t ultimately care what happens to them. CSE promoters want no responsible evaluation of actual risk since every credible study on early sexual behavior among adolescents shows an association with higher corresponding risk-taking across the board. So to encourage such behaviors in any way is educational malpractice.


Back to the Masterpiece Decision. Here’s how the SCOTUS majority ruling chastises a public agency (the Colorado Civil Rights Commission) for its treatment of Phillips’ religious beliefs:

“As the record shows, some of the commissioners at the Commission’s formal, public hearings endorsed the view that religious beliefs cannot legitimately be carried into the public sphere or commercial domain, disparaged Phillips’ faith as despicable and characterized it as merely rhetorical, and compared his invocation of his sincerely held religious beliefs to defenses of slavery and the Holocaust. No commissioners objected to the comments…”

So how should a government entity behave?

“For these reasons, the Commission’s treatment of Phillips’ case violated the State’s duty under the First Amendment not to base laws or regulations on hostility to a religion or religious viewpoint. The government, consistent with the Constitution’s guarantee of free exercise, cannot impose regulations that are hostile to the religious beliefs of affected citizens and cannot act in a manner that passes judgment upon or presupposes the illegitimacy of religious beliefs and practices. “

And Justice Thomas wrote:

“The First Amendment gives individ­uals the right to disagree about the correctness of Obergefelland the morality of same-sex marriage. Obergefell itself emphasized that the traditional understanding of marriage ‘long has been held—and continues to be held— in good faith by reasonable and sincere people here and throughout the world.’ “

Outraged parents have listened with horror at the end of the school day as their kids describe their involuntary indoctrination into homosexual propaganda; explicit condom demonstrations in middle school; pornographic role-playing exercises that assume all 13- year-olds are sexually active; and classes of students given directions to the nearest pharmacy where they can obtain condoms, or the nearest Planned Parenthood where they can obtain contraceptives and abortions without parental consent.

Most current “CSE” lessons not only endorse same sex “marriage” and anal sex (popular among homosexual males) but also gender confusion – and where this occurs in public schools, the administrators know full well how offensive this is to a fairly large segment of their school population.

They do it anyway. This needs to end, now.

Education must rise to a higher standard. Religious respect from government entities – including schools--needs to be re-demanded by parents following this SCOTUS decision.


For instance, the Fairfax (VA) schools are considering an insane policy that uses homosexual activist language claiming that gender is “assigned at birth.” Not only is this scientifically inaccurate—gender is revealed at birth, not “assigned”—this statement actively promotes gender confusion while discriminating against Christian views that God-designed male and female anatomy and identity are distinct and self-evident.


Fairfax is also ready to take the category of “clergy” off a list of suggested “trusted advisors” for kids.


Think again, Fairfax radicals.


Families are no longer slaves to your ridiculous, fact-free sexual corruption program.


Then in Dripping Springs, TX, the school board is considering the curriculum called “Big Decisions.” It has already been implemented in 23 Texas school districts.


Here’s the kind of valuable information 7thand 8thgraders learn from a “role-playing” lesson in “Big Decisions”--


Activity 9.2 --“Do you have a condom?... No, but this feels good… Let’s go to my bedroom.” (Big Decisions, p. 273)


Really? Why? Demands for “inclusion” have become an excuse for sexualizing kids prematurely and against the wishes of both religious families and others.


Parents need to say, STOP. And now, there is a constitutionally-affirming, Supreme Court ruling to back us up.