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Do Hijab-Wearing Feminists Support Mutilating Girls?

We should be asking liberal fans of Islam to explain themselves to America.

How long will they coddle Muslim ideology, even when Muslims themselves-- including their children--are the frequent victims?

It’s not a “phobia” to have a healthy aversion to horrific beliefs and behavior, like the Fresno murderer of three who hated white people, followed the Nation of Islam  (and voodoo) and shouted his allegiance to Allah.

Or that South Dakota Muslim, Ehab Jaber, who threatened a recent Christian conference while waving firearms and his Koran, and later continued the abuse on Facebook.

Or the couple in San Bernadino who killed 14.  Or the Somali immigrant at Ohio State who injured 11. Or…the list goes on.

And then there’s the abuse within the Muslim community of their little girls.

Criminal abusers may finally be called to account under the new administration. A female Muslim doctor in suburban Detroit who hails from northern India has been arrested for performing genital mutilation operations on female children. Another physician and his wife, Dr. Fakhruddin and Farida Attar, are also implicated. They all attend the same suburban Detroit mosque.

Muslims among whom this procedure is widely practiced call it by other names, but essentially it’s the removal of the female clitoris, reducing female sexual enjoyment and in the Muslim male’s mind, is a way to maintain control of a woman.

This torture is happening in America, the same America where respected surgeons now amputate the healthy breasts of confused 15-year-old females who wish to pose as males instead of what they are -- tragically mutilated teen girls.

The tactics of progressives and Islamic supremacists are not so far apart after all. If Muslims re-packaged “female genital mutilation” of little girls and called it “gender enhancement/transitioning” or something, it would become a “cultural tradition” hotly-defended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, major children’s hospitals, United Nations human rights leaders, the major media, and of course, Democratic Party politicians.

And feminists. Some liberal females are even donning the Muslim wardrobe symbol of oppression, the “hijab” female head covering, in demonstrations of support for anything, apparently, Muslims want to do to us – or to their own.

Do feminists support mutilating little girls? Would they let their own female children be subjected to this? Those who howl over crude male jokes and sexual innuendo from the likes of a Bill O’Reilly, would they stand politely and tolerate the screams of seven- year-old little girls?

Why aren’t they yelling long and loud on Twitter?  

Female genital mutilation (FGM) is very common among Egyptians, Ethiopians, Sudanese, West Africans and Somalis. There are exploding populations of Somalians in Minnesota, where some of Dr. Jumana Nagarwala’s six- to- eight- year-old patients lived and traveled with their adult guardians to Michigan for a “special girls’ trip” to undergo this brutal procedure, performed at a clinic in Livonia. These innocent little girls did not understand the inhumane surgery to come, arranged by “trusted” adults.

Is it any wonder some of these people grow up with violence in their hearts?

In the Michigan case, the acting U.S. attorney, Daniel Lemisch, said:

“Female genital mutilation constitutes a particularly brutal form of violence against women and girls. It is also a serious federal felony in the United States…”

Half a million girls in the U.S. are in danger of FGM, most from Muslim backgrounds.

Subjugating women is just one goal of Islam. Many Muslims in the U.S. accept the goal to eventually subjugate America itself. The dream is to impose shariah law, under which women are cattle, becoming an ex-Muslim is followed by capital punishment, and no other religion is allowed free expression.

It’s a dangerous attitude for immigrants. In fact, Australia is now quizzing immigrants about wife-beating, FGM, etc. to screen out those who don’t fit in a free country. We should be doing this in the U.S.

I’m not advocating vigilante justice, of course, but lawful, preventive action as a fixture of American policy.

The good news is that there are many ex-Muslims in America, even several great web sites advocating this path. Not all are Christians, but it’s a start.

The even better news is that in some states, this child abuse is being tackled. Female genital mutilation is a federal offense, and nine states have now passed laws against it. Michigan is not one of them, hence the FBI investigation, said to be the first at the federal level. Under Obama, no such charges were brought.

Other states are passing laws that will prohibit shariah (Islamic supremacist) laws from prevailing over American law.

Principled objection to Islam is not a “phobia” but a desirable trait of observant, civilized people. Yet strangely, the left is not just in bed with American Muslims, but they are already smoking the proverbial post-coital cigarette.

“Was it good for you?” “Yes, whatever it takes to offend those obnoxious Jesus-lovers and Jews.”

This co-habitation explains why CAIR and other Islamic apologists don’t publicly oppose abortion, sodomy, or gender-bending in America, all hotly-defended progressive causes that are highly offensive to Islam. Their leaders remain mostly mute for now because America’s liberals are incredibly useful.

As the abortion and “LGBTQ” lobbies do the dirty work of harassing, punishing, silencing and penalizing Christians and Jews, Islam’s well-funded public relations lobby quietly cheers because the critical task of dismantling Western civilization is being done by others. It is possible they may be quietly contributing funding for these efforts as well.

This strange union is totally defensible at the left’s masquerade ball, where they accept anything as marriage. Liberals have embraced Linda Sarsour, hijab-wearing Muslim feminist, promoter of sharia law and virulent foe of Israel. She will be giving the commencement speech at City University of NY.

American feminists who sacrifice human life to sexual pleasure and convenience are lining up to support Islamists who tolerate and quietly practice FGM. I guess there is a consistent theme: trust betrayed, mutilated, sometimes destroyed.

Will the sacrifice of the innocents to false gods ever end?