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Dirty 2 Dozen GOP Reps Bow to 'Trans' Demands

Warning: Graphic content.

Two dozen Republican members of Congress believe you and I, taxpayers, should pay for castration and vaginal construction for transvestite males, double mastectomies of healthy breasts for male-posing women as well as their artificial penises, and hormones administered to the opposite sex.

And this is for soldiers and sailors in the U.S. military.

Have you landed on another planet? Yes. It’s the alternate universe created by anti-reality “LGBTQ” advocates and their humble, stupid servants in the U.S. government.

The Hartzler amendment to the House appropriations bill would have stopped the military from paying for this nonsense following an illegitimate Obama executive order. But all the Democrats in the House, and 24 Republicans, kept this amendment from passing.

So delusions can dictate reality, and our military is that much more corrupted.

No federal civil right exists for gender-confused behavior, nor for homosexual behavior, for that matter. Yet because of Obama’s diabolical executive orders, Congress now must unravel the resulting social engineering chaos.

There is some good news. At last, Congress is considering a bill to limit the rush to redefine gender in federal law. Just introduced,  H.R. 2796 would continue to define “male” to mean biological male, and females likewise under existing law.

If this ambitious bill ever passes, vain imaginations and mental illness might finally be overcome with…. truth.

It is not the duty of the federal government to satisfy every fantasy of American citizens. If it is, then the millions of American women who imagine themselves to be thirty years younger, without varicose veins, sagging chins and wrinkles, deserve their “rights.” Why can’t their cosmetic surgery “needs” be federally-funded?

The endless whining could transform ObamaCare into IWannaCare.

But I’m still dreaming about a perfect world where we wouldn’t need a federal law to tell us men are men and women, women. If our loony culture requires this inane clarification, then let’s get it done. Concerned Americans need to call their congressional House representatives asap in support of H.R. 2796.

It’s called the Civil Rights Uniformity Act of 2017.

And if it is ever signed into law, could someone tell Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and her staff? Maybe our children can become safer again—at least from the loony wiles of federal bureaucrats. Our schools are being pressured by federal officials in the Trump DOE to support self-destructive “transgender” behavior in children.

Peddling sexual deviance to children and calling it a “civil right” is a gross distortion of American liberty and amounts to child corruption.

Dr. Michelle Cretella, president of the American College of Pediatricians, recently explained the medical outcomes from our culture’s rush to embrace puberty blockers, hormone treatments and ultimately surgery on healthy but confused youth:

“Today’s institutions that promote transition affirmation are pushing children to impersonate the opposite sex, sending many of them down the path of puberty blockers, sterilization, the removal of healthy body parts, and untold psychological damage. These harms constitute nothing less than institutionalized child abuse.”

Is the boy who dresses and acts as a girl protected by federal civil rights law for that behavior? NO. And local schools should feel free to ignore any attempts to pretend otherwise.

There is no federal civil right to be “supported” in gender confusion. No civil right. None. Nada. Congress has passed no such law. And many states have refused to pass such laws as well.

There is no cross-dressing right within the federal Department of Education and there is none for the military, either, by the way, so soldiers and sailors who say NO to “training” that forces them to accept gender-pretense in fellow soldiers have every right to do so.

It is true that a few courts have interpreted existing law to give a green light to schoolgirls who want entry to boys’ restrooms, for instance. But these are exceptions and no legal adviser should be taken seriously who shakes a figurative finger at school officials and says, “Federal law requires you to call boys who wear skirts by girl pronouns.”

We are truly in the land of silliness, right? I mean, no one would really pressure schools to do that. Except that they do.

When Betsy DeVos balked several months ago at rescinding the unlawful 2016 Obama Title IX bathroom order—the one insisting boys had a right to shower with girls at school-- she was reportedly told by Trump and Jeff Sessions to cooperate or else, which must have been extremely humiliating. DeVos has become known as an avid supporter of homosexual/gender rebellion lifestyles.

So is DeVos now acting as a “rebel” herself?

This is one way to look at the recent action of the DOE’s Office of Civil Rights, now led by Candice Jackson, an open lesbian hired by Betsy DeVos.

The DOE Civil Rights office just issued a memorandum that schools must look out for the “rights” of transgender students—in other words, support them in this delusion. And schools must go along with the chosen pronouns of a gender confused student or else face a possible federal investigation.

The memo was written by Candice Jackson. My pro-family colleague, Peter LaBarbera, wrote this about Candice Jackson at LifeSiteNews:

“Jackson is an open lesbian in a homosexual ‘marriage,’ a sexual assault survivor and a libertarian conservative activist who advocated for Trump in the campaign.”

What about a teacher’s right to not be forced to use language that both violates one’s faith (like calling a girl by boy pronouns) or forces the teacher to lie?

Please tell the feds you think this is wrong. Go to the Whitehouse.gov web site’s contact link and write the president a note. Tell him to get Betsy DeVos out of this position, and stop pushing sexual immorality down our children’s throats.

Contact your congressional representative to support H.R. 2796.

And—let’s remember those GOP turncoats at election time.