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Dems Call on Real or Imagined Voters for Biden Win

Linda Harvey

From the party of plural pronouns like “they,” “them” or “their,” used for single, known-sex individuals, comes a progressive dog whistle.

“Count Every Vote!” is the impassioned cry of demonstrators now virtuously taking to the streets days after the election. Of course, the implication is that Trump’s team—and all of us conservatives—want to suppress votes.

But as usual, the vote-woke left don’t come near the truth and won’t say what they really mean. Allow me to translate.

What is desired is to count every Democrat ballot ( you can ignore GOP votes) whether legal or not, on time or not, postmarked by deadline or not. Votes from the relocated are fine.  Double or triple voting? Done.

Soon, we voters will be asked to declare our pronouns. “They” entitles you to as many votes as you can cast, fill out or conjure. And deadlines? That’s so white supremacist.

And speaking of smears and hate labels, let’s go to BLM leaders Patrisse Cullors and Melina Abdullah who point to another infinite pool of voters: the dead. On a viral video, these anti-police, divisive, pro-tyranny leaders explained that they call on the spirits of ancestors to guide them as they demonstrate. And we wonder why these peaceful protests devolve into destruction, violence and theft so quickly?

When you dabble in the occult, you get an unexpected audience.

So, demon voters could be a new target. Just think of the possibilities. Who knows what pronouns apply to them?

It’s little wonder why the left has no qualms about stealing votes or inventing voters, with voices like BLM guiding them. When the cry goes out in the future to “say her name,” let’s re-think what demonstrators may be doing. To be clear, we should mourn all those who have been victims of accidental or deliberate violence. We should also respectfully honor the names of those killed because of the BLM movement’s recklessness and lawlessness—names they want to ignore.

But when these folks want us to “say their names,” it may be an occult invocation. The left seems to have become arrogantly careless with the identities of ancestors, callously attempting to exploit them for Marxist revolution. These people advocate violating the boundaries of American law, biological gender, and now even the spirit world.

Do we have any confidence that the Democratic Party, which has now welcomed into its ranks homegrown terrorists, will respect the lawful boundaries of American election law requiring “one person, one vote”?

Of course not. That’s why conservatives do not trust these people, nor the Biden/Harris ticket that isn’t clarifying, but seemingly encouraging, fraud.

Republicans also want every vote to count —every LEGAL vote, filed by one person, an authentically registered voter, on time.

Yet if we are talking about the deceased, there is one constituency that we conservatives might go along with – the votes of unborn children massacred by abortion.

Which ticket would get the votes of over 60 million humans never allowed to live? Would it be Biden/Harris, who have pledged to uphold this “right” for women up to the point of birth, even possibly beyond?

Would these voters prefer Kamala Harris, who as attorney general refused to investigate unborn baby part sales in California but instead, raided the home of citizen journalist David Daleiden?

Probably these voters would choose the most pro-life president in history—Donald Trump. These voters, like probably the majority of Americans (if all the legal votes are counted) would choose law and order, Constitutional freedoms, and a vibrant economy.

Do we want the party of phony pronouns and vote cheating? Of burning and looting? Of infanticide and immorality?

As for me and my house (pronoun she, her, hers), I choose honoring  the Lord and following the American Constitution.

Let’s count every true vote, and pray for our country.