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C'mon, Disney, Tell the Truth about Same Sex Attractions in Kids

Actor Kevin Spacey is now accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy years ago. And he just announced he’s “gay.”

Would this ever be the backstory for a Disney boy character—molestation by a “gay”-identified adult resulting in same sex attractions?

Cyrus is the 13-year-old boy character on Disney Channel’s “Andi Mack” series, portrayed this season as a budding homosexual. He’s a fictional figure, of course, so his history can be invented. Disney could maintain the useful fiction that people are born this way and so was Cyrus.

But Disney’s in trouble with millions of American families with this storyline.  They’ve featured adult homosexual characters in previous productions (LeFou in Beauty and the Beast; a female same sex couple in Doc McStuffins; and same sex kissing in Star vs. The Forces of Evil).

Now it’s their top-rated series for children ages 6 to 14, with a girl as the main character. The median age of show viewers is 10. This season, the plot reveals boy character Cyrus is attracted to another boy character, Jonah.

Disney dutifully sought pre-approval by sexual anarchy gatekeepers, radical homosexual activist groups GLAAD and PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Even GLSEN was consulted on this storyline, in the works for two years.

Why not seek input from American Family Association or One Million Moms? How about the American College of Pediatricians? Disney probably feared the reaction.

“Are you out of your mind?” would be the tame version.

America’s innocence-endangered kids deserve better than normalizing sinful, high-risk behavior. Yet there is a storyline that would be helpful.

What if Disney told the truth about the frequent origin of same sex attractions in youth?

A heartbreaking but realistic angle could explore what happens when a boy is molested by an adult male or an older teen boy, and then finds himself with same sex desires—feelings absent prior to the abuse.

Hollywood certainly knows about abuse. Harvey Weinstein is the current bad dude who violates women. But what about children and same sex incidents?

This subject is too politically incorrect for Tinsel Town.

The Spacey allegation is just the latest. A recent film, “An Open Secret,” unveils the cover-up of molestations of boy actors by male agents, executives and others in Hollywood. Take a look here.

Yet if boys seek counseling to overcome the trauma of sexual abuse and unchosen feelings, they are in for a shock. In nine states, such counseling has been outlawed by radicals who fear the truth and want to silence any bad press against behavior God calls an abomination.

Many cities have banned this help as well. In my state, Ohio, the cities of Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Toledo and Athens have all passed local bans.

Politicians now cater to the “LGBTQ” agenda, even when endangering children.

I can envision the homosexual blog headlines-- “Harvey says all boys who have same sex attractions were molested!”

And of course, I am saying no such thing. It’s not the only cause, but it is frequent. This is how the therapy ban laws were passed, with similar twisted mischaracterizations —that it’s “gay conversion therapy” for instance, when it’s far from gay and there is no conversion, just voluntary, common sense counseling.

Many precious kids have been molested, and in considering these bans, politicians heard heartbreaking testimonies about abuse. It didn’t matter. The activists try to pretend that NO same sex attraction is ever caused by sexual abuse.

Yet this pretense is hard to sustain. Consider my friend Stephen Black, head of First Stone Ministries in Oklahoma City. Stephen is a committed husband, father and grandfather—and an ex-homosexual.

He was molested several times as a boy, and afterward developed attractions to other males. His testimony was recently featured at an event hosted by Americans for Truth. Founder Peter LaBarbera interviewed Black about his experiences. Listen here.

Disney is unlikely to explore the reality that many teens would never experience same sex attractions except for corruption by an abuser. Someone who knew better. Someone who may have broken the law.

Predators use a sleazy historical revisionism to claim that, for instance, a boy was already “gay” and chose the child/adult relationship. Predators convince themselves and willing allies (some in the “LGBTQ” community) that the child was the aggressor, and that sexual abuse isn’t harmful.

No, kids must be taught to live with these assaults, convinced they “wanted it,” and the Disney Channel is aiding this apologetic for pedophiles. How convenient.         

The Disney show’s creator, Terri Minsky, said the show is trying to appeal to a more adult audience. What audience? The homosexual sub-culture? The pedophile lobby? Why not keep the appeal broad and focused on truly child-friendly themes?

Disney is whitewashing the reality that some kids with same sex attractions have been abused, so this behavior should never be endorsed. Homosexuality is a developed desire, not inborn. You have to seriously wonder what fills the minds and desires of executives who produce material in such bad taste, with messages that will mislead so many vulnerable youth.

And Disney is certainly not inclusive, despite its claims. Where is the consideration for the millions of families who rightfully object to this behavior? Their reasonable, moral sensibilities apparently have all the value of last week’s trash in the Disney boardroom.

But of course, much of Hollywood/ TV content is not produced to make money or to teach appropriate values, but churned out by shallow ideologues to effect reckless social change. Why these dumb projects are financed is anyone’s guess when savvy backers should insist on delivery of the largest audience possible.

Here’s something you can do. The group One Million Moms has a petition about this show. Go there and sign it today.

You have to wonder what Walt Disney would do. Probably fire every writer and producer on this show, for starters.

Let’s keep pushing back against the darkness, friends, to protect our kids.