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Brat Privilege is the Real Problem

by Linda Harvey

We have a choice. We can turn away from the childish mob. We can prosecute the lawbreakers while ignoring their press agent bullies-- the Colin Kaepernicks, AOCs, Stacey Abrams, and LeBron Jameses of America.

Christians especially must resist manipulation. Because it’s obvious that, to these radicals, only certain black lives “matter.” Certainly not the teens killed in the Seattle CHOP/CHAZ, nor the epidemic of black on black murders (including children), nor the abortions of black babies. Nor Christian blacks in Nigeria, where genocide continues virtually unreported by the American media or decried by Western church leaders.

Now American corporations are losing touch with reality. Home Depot has announced they will only sell pre-cut lengths of rope after someone allegedly made a noose out of a rope spool, reminiscent of black lynchings.

How far does hyper-sensitivity go? Do Christians get to demand that lions no longer appear in zoos because our faith ancestors were torn apart for the entertainment of pagan emperors?

And the National Education Association, always the child-endangering underbelly of progressive hysteria, will push even more inaccurate, anti-American lessons in the fall to your children. Just listen to the barf-worthy, nation-bashing speech by far-left president Lily Eskelsen Garcia at the union’s recent virtual convention. Still spouting infantile nonsense in middle age, Garcia believes “exclusion” in America “continues to be intentional,” but started 400 years ago when “white male Protestants with money” built systems to intentionally oppress others. Her deceitful, Trump-bashing speech is a disgrace to the nation’s education profession.

Garcia’s brand of twisted ignorance masquerades as leadership in a country where there’s little accountability for poisonous mythology. We are witnessing an undisguised attempt at a second American civil war.

America's current dilemma is not because of white privilege, or even black privilege. Our nation is being ruled by brat privilege, where adults who once had sense are yielding to the demands of the immature and the unwise, the reckless, the pathological. 

Yet the agitators forget—God is watching.

Remember the rebellion of Korah in the wilderness (Numbers 16)?  A group of malcontents defied the leadership of Moses and Aaron, forgetting the Hebrews’ dramatic rescue from Egyptian slavery, the miraculous Red Sea crossing, and God’s provision of manna in the wilderness. More and more people joined Korah and his upstart buddies.

It did not end well for them. God was not endlessly patient, letting them vent, being sensitive to their wokeness. God’s wrath descended on these rebels, and about 15,000 people were consumed by fire, swallowed into a pit or killed in a plague.

The Lord desires an appreciative heart. When God’s will to protect and bless people is subverted, the consequences can be dire.

As we celebrated Independence Day recently, it occurred to me that it’s a holiday founded on gratitude -- gratitude for freedom based on true justice. Gratitude to those who died to preserve that freedom.

Gratitude for the national structure that has repeatedly allowed our republic to remedy our wrongs, change the narrative, and uphold authentic human rights—those defined by our Creator God.

And so those who have a problem with the Fourth of July usually have a gratitude issue.

Colin Kaepernick called the Fourth of July a “celebration of white supremacy,” while only a few years ago, he was tweeting “happy Fourth” to friends. Is he unstable? A crass opportunist? Frustrated by professional failure? All of the above? But that doesn’t excuse encouraging American division.

So the question is, why does anyone pay attention to this ungrateful man-child?

He’s of course, not alone. Hawk Newsome of Black Lives Matter New York says they will “burn down this system” if they don’t get what they want. Parents, does this remind you of anything? The meltdown of your two-year-old? Yet he just announced the group is developing a military arm to fight police.

Nothing spells national security more than a coldly-calculating, pathological fourth grader. It’s also called treason and sedition.

Black Lives Matter is a movement based on snot-nosed dismissal of American opportunity, history, affluence, and morality. Not only is the group financially connected to Susan Rosenberg, a domestic terrorist convicted in 1984 for bombing campaigns, but the women founders of BLM exhibit other serious emotional and intellectual deficits as they negatively mischaracterize almost everything in their path—men, the nuclear family, police, American heritage, capitalism, unborn babies, Western civilization, sexuality, Jews, and their white human brothers and sisters.

Oh, and they just happen to be black. But it’s the brat in them and in Colin that most people find objectionable. It has nothing to do with color. For these race-obsessed opportunists, darker skin color provides cover for a deeply destructive ideology.

People are now getting fired from jobs just for social media posts or reckless speech. Yet Washington Post has not fired opinion editor, Karen Attiah, who actually tweeted about  “white women” being lucky that black people aren’t “calling for revenge.”

Is it too much to expect these people to grow up, stop whining, cut the threats, and cease their campaigns of destruction?

No one looking through an accurate lens of American history can claim with a straight face that there is more tyranny today, more oppression, fewer opportunities than in the past. The trajectory has been exactly the opposite.

These are infantile fantasies. And ironically, race is actually not the driver here. It’s adolescent rebellion.

Police “defunding” is a dog whistle to disaffected, indoctrinated youth who believe their problems with parents, teachers and bosses are rationalized by changing reality and  destroying their heritage. Democrats cheer on this unmanageable mob so they can undermine Republican candidates.

But these lies cause people to die. They bring on property destruction, monument defacing, mayhem and division. They will soon likely justify election tampering, and if Democrats gain power, this mob, not the elected lawmakers, will call the shots.

Actual shots. Using ammunition. As in, American civil war.

These are children playing with firearms, in other words.

Name another country in the world where Colin could have been afforded such opportunity and given undeserved credibility to the point where most NFL players will now probably bow a knee of objection to the national anthem, if it’s even played.

I praise God for people who are in a unique position to speak the truth right now—Candace Owens, Ben Carson, Bob Woodson, Larry Elder and others.

The fact remains that this country is a beautiful beacon of hope in a bleak world. For the immature hearts incapable of recognizing this, there is a solution. They can grow up or get out.

Let’s pray for the former.