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Betsy DeVos Has Drunk the 'LGBTQ' Kool-Aid

Do we need a Department of Education anyway? Especially with a new leader who supports homosexuality and gender confusion for kids?

America’s new education leader showed her true colors on morality last week.

She revealed that she’s a supporter of the destructive homosexual and gender confusion agenda. America needs to pray for a change of heart by Betsy DeVos, Trump’s newly-confirmed Secretary of Education.

Unless DeVos moves away from defense of these unconscionable behaviors, she should resign from this position. Her school choice advocacy is laudable, but we need a leader who also supports sexual integrity for every child.

America doesn’t need a Department of Education anyway, but if it must exist, could it please not do harm to children? Could we at least not have a federal agency promoting sodomy to 11-year- olds in the guise of “civil rights” or “anti-bullying” programs? Or so-called “inclusive” sex education?

We’ve seen disastrous appointments to the DOE before. Remember Kevin Jennings, Obama’s “safe schools” czar, founder of the pro-homosexual school group, GLSEN?

DeVos apparently disagreed with Attorney General Jeff Sessions and balked at the revocation of the illegitimate Obama guidelines extending Title IX sex discrimination law to gender-bending public school students. A “Dear Colleague Letter” from the DOJ and DOE referred the issue back to the states.

And the Trump administration is to be congratulated for this terrific decision.

But DeVos issued her own statement expressing reservations. She wants to make sure we “protect every student“  (as if biologically-based bathrooms and showers fail to do that), and that includes those who are what she terms “LGBTQ.” So she has drunk the Kool-aid, even using radical homosexual labels for disordered identities.

DeVos’ left-leaning sympathies were detailed in a recent LifeSite article by pro-family leader Peter LaBarbera, who unearthed her advocacy back when she was chair of the Michigan GOP.

LaBarbera revealed that during her nomination hearings, the homosexual Log Cabin Republicans sent a letter to the Senate backing DeVos, describing her history of support for homosexual causes.

When DeVos spoke to CPAC last week, she described herself as a “mother, grandmother and life partner of 38 years.” Life partner? Why not “wife”? Could this gender-neutral language be explained by her sympathy for her former employee, Greg McNeilly, the homosexual former executive director of the Michigan Republican Party, who eventually “married” his male partner?

Real children are being tragically misled by this agenda. Why doesn’t DeVos get that?

Perhaps DeVos needs a few lessons revealing the hard facts about the world of homosexuality. It’s not just an equivalent lifestyle for people who love differently.

Has DeVos ever attended a “gay” pride parade? It’s an eye-opener, because this is the homosexual/transgender community’s chance each year to present a positive public face.

Every parade I have seen reveals just the opposite.

I have a picture I’d like to show DeVos. I don’t use the photo because I don’t want to shame the little girl involved. I was just snapping pictures and didn’t realize how heartbreaking this particular shot was until I reviewed the images later.

But a sweet little girl of about six or seven was marching in the Columbus “pride” parade several years ago in the contingent for Equality Ohio, the state homosexual “rights” group. She must have been included by a mom or dad, because why else would she be there, unless drafted by some misguided adult?

But she was dutifully marching along, and turned her head to the right—just at eye-level with the Speedos of a prancing male homosexual, his genitalia quite prominently visible through the thin fabric. I got a picture of the expression on her face—wide open eyes and shock.

That, Ms. DeVos, is the literally “in-your-face” innocence-assaulting attitude of homosexual/transgender activism toward our vulnerable children. They don’t see anything wrong with this. With consciences seared, as the apostle Paul describes, the tenderness that protects children is tossed aside as casually as Milo Yiannopoulos did by advocating sex between 13- year- olds and older men.

Milo is not alone among celebrity homosexuals making light of child-adult sex.  George Takei did the same as he gleefully described his own sexual initiation by an older camp counselor.

In fact, the false pro-“gay” messages schools broadcast to children resemble the grooming that a pedophile does before molesting a child. When these deviant desires are positioned to children as normal and natural, vulnerable kids more readily accept same sex seduction by an adult or older peer.

Is DeVos okay with setting children up for this? Many of today’s clueless educators are.

Is she aware of the damage pretend “gender change” does to developing young bodies through puberty-blocking drugs, cross-hormone medication, breast-binding and so on? DeVos needs to heed the important statement of the American College of Pediatricians in its position paper, “Normalizing Gender Dysphoria is Dangerous and Unethical,” in which the group “…calls for an end to the normalization of gender dysphoria (GD) in children because it has led to the ongoing experimentation upon, and sterilization of, confused children.”

The term “protection” keeps being used, but kids have always been protected from assault and bullying by school policies. Schools do not need to base this protection on categories of sexual deviance, but simply on inappropriate behavior.

And can’t we protect girls as well? Can we ensure the privacy of students who don’t want to share intimate spaces with any people, emotionally disturbed or not, of the opposite sex?

DeVos must believe these identities and behaviors are acceptable for children, and that boys invading girls’ showers is a “right” to be defended for some confused students. As such, she displays either woeful ignorance or jaded insensitivity.

It’s time we had education leaders in this country who push back against normalizing these unnatural behaviors.

America needs educators who listen to the courageous American College of Pediatricians as they proclaim actual science—not fad-based, special interest alchemy – to reveal the tragedy awaiting children corrupted by these dangerous agendas.

This is the kind of “protection” kids need—adults who stand up and say, “No!”