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Are Boy Scouts Buying the 'Gay Child' Myth?

The Boy Scout leadership has just done what homosexual pressure groups have tried to do for twenty years. They've made respectable the monstrous notion of the 'gay' child or teen.

Congratulations on advancing the sexual anarchist agenda and drawing countless numbers of children into sin. What will these leaders say to Jesus when they meet Him?

Because it's a lie. No child's same sex attraction should be condoned, but instead, caring adults will guide them toward overcoming these feelings while recognizing a red flag signaling abuse or other disorders.

The Scout board, however, by publicly proposing this change for an upcoming vote, betrays the trust of millions of American boys and the media attention profoundly damages boys' beliefs about responsible manhood. The ideals of the Scouts are a sham without the recognition that growing into an honorable, mature male means embracing masculinity, not effemininity, and eagerly anticipating marriage with a woman and fatherhood in that union.

Who are the monsters on this board who would callously foster and feed the deception that any valid orientation exists except God-designed heterosexuality, and that all else is deviance? Neither Christian doctrine, nor epidemiology, nor social science, nor genetic research supports this fiction. The vote in May should not only say 'No' but toss these guys out on their deaf ears.

The health risks alone should have stopped this board's runaway train from railroading corruption into the lives of our sons. Here are the facts they've ignored.

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