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Appeasement Flops Again with "Fairness for All" Act

Here’s something to think about as we go into 2020. Do we want to give an inch to the homosexual bullies trying to take over America? No, and it’s not unfair or unkind to hold the line against sexually immoral, manipulative and anti-family actions. 


Appeasement didn't work for Chick Fil A and it never deters sexual radicals. So why are some Republicans going down this road?


A few months ago, a horrendous bill passed the U.S. House, H.R. 5, the so-called “Equality Act.” It has not passed the Senate so it is not law, praise God. But its goal is to add "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" to 1964 federal civil rights law, and specifically smacks down freedom of religion in a big way. The homosexual bullying groups like the Human Rights Campaign love this, and thinking people, conservatives and Christians see it as a public health, moral and societal disaster.


Well, now a group of foolish Republicans in Congress have introduced a so-called “compromise” bill called the “Fairness for All” Act (FFA). It would also add homosexuality and gender rebellion to our civil rights laws, but offers tepid religious exemptions in some cases. Dave Joyce, congressman from northeast Ohio, is one of the co-sponsors of the bill. And this is the first time Republicans have introduced a bill that gives legitimacy to “LGBT” behaviors. A very sad day indeed.


And among the groups backing this are the Seventh Day Adventists, the Latter Day Saints, a group representing Christian colleges, and the National Association of Evangelicals. 


Opposing the “Fairness for All” Act are Family Research Council, Heritage Foundation, Alliance Defending Freedom, Concerned Women for America, the American College of Pediatricians and more. 


And very tellingly, the mistakenly- named Human Rights Campaign also opposes this bill. Why? Because it might not allow men to invade women’s restrooms as quickly, at least until the homosexual lobby can manipulate enough court cases to bypass federal law, which they have become quite adept at doing. And the FFA seems to allow doctors to turn away from prescribing dangerous, life-changing opposite sex hormones to vulnerable children—again, in theory. In practice, we know what the bullies will do to pressure individual doctors to harm confused children, all in the name of “affirmation.”


None of us should support any measure that installs homosexuality and gender rebellion as “protected” behaviors under federal civil rights law. This is an irrational, society-destroying notion that no Christian should ever believe falls under “loving your neighbor” as the proponents of the bill claim. It legitimizes not only God-dishonoring personal behavior, but a reckless and vicious movement that has proven it has no tolerance or respect for others, including children. 


“Loving your neighbor” should include protecting children. When are we going to wake up and understand how the “LGBTQ” movement is destroying the lives of America’s young? Can someone please educate the bill’s sponsor, Chris Stewart (R-UT), as well as co-sponsors Dave Joyce (R-OH) and others, about the chaos this movement is unleashing in the lives of children who are being raised to believe, erroneously, that some people are born “gay” or born with an opposite sex brain? These anti-science notions are bolstered by this appeasement legislation.


I urge you to call your congressional representatives and tell them how incredibly insulting this bill is, and if you live in Ohio, call Dave Joyce. Is it too late for another Republican to run against him in the primary? Probably. But that’s what should happen. His number is (440) 352-3939.