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Another OH Child Corruption Library Event Cancelled, thanks to Speaker Householder

Please send a thank-you to Speaker of the Ohio House Larry Householder for standing up against child corruption in libraries.


Another victory just occurred for Ohio families, this time through the principled leadership of Larry Householder, Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives. Larry’s house district includes part of Licking County and here’s what he challenged.


A child corruption event had been planned for the West Newark ( Miller) library on Friday evening, June 7, promoting “LGBTQ” behaviors to youth ages 12 to 17, with parents discouraged from being present in the room. These impressionable adolescents were to learn about being a “drag queen” and also given lessons on “safe sex.”


These lessons were to come from Equitas Health, which has very explicit program descriptions on its website, even for youth. Equitas receives grants from the Centers for Disease Control for HIV education but like many of these grants, when one looks closer, they are basically sex talk and sex practice clinics to hand out condoms with little or no discouragement of unsafe sex practices-- or recommendations for abstinence.


As a result of a letter sent to the Licking County Library system by Speaker Householder, the event has been cancelled. Householder called the planned event, a “stunningly bizarre breach of the public trust. And it must stop.”


He also wrote that “..taxpayers aren’t interested in seeing their hard earned dollars being used to teach teenage boys how to become drag queens.”


A biased article in the Columbus Dispatch on Sunday, June 2, described the planned programs as only offering “drag queen make-up.” The article also failed to mention the planned lessons on “safe sex.” 


The Dispatch article also noted that eight Democratic party Ohio representatives joined in a public announcement taking Householder to task and seemingly supportive of the Newark library event, which could lead vulnerable kids into high risk behavior. The representatives were Kristin Boggs—Columbus; Richard Brown—Canal Winchester; David Leland—Columbus; Mary Lightbody—Westerville; Dr. Beth Liston—Dublin; Adam Miller—Columbus; and Allison Russo—Upper Arlington.


When homosexual advocates present “safe sex” to kids, look out. It’s virtually always explicit, medically inaccurate (minimizing known risks), and normalizing disordered practices while enabling them-- as in, handing out condoms right there to allegedly safely manage sexual behaviors like oral and anal sex. 


Equitas has a somewhat different idea of “health” and appropriate behavior than you or I might. On the company’s Facebook page, they advertise special Columbus “Pride” T-shirts and hats, “Go topless once a year,” featuring a drawing of a woman’s bare chest. The alleged goal is “breast and chest health.” Right.


The CDC, in its funding of Equitas and other “HIV outreach” programs, functions in two completely contradictory ways, which may be why zero progress has been made to end the HIV epidemic in the past twenty years. The CDC HIV/AIDS Surveillance arm reports the continuing epidemic of HIV/AIDS among males who have sex with males, where two thirds to three-fourths of new infections continue to originate within this sub-population, a percentage that has not decreased but has slightly increased over two decades. New infections of HIV are around 40,000 a year in the U.S.


And the CDC reports the high correlation of risky behaviors  (like early sex and substance abuse) of self-labeled “LGB” or "unsure" youth in its Youth Risk Behavior Surveys. They also report the high risks of a “transgender” identity and lifestyle for youth. And yet, federally-funded CDC outreach programs promote high-risk sex to adolescents—and where possible, to teens who may be unaccompanied by parents.


We are not the first to criticize the pathetic lack of results of the past 20 years of federal HIV education grants, which have become just another funding stream to promote the homosexual agenda, and these grants specify youth outreach for males, 13 to 29. The challenge is to get an audience, when many schools correctly discern that these explicit lessons are not “preventive” in nature, but accelerate youth entry into “LGBTQ” lifestyles. If the goal was to use libraries to escape public scrutiny, we can hopefully bring that strategy to an end.


Again, 12-year-olds were part of the target audience. 


This Newark library event had been planned to coincide with homosexual “pride” weekend in Newark. So, the students who attended were also apparently to be tutored in activism as they were ushered into decadent lifestyles. This is beyond irresponsible, and is certainly an inappropriate use of a public space


Call Speaker Householder at (614) 466-2500 


Email Speaker Householder here: http://www.ohiohouse.gov/larry-householder/contact