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After DeWine's Veto, We Must Take Action

Is there EVER a reason for children to be given puberty blockers or opposite sex hormones to interrupt natural development and optimum health? NO. It’s a complete distortion of fact that anyone can ever change genders. And we need to keep saying this, regardless of what children’s hospitals are telling our Ohio governor, confused families and others.

They are wrong. And it’s children who suffer when deceived adults encourage them to mutilate their bodies.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine just vetoed Ohio House Bill 68, the SAFE Act (Save Adolescents From Experimentation) and the SAVE Women’s Sports Act.

Should confused boys be allowed to play on girls’ teams--and shower with them, go on overnight sports’ trips with them? NO.

This is not hard. Mike DeWine is either tragically misinformed or he’s being intentionally deceitful.

There is a supermajority in the Ohio Statehouse and hopefully they will override this detestable action. THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU. Ask the leadership and your reps to vote YES to override the veto of House Bill 68.

CALL or email: Jason Stephens, Speaker of the House

                   and Matt Huffman, Senate Majority leader --

Your own state senator and representative-- find their contact info HERE and HERE 

Linda Harvey's comments were picked up by the American Family Association. Read them HERE.