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Abortion Supporters and Beheaded Babies

Linda Harvey

Today I am asking you to search your hearts.

Both conservatives and progressives in America claim to support human rights. But when confronted with the logical consequences of our ideas, which position ends up at a truly humane destiny?

No matter what a person does later, he or she first deserves the right to live. Every human deserves to have that birthright preserved and protected, even if others close at hand devalue that life.

Some mothers-to-be decide their unborn children do not deserve to live.

Anyone who supports abortion-on- demand through all nine months of pregnancy- --as in, for instance, the current Issue 1 vote in Ohio or last year’s similar vote in Michigan-- supports the right of the mother to determine the value of a human life, to say “Yes” to living, or to give a thumbs down and end that life. And that “reproductive decision” will be permitted at any time in a pregnancy.

My husband was reading the headlines earlier this week about yet another level of atrocity committed by Hamas terrorists against the citizens of Israel. The bodies of decapitated infants were discovered among the victims.

As he read the headlines, my husband noticed the hypocrisy. “How can abortion ‘rights’ supporters be horrified at beheaded babies? It’s the same thing.”

And he’s right. That’s what Michigan did last year. Their state laws will now allow a human embryo, a person with all the DNA he/she will ever need, to be aborted early in a pregnancy but also much later as a viable child who could be adopted if rejected by mom. In the wake of the Planned Parenthood/ACLU victory, Michigan leftists (aka, Democrats) are busy repealing all laws restricting abortion in any way.

And pro-Hamas legislators are flying flags in their offices (Rashida Tlaib, D-Michigan) and pro-Hamas demonstrations are happening all over America. A big one was held in Michigan and Governor Gretchen Whitmer took 12 hours to make a “gobbledygook” statement that failed to mention Israel.

Yes, Whitmer, as a pro-abortion Democrat, is deeply compromised and not just about Israel and Hamas. She was thrilled over the passage last year of Michigan’s pro-abortion Prop 3, which had language similar to Ohio’s Issue 1.

At least the state of Michigan is consistent in practice. I want to note that there are many fine pro-life people in Michigan, yet leftist votes in that state overwhelm those who support the unborn. But if any Hamas apologists believe they stand for “human rights,” they are fooling themselves, just as people who vote for these pro-abortion amendments claim they are protecting “reproductive freedom.”

This decision should be between a woman (or a 12 -year- old girl without parent knowledge) and her “physician,” say the moderates. Really? When is aborting a child ever justified, unless it is an actual life-threatening situation? And “health” is the exception weasel word that allows for “mental health” excuses like stress or.... fill-in-the-blank. That’s why these measures in operation permit any abortion, for any reason, at any time in pregnancy.

A girl baby when you wanted a boy? Get rid of it. Tell yourself that’s not primitive or inhumane. That’s “choice.”

For those who claim that late-term abortions aren’t being done, I urge you to go HERE. There were 107 abortions done at 21 weeks gestation or later last year in Ohio. It’s not only a reality, this barbarism is supported by people who should know better.

No one should be advocating or excusing a child’s death. Many desperate women have done so, and they will continue to consent to sex when they don’t want a child, or be exploited by men who won’t make that commitment either, until that temptation is not as available. When that happens, people will find it within themselves to think more ethically about the potential life they may be creating, and to treat that child with the respect he or she deserves.

For those who have made the decision to abort, or who allow others to do this for them, repentance is the key. Our God is always merciful and millions of women and men have sorrowfully realized their mistake. Their recovery stories have fueled the pro-life movement. And I don't say this lightly. I was, several decades ago, on the other side of this issue as a pro-"choice" advocate and even a volunteer with Planned Parenthood. I have asked God to forgive me for the people I misled and the damage I did.

God is merciful but He is not mocked. Supporting an abortion law --- permitting others to make this “choice,” including girls without their parent’s knowledge, while believing you have repented--- will not fool Him.

I engaged in a heartbreaking encounter with three delegates to the Ohio Education Association a few years back where they vehemently supported the right of a woman to abort her unborn child right up to birth. Go HERE to read about my shocking discussion.

What if the encounter was today and I asked them, “Do you support the right of Hamas terrorists to behead babies?” Given the growing irrational, uninformed anti-Semitism of the left, I would not be surprised if they said yes.

The pro-life group Created Equal has done a thorough job of revealing the reality of abortion through images. Their theory is that America won’t end abortion until America sees abortion. The dismemberment of tiny humans is what abortion is. Never forget that if you are tempted to mandate, through a constitutional amendment, that abortion is a “right.”

Do not sign  the death sentences of more infants. If you support Israel’s right to grieve its discarded and abused infant corpses, then search your hearts and don’t let such corpses pile up as a routine practice of “women’s health” in Ohio.

Let’s not be barbarians. Please vote NO on Issue 1.

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