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9 Examples of School-Sponsored Obscenity

(Warning: Graphic content)

From coast to coast, parents are demanding answers from their schools. No, it’s not about academics. It’s about X-rated sex education that is the product of collaboration between the Planned Parenthood/pro-abortion forces and “LGBTQ” advocates.

Their ideas about “age appropriate” differ sharply from those of most parents. And in community after community, families are joining forces to fight the often-corrupt or indifferent educational establishment.

Here are some recent skirmishes:

In Austin, Texas, parents and a former teacher led a packed workshop exposing the Austin Independent Schools’ adoption of grade school lessons from the Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest homosexual activist group, without parental notification or input. Teacher training on the extreme “Welcoming Schools” material had quietly begun a year earlier. The lessons contain inaccuracies and blatant propaganda – that homosexual-headed families and boys dressing as girls are “normal,” and those who object are hateful bullies.

In Pinelands, New Jersey, parents were outraged by a sex ed magazine called “Sex Etc.”, published by a notoriously-explicit Rutgers University program for teens. It includes material like, "Where do you stand on Friends With Benefits?" and "The clitoris and pleasure: What you should know." One current issue of the magazine, available in the library for junior high students, featured questions from a 14-year-old about an alleged oral sex encounter.

In South Bend, Indiana, a male substitute teacher who pretends to be a woman laughed in a speech about the shocked reaction he gets to his deep voice and dress when he teaches second graders, and that he tells them, "If they want to identify as a marshmallow, we should say OK, let's talk about it." Indiana Liberty Coalition contacted the school superintendent on behalf of numerous families. The superintendent cited the district’s “human rights ordinance” and its non-discrimination policy that includes “gender identity.”

In other words, this man has a right to corrupt and upset little children. Neither their rights, nor their families’ parental rights, matter.

In Cumberland County, North Carolina, parents cried foul over the district’s scheduled use of a sex ed curriculum called “Get Real.” Sixth graders learn about “sexual orientation” and 7th grade lessons include condom demonstrations, “myths and facts about sexual orientation” and even emergency contraception (which can act as an abortifacient medication). It’s all part of “social emotional learning” (SEL). The parent group leading the opposition is NC Protect Our Students.

“Get Real” is a product of Planned Parenthood and has been the object of complaints in other school systems, like Spokane ( WA) Public Schools, which may soon adopt “Get Real” despite parental concerns.

In Cambridge, New York, an angry dad posted a video on Facebook describing  his 11- year-old son’s homework assignment, which covered “genital reconstruction surgery” and the controversial “Genderbread Person” graphic. ( See this gender-deviance-normalization tool here). The assignment also covered fifty sexual terms and related slang words.

The dad’s Facebook post has gotten over 900,000 views. The school says it got the material from Pride Center of the Capital Region, a “gay” activist group. Dad described the material as “state-funded porn” and that this “BS” was stealing kids’ innocence and ruining America.

Good news—the health teacher in question is now on administrative leave.

In Palo Alto, CA last spring, parents objected to the use of a middle school curriculum called “Teen Talk,” with its discussion of oral, anal and vaginal sex. But this CA school system, like others in that state, are stuck with the mandates of the California Healthy Youth Act. That radical 2015 law is just now being implemented and its pro-homosexual mandate means that children are exposed to depraved sex practices in the name of “health”:

“…the law requires any curriculum to explain all methods by which people can contract sexually transmitted infections and to be inclusive of all sexual orientations. Instruction must include, under the California Healthy Youth Act, information about ‘the manner in which HIV and other sexually transmitted infections are and are not transmitted, including information on the relative risk of infection according to specific behaviors, including sexual activities and injection drug use.’”

San Diego parent Amy Haywood investigated the new textbooks being produced to meet the mandates of the 2011 Fair Education Act, another pro-“LGBT” school law passed in California. It mandated among other things that homosexual “heroes” be studied in a positive light.

Amy researched new texts and found, in Pearson’s myWorld Interactive 2, infamous “LGBT” individuals described in short sidebars. Students are to use these vignettes as prompts for writing. Among them are questionable figures like Harvey Milk, an admitted lover of teen boys, and Chaz Bono, who was born Chastity and now lives as a man.

One ongoing dilemma is that parents are deliberately fooled by the titles given to these lessons and if you don’t look more closely, you won’t know how radical they have become.

For instance, Chris Bridgens from Parent’s Rights in Education/Oregon explains that one alleged “abstinence” curriculum, “Making a Difference,” teaches kids that any of the following can be part of “abstinence”—oral sex, caressing, dancing, masturbation, talking, hugging, kissing, grinding, sexual fantasy, anal sex, massage, holding hands, cuddling on the couch, touching each other’s genitals, vaginal intercourse, and saying I like you.

“What they are doing is equating all these things,” says Chris. “Anal sex is equal to saying, ‘I like you.’”

This and much more is covered in a powerful, shocking video called “The War on Children: Stop CSE ( Comprehensive Sexuality Education).

There’s no question it’s all part of a deliberate strategy to normalize harmful, high-risk, and immoral behavior. No wonder our children lose trust in adults and feel stunned, betrayed, anxious, and disillusioned.

We can do better. We owe them a future that is much more hopeful, sane, faithful to God’s standards—and just plain truthful.