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12 Ways Homosexual Adults Endanger Children

12 ways homosexuality endangers youth"Surely you don't believe all homosexuals are child molesters!" That's the indignant response to growing concerns about open, proud homosexuals having such easy access to children and teens. New policies granting unprecedented rights to those involved in homosexual behavior connect more and more children to these proud sinners. Outright pedophilia aside, there are still many opportunities for these deviant adults to interact with and negatively influence children. 

I write this article with great sadness, because every day that goes by means more vulnerable children are deceived, corrupted and enticed down roads that take them far, far from their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Yet America's attitude, even that of the Christian church, seems to be, "Oh, well-- as long as they play the right sports and have lots of friends on Facebook!" But what happens to our sons and daughters when we don't confront and expose this danger? 

Every time I think of quitting this difficult battle, the Lord gently reminds me about the children. Libertarians act as if all humans are over the age of eighteen, but every behavior we tolerate as adults trickles down to impressionable children. The public debate about "gay rights" often forgets the youngest victims of the deception and the impact on their unfolding lives. We have to keep trying to expose the problems presented by homosexual political activism even as we try to rescue those caught up in this behavior. 

Here are 12 reasons why homosexual adults and children do not mix: 

1. Adults proudly living a homosexual life are disastrous role models. That lesbian teacher may be a personable expert in her subject, but her immoral lifestyle may mislead children. As she proclaims that homosexuals are always victims, displays the picture of her partner or "wife," and befriends confused "LBGT" youth, many kids will come to exactly the wrong conclusion: "Ms. Warren seems nice, so the 'gay' life must be okay." 

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